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2012 - Year of The Black Water Dragon

January 23, 2012 - February 09, 2013

The "Yang Water Dragon"!

General Overview of The Water Dragon Year

The Year of the Water Dragon 2012

The Year of the Water Dragon begins on February 4th, 2012. It should be clarified that the Solar New Year is based on the Hsia calendar or Solar Calendar beginning February 4, and the Chinese New Year celebrations are based on the Lunar Calendar which falls on January 23, 2012. The Chinese acknowledge the yin and yang energies of each year; the yang (solar, masculine) new year, and celebrate the yin (lunar, feminine) new year.

Chinese Astrology is a sixty-year cycle that combines the energy of five elements and twelve animal signs. This system is tied to the Lunar calendar. 2012 is called the Year of the Water Dragon. It begins January 23, 2012 and ends February 9, 2013.

Dragons are powerful and magical creatures. Dragon years are times of destiny and decision. The beneficial influence of Water encourages cooperation, sensitivity to others, and mutual understanding in pursuit of important goals. Water Dragon requires tough choices and a willingness to surrender what is no longer necessary. Although this may seem daunting, the proper use of Dragon energy attracts good fortune.

The Year of the Water Dragon is a leap year, or longer than average. This makes it an especially lucky year to marry. If you have been waiting to take a relationship to a deeper level, it's an auspicious time to make the leap!

Dragons go where others fear to tread. You can cope with stress and face challenges with a more hopeful attitude. It will be easier to do what is necessary to make progress toward specific goals. Dragon encourages patience and perseverance.

But building a foundation for the future takes time. Between February and April, work to resolve anything that creates disharmony in the family or community. In July the energy begins to shift. Many will face unexpected and challenging choices.

August and September brings transforming events (possibly connected with finance, war, or weather) that may grab the world's attention. Water Dragon encourages a courageous and even relaxed attitude. There is nothing coming that you will not find a way through.

Each animal sign is ruled by one Fixed Element: Metal, Water, Wood, or Fire. To make the best of Water Dragon energy, find your sign's Fixed Element below.

If ruled by Metal (Rooster, Monkey, Dog), better communication and sensitivity toward others will support your need to get things done. You will find it easier to be empathetic to the feelings and needs of others. Teamwork is easy and supports your best interests.

Those of you ruled by Water (Pig, Rat, Ox) are in your element! In a time when others are struggling you can be a pillar of wisdom and encouragement. Your ability to sense when to speak or act will help you take the lead. You can spot opportunities others might miss.

Those ruled by Wood (Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon) will be powerfully energized. It's time for action guided by intuition. Friendly optimism and good humor support your community and family in important ways. You'll discover resources where others see dead ends. Dragons in particular will attract achievement and recognition.

For those ruled by Fire (Snake, Horse, Goat) can be extremely persuasive in any area of interest. Sharing your dreams will help others move in similar directions. While Dragon encourages good communication, Water leads you to go with the flow more than you should. This is no time to sit back and allow others to save the day.

Dragon years always encourage growth and change. Now is not the time to think conservatively -- it's time to explore new frontiers in love, career and life. Because Water years emphasize polite negotiation, these adventures should be undertaken in a diplomatic, civil way. You'll definitely catch more flies with honey than vinegar during the Year of the Water Dragon.

This Chinese New Year will grant great rewards to innovative leaders. If you sense that an organization or relationship has grown stale, promote positive changes. Remain upbeat and optimistic with your suggestions, and inject humor into your proposals. Calculated risks are heavily favored throughout this energetic year.

Be sensitive to others this year. The more kindness and consideration you extend during a Water Dragon year, the more rewards you will reap. When you think in terms of what's best for the group or most beneficial for a relationship, you'll benefit greatly from all the prosperity this Chinese New Year has to offer. Anyone considering getting married or starting a business is in luck, and romances started during Dragon years are sudden, passionate and dramatic. The Year of the Water Dragon favors new endeavors of all kinds! 

