1909 Jan 22 to Feb 9, 1910 : Earth Rooster 1921 Feb 8 to Jan 27, 1922 : Metal Rooster
1933 Jan 26 to Feb 13, 1934 : Water Rooster 1945 Feb 13 to Feb 1, 1946 : Wood Rooster
1957 Jan 31 to Feb 17, 1958 : Fire Rooster 1969 Feb 17 to Feb 5, 1970 : Earth Rooster
1981 Feb 5 to Jan 24, 1982 : Metal Rooster 1993 Jan 23 to Feb 9, 1994 : Water Rooster
2005 Feb 9 to Jan 28, 2006: Wood Rooster 2017 Jan 28 to Feb 15, 2018: Fire Rooster


The Rooster people are known for their accuracy and observation power. They like to be noticed and flattered. For that reason, they may even dress more flashily than other animal signs.

Roosters like to dream and often get disappointment for the reality rarely matches the dreams. On the Positive side, they are sharp, practical and quite resourceful.

Rooster gets on very well with Ox and Pig. They rhyme very poorly with a fellow rooster.

General Characteristics - Rooster

Truth be told, the Rooster is the strutting peacock of the Chinese Zodiac! These quick thinkers are also practical and resourceful, preferring to stick to what is tried and true. They are also keenly observant. It's unlikely you'll slip anything past Roosters, since they seem to have eyes in the back of their head! This quality often leads others to think the Rooster is psychic. What the Rooster would prefer to be known as is a straightforward sort, one who will reward honesty in kind. Roosters aren't shifty or cagey and have no interest in hiding behind a facade. They are quite the open book, telling the truth and keeping their word. In their world, if you show your hand, people will respect that. This kind of trusting behavior can tempt tricksters to pull a fast one on the Rooster. Bad move! Remember, this bird doesn't indulge in flights of fancy and keeps those eyes wide open at all times. These plucky birds tend to be perfectionists and like to be in control, especially over their appearance. Primping and posing for the Rooster can go on forever! Yep, never an unruffled feather.

Being noticed and admired is an aphrodisiac for Roosters, and they can go a long time on a few kind words. Roosters also adore being out on the town, especially if they're in the company of adoring friends. No quiet dinners at home for the Rooster - the real fun is in dancing till dawn with a gaggle of pals. To top it all off, the Rooster will be the best-dressed in the group! Style counts with this bird, regardless of cost. Looking good may have its price, but at the end of the day, Roosters love a bargain, something which appeals to their basic conservatism. The flip side of this is the Rooster's willingness to think big and daydream where affairs of the heart are concerned. Roosters can create one heck of a fantasy, only to have reality come crashing down on it. In the right relationship, however, the Rooster is one of the most loyal and trustworthy mates around, bending over backwards to please their partner. Roosters need to learn to value their heart and soul as much as their good looks. Their excellent people skills and sharp minds are qualities which others will appreciate as much as a pretty face. The most compatible match for a rooster is the ox or snake.

Famous Rooster:

Catherine Zeta Jones, Britney Spears, Faye Wong, Francies Bacon, Enid Blyton, Sir Michael Caine, Enrico Caruso, Christopher Cazenove, Jean Chretien, Hayden Christensen, Eric Clapton, Joan Collins, Rita Coolidge, Craig David, Daniel Day Lewis

Year 2017 Prediction

Auspicious Direction: Southwest, Northeast; Avoid: Northwest
Lucky Colors: Black, White; Avoid: Red
Lucky Numbers: 2, 6
Helpful Zodiac Signs: Ox, Dragon; Harmful Zodiac Signs: Rooster, Rabbit, Dog
Auspicious Direction for Love: South
Auspicious Direction for Wealth: Northeast
Auspicious Direction for Study: South
Auspicious Direction for Career: South

2017 turns to be the zodiac year of birth (Ben Ming Nian) for people born in the year of the Rooster. Ben Ming Nian is never a good year for any zodiac signs, so Roosters may go through a lot of rise and fall in this year. Although their fortune in 2017 is not the worst, they can hardly obtain obvious improvements. Sudden changes may occur in their life, for example, bottleneck stage in career, investment losses, and relationship issues.


