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          Designing Kitchen

          Home Decoration Ideas


  Kitchen Lighting
When we think of decorating our kitchens, one thing that we more often forget is the kitchen lighting. Since, we people spend quite a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, good lighting becomes requisite. When it comes to kitchen lighting design, it is vital to ensure that, it goes well to suit the architectural details and decoration theme of the kitchen.
People usually commit the mistake of lighting the whole kitchen, but, that is not a very good idea, as the light fixture tends to dominate the kitchen visually. As bad is excessive lighting, equally harmful is recessive lighting.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Task lighting
This kind of lighting works best for performing a task in the kitchen. The task lighting throws adequate light, thus enabling you to cut the vegetables and read recipes in the magazine clearly. The best place for fixing this light is between the actual work place and the person's head.

Ambient Lighting
Ambient lighting lends a pleasant glow to your kitchen, thus giving a warm welcome to the people entering into the kitchen.

Accent Lighting
More commonly, people fix accent lighting fixture inside a glass cabinet, which aids in illuminating the china bowls, glassware and other articles kept inside the cabinet.

Decorative Lighting
This type of lighting is basically used for adding sparkling effects to the kitchen.



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