1909 Jan 22 to Feb 9, 1910 : Earth Rooster 1921 Feb 8 to Jan 27, 1922 : Metal Rooster
1933 Jan 26 to Feb 13, 1934 : Water Rooster 1945 Feb 13 to Feb 1, 1946 : Wood Rooster
1957 Jan 31 to Feb 17, 1958 : Fire Rooster 1969 Feb 17 to Feb 5, 1970 : Earth Rooster
1981 Feb 5 to Jan 24, 1982 : Metal Rooster 1993 Jan 23 to Feb 9, 1994 : Water Rooster
2005 Feb 9 to Jan 28, 2006: Wood Rooster 2017 Jan 28 to Feb 15, 2018: Fire Rooster


The Rooster people are known for their accuracy and observation power. They like to be noticed and flattered. For that reason, they may even dress more flashily than other animal signs.

Roosters like to dream and often get disappointment for the reality rarely matches the dreams. On the Positive side, they are sharp, practical and quite resourceful.

Rooster gets on very well with Ox and Pig. They rhyme very poorly with a fellow rooster.

General Characteristics - Rooster

Truth be told, the Rooster is the strutting peacock of the Chinese Zodiac! These quick thinkers are also practical and resourceful, preferring to stick to what is tried and true. They are also keenly observant. It's unlikely you'll slip anything past Roosters, since they seem to have eyes in the back of their head! This quality often leads others to think the Rooster is psychic. What the Rooster would prefer to be known as is a straightforward sort, one who will reward honesty in kind. Roosters aren't shifty or cagey and have no interest in hiding behind a facade. They are quite the open book, telling the truth and keeping their word. In their world, if you show your hand, people will respect that. This kind of trusting behavior can tempt tricksters to pull a fast one on the Rooster. Bad move! Remember, this bird doesn't indulge in flights of fancy and keeps those eyes wide open at all times. These plucky birds tend to be perfectionists and like to be in control, especially over their appearance. Primping and posing for the Rooster can go on forever! Yep, never an unruffled feather.

Being noticed and admired is an aphrodisiac for Roosters, and they can go a long time on a few kind words. Roosters also adore being out on the town, especially if they're in the company of adoring friends. No quiet dinners at home for the Rooster - the real fun is in dancing till dawn with a gaggle of pals. To top it all off, the Rooster will be the best-dressed in the group! Style counts with this bird, regardless of cost. Looking good may have its price, but at the end of the day, Roosters love a bargain, something which appeals to their basic conservatism. The flip side of this is the Rooster's willingness to think big and daydream where affairs of the heart are concerned. Roosters can create one heck of a fantasy, only to have reality come crashing down on it. In the right relationship, however, the Rooster is one of the most loyal and trustworthy mates around, bending over backwards to please their partner. Roosters need to learn to value their heart and soul as much as their good looks. Their excellent people skills and sharp minds are qualities which others will appreciate as much as a pretty face. The most compatible match for a rooster is the ox or snake.

Famous Rooster:

Catherine Zeta Jones, Britney Spears, Faye Wong, Francies Bacon, Enid Blyton, Sir Michael Caine, Enrico Caruso, Christopher Cazenove, Jean Chretien, Hayden Christensen, Eric Clapton, Joan Collins, Rita Coolidge, Craig David, Daniel Day Lewis

Year 2018 Prediction

In 2018, people with Chinese zodiac sign Rooster will make breakthroughs in all aspects.†According to Chinese zodiac prediction, they will get improvement in career, wealth and love life. It is likely for them to get promotion in the Year of Dog, and they may seize some opportunities to gain great income as well. Besides, singles will develop the relationships under their families' help. In order to avoid unexpected diseases, they are suggested to pay more attention to their healthy issues in daily life.


After the zodiac year of birth (Ben Ming Nian), people with Rooster sign of Chinese zodiac may get average fortune in 2018. There will be some preferable changes on career. They may draw the bossesí attention for their excellent work performance, and it is possible for them to get promotion. Besides, 2018 can be a good year for them to do business on real estate. Singles have a chance to find their true love, while the married ones should communicate with their partners to keep intimate. As for health, they may witness some bad news. For example, they may encounter food poisoning, so street food should be avoided.


In 2018, people with Rooster zodiac sign will get good development in career. It can be an appropriate time for them to get advanced study and hunt for a new job. They can pass some important exams in this year as long as they prepare well. In addition, 2018 is in favor of the development on mineral resources exploration and real estate industry. The entrepreneurs born in the Rooster year are suggested to cooperate with senior people to get high profits on these items. Sometimes they may meet working pressure, but it wonít influence their ambition.


According to Rooster fortune prediction in 2018, people with this zodiac sign may have growing luck in making money, and their overall gains will get improved. For businessmen investing on real estate, they will get large returns on money this year. Besides, there will be high possibility for them to get promotion in 2018, and they will have more income due to this. To a certain extent, the growing earnings will bring more pressure at the same time. They should adjust their emotions well.


As for love fortune, it will be not good in 2018 for people of Chinese zodiac Rooster. Relatively speaking, females will have preferable luck to develop their relationships. They will have more chances to meet nice guys and fall in love. They may meet pressure at the beginning of the relationship, but their affections will be stable and well-maintained in the later period. Some single males will get to know several excellent girls under the help of their family members, but they may have unpleasant communications because of their bad temper.


In 2018, the health condition of Rooster people may not be very good. On the one hand, it is possible for them to get disease at respiratory system, and their unhealthy eating habit may cause gastrointestinal discomfort. It is easy to get cold at ordinary times as well. On the other hand, they may have food poisoning in summer time. In order to keep fit, they should not stay up late, and paying a visit to forest can relax themselves.

Luck Prediction for Roosters Born in Different Years

Born in 2005
Age: 13
Rooster people born in 2005 may have no favorable fortune in 2018. It is likely for them to spend a lot of money buying school supplies and attend auxiliary classes. Therefore, they are suggested to make a good plan with their pocket money. Puppy love should be avoided for girls. They should pay more attention to their study in this year. Roosters should have a balanced diet in their daily life; otherwise, they may meet some gastrointestinal problems.

Born in 1993
Age: 25
In 2018, it is advised for Rooster to seize the opportunities for further study. They will get promotion and more income in this year, but they may face heavy working pressure at the same time. Regarding love life, this year is not a perfect time to find their true love. Interpersonal relationships shall go well if they control their temper. They should have a regular time schedule to protect them from the disease at respiratory system and urinary system.

Born in 1981
Age: 37
People at this age will witness some good changes in the aspects of work and health. There will be possibility of getting promotion for their excellent work performance. They will make a fortune on business because of the preferable policies and regulations. Females will have steady development on their love life in 2018. Furthermore, people born in 1981 will get recovery from their current diseases at this time.

Born in 1969
Age: 49
They will have steady fortune in various aspects. It is possible to get promotion, and they will earn more money accordingly in the Year of the Dog. Besides, malesí fortune for love may not be very good, so they should focus on work. They may meet some healthy issues in this year, such as the diseases in respiratory system and the heart disease.

Born in 1957
Age: 61
In general, people born in 1957 will get good luck in career, and they are going to get a better-paid position. Females will have better fortune in love than males. For Rooster people, there may be some healthy issues, such as respiratory system problems and the heart disease.

Interesting Rooster Facts:
Zodiac Stone: Citrine
Special Flower: Aster
Best Hours: 5-7 pm
Season: Autumn
Horoscope Colors: Orange, Green


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