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Palmistry brings a basic understanding of yourself,
your strengths and weaknesses.

 It can also help you understand why you react in certain ways.

It is the perfect reading for when you require an understanding of your desires and needs.

The Art of Palmistry

Palm reading is an ancient art and science. The knowledge of Palmistry empowers both men and women by taking advantage of one's strengths and overcoming one's weaknesses. The information on this site will introduce you to this knowledge. Palmistry is usually divided into two sections, Cheirognomy, or the science of reading character from the shape of the hand and fingers; and Cheiromancy, the science of reading the actions and habits, the past, present and future events from the formation of the palm and the lines marked there on.

The art of palmistry (Chiromancy, or Palm Reading) has been practiced for 5000 years, according to writings from ancient China, India and the Near East. Palmistry is the study of the lines and signs of the hands. The lines and signs of the hand have been used to study the character, as a psychological document or to see diseases at their early stages. The Babylonians and Egyptians read the fortune of a person in his or her hands - as well as in the respective astrological reading, which they saw closely related to the hand lines. This is why they gave the names of planets to the lines, fingers and signs as we still do today.

The chief lines of the hand are Life Line, Head Line, and the Heart Line. Other major lines include the Line of Fate or Saturn Line, Line of Apollo or Sun Line. The minor lines are Girdle of Venus, Line of Health, Line of Intuition, Line of Mars, Lines of Affection, Infulence Lines and Rascettes or Bracelets. The strength and the direction of lines in conjunction with each type of hand will determine the actions and habits and the significant events in the life of a person that will lead to success in career, health, wealth, love, marriage, children and happiness.

Today palmistry is often seen as nonsense or at least a party gag. But we canít deny our fascination with this ancient art, which has survived for thousands of years, rooting in the rich life experience of our ancestors from all over the world. The hand is as unique as its owner, and right and left hand of the same person are not alike and are read individually. Small children are tactile learners, they learn with their hands by touching, and from there they come to mentally abstract thoughts. We come into contact with our environment by using our hands - we caress, touch, grab, fumble. Brain and hands are closely connected. This is reason enough to look behind the bodily scenery. Flexible hands mean a flexible mind, and the abilities of the hands improve those of the brain. The fields of the cortex related to hands and fingers have improved during the evolutionary process more than the areas, where the other organs are located, i.e. the feet. Did you know, that the thumb needs as much space as all other 4 fingers of one hand together?

Today it is proven that the hand lines are a representation of the experiences of the central nervous system, and the lines, signs and grids in your hands are the way of the brain to express itself. Changes in the main hand lines mean changes in life. Sidelines change and develop easier with less effect. An analysis of character and psyche through hand lines is thus logical.

Today Palmistry is accepted throughout the world. Professional palmists can be found reading palms in every country in the world. Major magazine and books have articles on Palmistry.

Palmistry's main function is to explain personality traits such as:

  • stubbornness
  • temper
  • intelligence
  • independence
  • caring
  • etc...


Everything matters in Palmistry...the size of the hand, it's shape, color, texture, the nails, depth of lines, even the manner in which you hold your hands when I read your palm.

The hand you use to write with is your dominant hand. The lines on this hand change through the years due to the electromagnetic images from your brain which know your lifepath. Lines can add on. Once added they do not go away.

The other hand is your destiny hand. It generally remains the same throughout your lifetime. I do not consider it your last lifetime as both hands are generally similar.


The Basic lines of the Palm

The Lines of the Palm represent the degree of ease or conflict in a person's life. Few lines can mean few worries, however it may also represent a dul, uninteresting life. As in all things, the key is balance. 

  • The heart line governs our emotional life. 
  • The head line governs our intellect and our ability to concentrate and learn. 
  • The life line demonstrates how you look at your life and your personal control of it.
  • The destiny line is often called the dream line because it represents working for a dream or goal.
  • There are many minor lines that control other aspects of the personality and will.

Ovals on the heart denote line-divorce, separation. A long heart line: Overly romantic. A straight heart line: The mind rules the heart. The heart lines ends on the Jupiter mount: You want to control relationships

Above the heart line: A "V" denotes empathic qualities. A "U" from the Jupiter to the Apollo finger: Gay person

Horizontal lines under the Mercury finger: Karmic relationships: Long lines that run across the palm of the hand to the Mount of Venus (past lives) (thumb) denote marriages or 'living together'. (They are marked the same way).

Vertical lines: Full ones that cross horizontal lines: Your children should you decided to have any. Short lines: Miscarriages, abortions. (This will come up on the father's hand as well).

Head Line: Education: College--crosses the entire palm. Masters Program--has branches from the primary Head Line. Small branches: Other courses of study.