Your Four Pillars of Destiny

If you look at the table below and the Year Pillar, you will see Yang Water sitting above the Earth Dragon.  Both elements are Yang.  Earth controls Water in the 5 element theory, and is also called a clash or opposition.  As you can imagine, when you have a powerful yang earth energy (like a mountain) trying to control a powerful water energy (like the ocean), huge tension is created.  Therefore, 2012 will be another year for weather extremes such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and landslides as these two elements fight for supremacy.  August and December may be particularly volatile.  It is interesting to note that the doomsday date of 21/12/2012 has very strong water elements present in the four pillars of that day, which may indicate a large event involving water such as an earthquake triggering a tsunami or heavy flooding. 

Birth Chart of the Year of the Water Dragon 2012

Hour Pillar
Day Pillar
Month Pillar
Year Pillar
Yin Wood
Yin Wood
Yang Water
Yang Water
Metal Rooster
Earth Goat
Wood Tiger
Earth Dragon

In contrast to European dragons which are considered evil, Chinese dragons symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, hurricane and floods. Because of this association, they are seen as "in charge" of water-related weather phenomenon. They can show themselves as water spouts (tornados or twisters over water).

In times of drought or flooding, it was customary for the local gentry and government officials to lead the community in offering sacrifices and conducting other religious rites to appease the dragon, either to ask for rain or a cessation thereof.

The dragon is a symbol of power, strength and good luck! The Emperor of China usually uses the dragon as a symbol of his imperial power! In China, the birth rate goes up considerably in the Year of the Dragon, as many believe a child born in this year will bring good luck to the family!

1952 was also the Year of the Water Dragon, so please donít think it means the end of the world as many doomsayers have predicted for 2012.  According to the I-Ching and Chinese study, we are currently in the middle stage of the 8th Hexagram with around 60,000 years to finish the 8th Hexagram of which there are 64 Hexagrams, so civilisation has a long way to go.  Perhaps you might like to view an interesting short video 2012: Science or Superstition which debates  'How much of what we're hearing is science and how much is superstition? In this film the leading researchers, writers and scientists in the field tell us exactly what this date means to them, why it's important, and what we should expect.'

I believe there will be a continuation of the political and social unrest we saw in 2011.  Remember, disharmony and tension can bring about wonderful changes and breakthroughs, so I believe 2012 will see many new inventions and scientific breakthroughs, particularly in the area of health and healing.  Saturn rules the earth element in Chinese Astrology, so governments and governing bodies in the public and private sectors will be unstable and challenged to change.  There is hidden water in the Earth Dragon so you can expect a year of tough competition in business.

2012 adds up to the number 5 in numerology suggesting change and freedom will be key issues in 2012 - not freedom just for the sake of it, freedom to express creativity and spirituality. Travel, adventure and the desire for experience is highlighted!

If you look at the chart above, you will notice no Fire is present.  Fire makes people feel optimistic positive, and enthusiastic.  The absence of Fire in 2012 will mean people will generally feel quite pessimistic and cautious in 2012.  May and June are fire months, so these months will bring sunnier vibes.  The strong water energy present in 2012 will make people feel like storing, retracting, and going within, so this will be another year where people will tend to save and hold onto their assets.

Industries that will do well in 2012: Paper manufacturing, forestry, books, furniture, newspapers, tv, fashion and design, promotion, education, environmental industries.

Industries that will not do well in 2012: Airlines, entertainment, stock market/shares, finance, energy will be unstable. Water related industries such as shipping (cruises) will fluctuate and accidents are possible. Machinery, engineering and technology will have average results. Earth industries such as property and house prices will fluctuate in 2012. 

Your Four Pillars of Destiny

In chinese astrology we analyse your hour pillar, day pillar, month pillar and year pillar. Each pillar has two characters. For instance, 2012 is the year of Yang Water over Earth Dragon.

  • If you have a Monkey, Rat or Rooster in your four pillars, 2012 is considered a good year for you.
  • Rooster people may meet someone special in 2012.
  • If you have a Snake or a Rabbit in your four pillars, you will meet helpful people in 2012. Often they appear like guardian angels who help you on your journey.
  • If you have the Monkey, Rat or Tiger in your four pillars, you will be very restless for change in 2012.  You may change jobs, residence or travel overseas for a new career or holiday.
  • If you have Ox, Dog, Goat or Dragon in your four pillars, you may find health issues feature.  You may put on weight or lose too much weight, or generally feel run down.  Make sure you take care of your health in 2012.
  • If you have a Dragon in your day pillar, relationships may be trying in 2012.

