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The principles and views expressed in this site contents are found, ‘by far the best   agreeable’ by various experts & authors.

Vaastu being ‘Energy Science’ paranormal in nature, modern scientific techniques & gadgets cannot possibly do  justice to ‘subjective – intuitive’ insight.

No property can, by any means termed as bad or negative or evil. All the recommendations are aimed at   making it ‘better’…the intrinsic ‘goodness’ is always considered to be present in all the properties under consideration.

The ancient system is reflected in its various dimensions, and catching just the one aspect and attempting to ‘improve’ performance of a property/ time-period is like treating shadow without touching the object responsible for that shadow. The Vaastu, the time of buying, the rashi of the buyer and the seller, the karmas of the parties involved, and above all, the Devine Will and the Devine Design… such many factors are at work; and very limited human intellect to comprehend the WHOLE….in sweet & short, take the directives as “INDICATIVE &/or SUGGESTIVE” possibilities, rather than self proclaimed truth and always keep in mind the positive attitude of Vaastu Shastrakars.