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Industry related to room decoration for small children is in boom these days. Imagination and creativity can be most experimented in this part of your home where the décor has to be changed more frequently with the growing age and maturity of the children and also their changing tastes and ideals.
Here are some of the ideas that you can use:
  • Kids who love soccer or baseball can have matching sets of bedspread, curtains, sheets, duvets, rugs and wall hangings featuring their favorite sport or cartoon character.
  • Wallpapers with a wide range of kid related themes such as fairies, elves, Harry Potter, Powerpuff Girls or N'Sync can be used to adorn the walls with matching borders.
  • Match your room décor to the function of the area and make sure that you have included the appropriate number of beds, their sizes and provided for separate areas to play and study for the kids.
  • There should be enough storage area to allow the kids to keep their books, clothes and playthings and yet have space to indulge into their favorite hobbies.
  • Walls and floors of their rooms should be easy to clean as kids tend to draw on them with their crayons!
  • Color of the walls should be bold and two or more primary colors can be used as accents and accessories for that funky child-like look of the room.

  • Rooms for small children must have an appropriate bed with a good mattress, a bed side table with a lamp, alarm clock and a glass of water, desk with a chair and study lamp preferably in bold colors, bulletin boards and areas where the child can draw and pin-up his or her creations and a mirror.
  • Make sure that there are no protruding sharp corners or breakable things in the room for small kids and there are no exposed wires, plugs and switches too. Place child-safe switches in the room.
  • Night-light is extremely important and make sure that you can hear your child anytime he/she needs you. You may use an emergency alarm, intercom or a child monitor for the purpose.
  • Using cork and bright-colored soft rubber tiles, as flooring for kids' room is safer for them and tend to cushion their falls. Rubber flooring is easier to wipe and clean too.
  • You may paint the lower half of one wall of the children's room with blackboard paint or hang a real blackboard in their room to allow them to draw as much as they like.
  • Permanence is the last thing you want in a room for small children. So, opt for more temporary and quickly removable and changeable solutions instead.
  • Classic colors for walls and carpets can be made to look funkier with use of more inexpensive and easily changeable accessories such as trendy lamps, area rugs, sheets, linens, curtains and toys.
  • While bright plastic and other kid-sized furniture is easily available in the market, adult-sized furniture with a fresh coat of paint can be used too.
  • Flexibility is very important while decorating rooms for children of elementary age or when your family is still expanding.



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