If you click on this link you can calculate your four pillars. Your four pillars chart will be set out like the chart above which is the Four Pillars of 2012, the Water Dragon year!

2012 General Summary

The Annual flying Stars

The Annual Flying Stars are the feng shui energies that relate to the compass directions on the Earth Chart or World Chart for the 2012.

If you have had a specific feng shui analysis of your home or business by myself, the Annual Flying Stars are analysed in relation to the stars present in the Flying Star Chart of your home or business - do they feed, weaken or support good and bad stars? The interplay between the Building Chart and the Annual Time Stars is extremely accurate.  As such, if you have had a Feng Shui Consultation by Sacred Feng Shui Design, please do not follow the recommendations below. The information which follows is for people who have not had the benefit of having a specific feng shui analysis, but would still like some guidance and help for the upcoming year.

When not read in conjunction with the Flying Star Chart of a building, the Annual Flying Stars for the compass directions are more general, but may have some impact on your life this year, especially if your home or office front door, or bedroom is located in the South East or the North.

South East 5 South 1 South West 3
East 4 Center 6 West 8
North East 9 North 2 North West 7

The two numbers which are the most problematic are 5 and 2, and must be remedied!

1 = Wisdom

If your home or business is located in the South, your financial prospects will be good this year. Ensure your entrance looks beautiful, tidy and inviting. Add some beautiful metallic objects such as statues, vases, picture frames etc (gold and silver) to help support the 1 Water Star. If your bedroom is located in the South, your health and relationships will be good. Clear the clutter out of your bedroom, and ensure it looks beautiful, relaxing and tidy.

2 = Sickness

If the front door of your home or business is located in the North, your health may deteriorate this year thereby affecting your finances and business due to an increase in poor health and staff sickness. Place 6 Chinese Coins at the entrance to your home or business. The sound of metal also weakens the sickness star.  Use a Tibetan Tingsha, Tibetan Bell, Singing Bowl or Brass Bells and chime on a regular basis.  Say an affirmation such as 'money comes easily and frequently' every time you chime. If your bedroom is located in the North, you may have more health problems this year which could put a strain on your relationships. Place 6 Chinese Coins in the bedroom. The sound of metal also weakens the power of the sickness star, so I recommend a Tibetan Tingsha, Tibetan Bell, Singing Bowl or Brass Bells which must be chimed on a regular basis. Every time you chime, say a positive affirmation such as 'I have perfect health and relationships' and 'my guardian angels protect me'.

3 = Conflict

If the front door of your home or business is located in the South West, your may be financially worse off in 2012, with the risk of more arguments, conflicts and legal problems such as fines, lawsuits and theft. Place 6 Chinese Coins at the entrance to your home or business. The sound of metal also weakens the conflict star, so I recommend a Tibetan Tingsha, Tibetan Bell, Singing Bowl or Brass Bells which must be chimed on a regular basis. Every time you chime, say a positive afffirmaton such as 'I am a magnet for money'. If your bedroom is located in the South West, your relationships will be less harmonious and your health may be more challenging. Place 6 Chinese Coins in your bedroom and use a Tibetan Tingsha, Tibetan Bell, Singing Bowl or Brass Bells here to weaken the conflict star. Every time you chime repeat a positive affirmation such as 'I have perfect health and relationships'.

4 = Romance & Academic Success

If the front door of your home or business is located in the East your finances will be good this year. You may find you have more interest for your products and romantic proposals too. It also supports academic success this year! To support the energies, at the entrance place 3 or 4 lucky bamboo in a vase and keep the entrance tidy and visually beautiful. If your bedroom is located in the East your health will improve and your relationships may improve. However as romantic liasons are stimulated, you could have problems with competition, particularly if the bedroom is a mess and looks terrible. Place 3 or 4 lucky bamboo in the bedroom and keep it neat, tidy and beautiful this year to enhance good relationships and academic success.