Since 2017 is a Year of the Rooster, many will anticipate that those who are born in the Year of the Rooster will be having a tough year. However, this preconceived belief will not apply in this year. Those who are born in the Year of the Rooster will definitely not be having a challenging year though it can be a turbulent one. You will encounter some problems getting along with others. The nature of problems can range from having tensions to physical fights. Your health will be poor. There will be injuries and surgeries. You may suffer from physical attacks. There will be possibility of you being suicidal. Your romantic life will be below average. You will be doing fine in terms of money matters. Although there will be problems, you will have many favourable conditions which will enable you to turn situations around and provide you with opportunities. You will gain strong support from others. When you are in need, there will be relevant people helping you out. Despite being in a turbulent year, you will be blessed with a lucky star which has the ability to neutralize troubles. As long as you are prudent, you will be rewarded with opportunities and be able to reduce or avoid problems.


This will be a better than an average year. Although this will be so, you will still need to be wary of the potential problems. You will have a fair share of problem getting along with others. There will be misunderstandings, misinterpretations, accusations and direct conflicts. The direct conflicts may turn violent. Do not engage in heated arguments or antagonize angry people. Your safety will be more important than protecting your principles and beliefs. Instead of twisting other people’s arm to get their agreement, you can consider employing your persuading, negotiation and influencing skills. That will be much more effective than bulldozing over opposing viewpoints. There will be delays and hiccups. You may need to give more buffers between your tasks to reduce impacts from the delays. Be patient. Although there will be challenges, you will have an undying energy that will keep you going. You will not give up easily. Apart from your own initiatives, you will gain support from the management and other relevant people. Not only will you be given career advancement opportunities, you will always get the necessary help when you find yourself in difficult situations. Hence, you will likely to be fine and do well. You can proceed on to implement your career plans, but do not embark on overly ambitious plans. Be pragmatic.


Your finances will be average. Although you will have very high expenses in this year, your salary and savings will enable you to make ends meet. However, do keep your expenses in check. There will be some people trying to cheat your money. If there are investments plans or business plans that sound too good to be true, they are usually not genuine. Do some research before embarking on any investment. It will be best to avoid investing completely. Avoid gambling. Adopt conservative approach to finances. You may be robbed. Do not stray into dark alleys and unfamiliar grounds. Do not flash your money and valuables in public.


Affairs of the heart will be poor. You will be comfortable remaining single if you are single at this time because you will be frustrated with what is going on in your life and you believe that there will be lesser problems to deal with by being single. If you are already in a relationship, there will be a lot of fights. Even if you are a gentle person by nature, there will be unexplainable anger that will cause you to flare up easily. The problem will be that your temper will go off before you can think straight. Before you realize it, the damage has been done. Every fight will have a detrimental impact on your relationship no matter how much your partner loves you, or how strong your relationship originally is. The good news is that when there are fights or unhappiness between you and partner, someone will try to reconcile the both of you and salvage your relationship. Even so, you should not rely too much on others for damage control. It is your responsibility to maintain and protect your relationship.


You will tend to fall ill easily and often. There are signs of surgeries, receiving invasive treatments and having accidents. Among different forms of accidents, you will be prone to those that related to cuts. You may be physically attacked. It is unclear in which form of situation that you will be attacked. You may have direct confrontation with others which can lead to violence. You may be injured during a robbery. There may be some fights which have nothing to do with you, but you become the unlucky passer-by. Apart from the usual injuries, there are indications of self-injuries. In other words, you will deliberately hurt yourself and may be suicidal. It is unclear what causes this. No reasons in the world can justify hurting yourself. If you realize that you have such inclination or thoughts about hurting yourself, seek help from the professionals or people who you can trust.


You will face with common problems getting along with others such as backstabbing, gossips, being misled and sabotaging. This may be something that you will anticipate every year and have already accepted it as part of your life. However, the difference in this year will be that there will be a lot of direct conflicts which pushes you and your aggressors to the extremes. Thus, do not get into any head on arguments. Resolve conflicts amicably. You will run a very high risk of being a victim of physical violence. Although you will have some challenges getting along with some people, you will receive strong support from others. You will still receive opportunities from the right connections and there will be people coming to your rescue in troubled times. You will not need to face the challenges alone. The support will be adequate to reduce or solve problems. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask for it.

Interesting Rooster Facts:
Zodiac Stone: Citrine
Special Flower: Aster
Best Hours: 5-7 pm
Season: Autumn
Horoscope Colors: Orange, Green


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