5 = Misfortune

If the front door of your home or business is located in the South East, your finances and business may be very challenging in 2012. The 5 misfortune star brings bad luck of all kinds, such as bankruptcy, sickness, accidents, catrastrophe. Place 6 Chinese Coins at the entrance to your home or business and use the sound of metal. The sound of metal weakens the misfortune star. Use a Tibetan Tingsha, Tibetan Bell, Singing Bowl or Brass Bells and chime on a regular basis. Say an affirmation such as 'money comes easily and frequently' every time you chime. If your bedroom is located in the South East, your health and relationships may be more challenging this year. The sound of metal neutralises this misfortune star, so I recommend a Tibetan Tingsha, Tibetan Bell, Singing Bowl or Brass Bells, which must be chimed on a regular basis. Say an affirmation in the bedroom such as 'I have perfect health and relationships' every time you chime.

6 = Power & Authority

6 is located in the center this year.  To bring out the positive energies of this star - good relations with authority such as police, councils etc and positions of power that come to you, you must keep this area tidy and visually beautiful. Remove all clutter! If this area is untidy and looks uninviting, you may stimulate problems with power and authority. If your bedroom is located in the center,  please ensure your bedroom is neat and visually attractive to bring out the positive qualities which will enhance your health and relationships in 2012.

7 = Fire and Accidents

If the front door of your home or business is located in the North West, your finances may deteriorate this year with an increase in fire, accidents and theft. Place 3 or 4 lucky bamboo in a vase at the entrance to help diminsh the negative energy. At least once a day, say a positive affirmation such as 'money comes easily and frequently' at the entrance.  If your bedroom is located in the North West, your health may be worse in 2012. Ensure you have a fire alarm in the bedroom, check the all alarm batteries and turn off all electrical items at night including electric blankets.  3 or 4 lucky bamboo in your bedroom will help to diminish the negative energies located here. Remember to say a positive affirmation such as 'I have perfect health and relationships' and 'my guardian angels protect me'.

8 = Prosperity

Congratulations! If the front door of your home or business is located in the West, you will find your finances & business will improve this year. Place a large red picture or rug at the entrance to your home or business. Make sure this entrance is used all the time this year as activity helps stimulate the prosperous 8 Water Star.  If your bedroom is located in the West, your health and relationships will improve this year. Buy a lovely red rug or picture and place them in your bedroom this year.

9 = Fame & Good Reputation

Great news! If your home or business is located in the North East, because of your growing reputation and fame, your finances and business will improve this year. Place a large red rug at the entrance to your home or business.  Make sure this entrance is used all the time this year as activity helps stimulate the prosperous 8 Water Star.  If your bedroom is located in the North East, your health and relationships will improve this year. Buy a lovely red rug or picture and place in your bedroom this year.

The South East is where the Grand Duke resides this year. Try to avoid or minimize construction and digging here. If it is unavoidable, you may experience delays, equipment breakdowns and unforeseen obstacles.

Annual time stars are far more accurate when analysed in conjunction with the unique feng shui chart of your home or building, which is based on the year your home, shop or office was built and the exact facing direction. Therefore, a comprehensive feng shui consultation is recommended to predict and improve your unique situation.

Feng Shui Tips

To welcome in the Year of the Water Dragon, start de-cluttering your home, office or shop now. Remove anything that is broken, you don't like or don't use. Get rid of gifts you don't like which are hidden in drawers or cupboards somewhere. Sell them on Ebay or give them to your favourite charity. These things energetically and emotionally drag you down and keep you from moving forward. You will be amazed how good you will feel when you remove 'old stuff' from your life.

Clutter in any area of your home, shop, or office will be blocking a part of your life. You will feel like you are stuck or stagnating. So get things moving and de-clutter your life!

The Water Dragon Year 2012

The Dragon is in fact the major symbol of good fortune in Chinese Astrology. The Dragon constellation, for example, is accorded the honor of being the guardian of the Eastern sky. According to tradition the Dragon brings in the Four Blessings of the East: wealth, virtue, harmony and longevity.

Indeed, of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac the Dragon is the most special, as it is a mystical being rather than an earthly animal. It is sometimes called a karmic sign. In this context that means we can expect grand things this year. Bigger than life is very much a Dragon thing. There will be spectacular successes as well as crash and burn failures.

To get an idea of the magnitude of events that might occur in 2012 it is helpful to look back on the last time the Water Dragon made an appearance, the year 1952. In February Elizabeth II became Queen of the United Kingdom, beginning a reign that still continues today. The UK was responsible for another amazing feat of longevity. In November Agatha Christieís Mousetrap opened in London, eventually setting the record for the longest, continuously running production of a play in history. It is not really cause for celebration, but in 1952 the United States introduced two of the most destructive weapons in history, the hydrogen bomb and the B-52 bomber. On a more positive note, the field of medicine saw the first successful separation of Siamese twins at Mt Sinai hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. And, to make the point that significant bad things can also happen in a Dragon year, in December a killer fog descended on London, one result being the invention of the word smog.

Throughout history parents in China have hoped to have children during Dragon years. What famous people will be born in 2012, and how will they change the world? The year 1952 claims world leaders including Vladimir Putin and Lee Hsien Loong. In the world of sport Jimmy Connors dominated the world of tennis and became one of the greatest players ever, while football coach Bill Belichick has struck fear into the hearts of opponents, winning four super bowls in the process. And, Craig Newmark, founder of Craigís List, has revolutionized the world of advertising. In fact Dragons dominate the world of business. CEOs born in 1952 have run Coca Cola, Exxon-Mobil, Alberto-Culver, Time Warner, Colgate- Palmolive, Viacom, UPS, Radio Shack, Clorox, Tiffany & Company, Hershey, ITT, Macyís, Xerox and Walgreens to name a few.

Of course not everyone can grow up to be President of Singapore or CEO of Coca Cola. The Dragon, however, is a reminder everyone has dreams, and that the time to pursue them is now. Some may be as ridiculous as those of Don Quixote, comic hero of the famous Spanish novel. Others may change the world, or at least your life. Now is thus the time to take a chance, to reach for the proverbial brass ring, to not only dream but act on that impossible dream. The Dragon gives you the best chance to make it come true.

A word about timing. The Dragon is associated with Spring. This means you need to get off to a fast start in 2012 as things are going to happen early in the year. Hopefully you used some of the quiet time last year to plan. When the train leaves the station, you want to be on it! Good luck and opportunities to make money could come very soon after lunar New Year or Tet.

The Dragon is not, however, just about money. There will also be fireworks when it comes to love and romance. New love can blossom or an old one rekindle on the spur of the moment. It is relevant here to note the Dragon is closely associated with festivals and celebrations, as exemplified by its status as the star of New Yearís parades. That makes 2012 the perfect year for engagements, weddings and baptisms.

A word of caution. The Dragon is after all a mythical beast. And, after the parade is over, the Dragon is put away for the next occasion. It thus suggests happenings of a transitory nature. So enjoy that new love, but understand it is more than likely just to be a fleeting romance.

So far itís been all about the Dragon. The fact that 2012 is a Water year is extremely important and demands consideration. Thatís because Water nourishes the Dragonís fixed element, Wood, giving this Dragon a big advantage over the rest of the breed when it comes to bringing good luck. The same holds true for accomplishment. This Dragon is actually going to realize some of those big dreams!

There is an even greater reason to rejoice. Ever since 1996 the year element has been in a destructive relationship with the fixed element of the animal sign. That is the longest unfavorable period in the 60 year cycle of Chinese Astrology, and that means a scarcity of good luck. The year 2012 is thus blessed not only by the lucky Dragon but also the end of that destructive cycle.

Furthermore, under the influence of the Dragon it is a yang year. Yang Water is like a flowing river rather than a stagnant lake. Things will move, ideas flow, creativity abound, economies boom, and love blossom in this environment. It is likely to be an exciting year indeed.

Since this is a Water year, those people born in a Wood one will generally fare better than others of their animal sign, while those born in a Fire one are likely to do worse. Itís also slightly negative for those born in an Earth year and mildly positive for Metal sign people. Finally, those born in a Water year will be in their element and do well if their animal sign is compatible with the Dragon.

Regardless of your sign, there will be significant upheavals in 2012. Soaring stock markets, natural disasters, and noteworthy, cultural and political developments will be more the norm than the exception. There will be celebrations of all kinds. And, good luck will be coming your way. Are you ready to fly with the Dragon?!


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