Life Line: Surround Venus Mount (thumb) Starts from above the thumb and goes to the wrist. If not connected to the Head Line: Caretaker, independent thinker, will give a lot in this lifetime, usually first or last child in the family-- or the only child (if the space is really wide). Double line: Depression, needs therapy at some point. A "V" closer to the wrist: a divorce A split in the line: Moving far, changing destiny

Lines that follow the Life Line of your Venus Mount (thumb area): Spirit Guides, Past Lives

Fate / Career / Destiny Line: Runs from the wrist straight up to the Saturn (middle finger). Career / careers: will often branch in many directions which will determine changes in career and goals in one's lifetime. Doubled line denotes: working at 2 careers at the same time.

Travel lines: Run along the outside palm from the heart line to the wrist. This needs to be viewed with a palm print to see where the person will travel next! Many lines: Traveling for business as well as pleasure. A few long lines: Major trips that change your destiny, often seen in the old years.

Money lines: From outside of the Venus Mount to the heart line. Run upward from the wrist. May have stars, bars or various other markings to indicate money and how you will get it. A wide "V" in that area: cash settlement. Darker / deeper lines: Finances increase Scattered lines: Make lost of money but at various times in your life. Palm prints denote: white space in that area: you will lend money but never get it back: learning lessons with money. How many lessons depends on how many white areas are between the life line and the thumb on your palm print.

Other lines: Pentagrams, Stars, Circles, Triangles, The letter "M", the letter "V".

All markings depend on the area of the hand where they are found.

Many markings do not mean an old soul. Many men have few lines and are old souls. Blue collar workers have fewer lines--usually just the basic lines.


The mounts are small mounds  on the surface of the palm. They relate to portential energy and activities  the person enjoys doing. 

  • A prominant mount of Jupiter shows  intelligence and the signs of a natural leader.
  •  A prominant mount of Saturn shows a strong sense of responsibilty but may also represent a loner. 
  • A prominant mount of Apollo shows enthusiasm and an artistic nature.
  • A prominant mount of Mercury shows a quick wit and the d esire to meet challanges straight on.
  • A prominant mount of Venus shows a very affectionate person who is very sympathetic to the rights of others.  
  • The degree of firmness of the mount of Mars indicates the amount of agression that individual has. 
  • Ideally the mount of Luna should be firm that shows an active imagination.
  • A firm mount of Neptune gives the ability to be an effective public speaker. 


Divided into 3 sections each with a different reference on each finger. Length of each section, and images on your palm print tell much.

Jupiter finger: Leadership, Self Esteem, The Teacher, Organization, Punctuality, The Limelight. A strong determined person will always have a long Jupiter finger, as do teachers, and performers.

Saturn Finger: Destiny, The Corporate World, Karma Long finger: Lots of karma to work out. Section closest to palm: Your family Section in the middle: Business world Section near the tip of the finger, your spiritual path

Apollo Finger: Creative, Metaphysical, Health If it points to the Saturn finger: Your have karma in the metaphysical realms.

Mercury Finger: Communications: Writing, Computers, Media Much can be gleamed in this area with a palm print as so many people are in the communication fields now. A short finger: does not go up as high as the third section on your Apollo finger: Not great with writing, but will overcome this by working with others. It the Mercury finger bends in: You hold back what you need to say!

Venus finger: How stubborn / or giving you are. It can be straight (stubborn) ---or bent (subtle)--the giver. Please check both hands as they may be different. i have one of each type!

The lengths of the Jupiter and Apollo fingers must be compared. If the Jupiter finger is shorter the person is often a late bloomer as he / she will follow the dictates of others and will not seek their own goals until their thirties.

Spaces between fingers: Wide between Saturn and Jupiter: Will overspend

Holding out the hands: When hands are placed down on the paper for the palm print: Wide open: Friendly, outgoing. Big space between the Mercury (pinky) and Apollo (ring) fingers: Will move, needs lots of freedom and space.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is origin of palmistry?

Palmistry is a method of counseling that originated in India over 3,000 years ago. It is a part of a vast field of study, referred to as Samudrik Shastra, which literally means the ocean of knowledge. Palmistry is a sub-section of Samudrik Shastra and deals specifically with the study of the hand.

Is palmistry fortune-telling?

In a word: no. The original intent of palmistry was for personality assessment and counseling. One's emotional tendencies, social attitudes, conscious awareness and subconscious fears, blockages and strengths can be understood in great detail through this in-depth system.

Can one make predictions through palmistry?

You cannot make predictions with palmistry. However, since there is a definite mind-body connection, we know that negative or positive thinking affects our well-being. As well, due to our habitual way of thinking, we often repeat the same behavior in the future as we exhibit in the present. If we can understand the pattern of our habits and thinking, then we can begin to isolate the negative cycles of behavior and can replace them with positive new ones. Palmistry can help you see these patterns. With this information, you can shape own destiny.

How does palmistry work?

Palmistry is best seen as a dynamic process. The lines of the hand are not carved in stone. Since the lines of the hand reflect our thinking, as our attitudes and behavior patterns change, the lines reflect these changes. The lines physically change as our thinking changes. In fact, you can see distinct changes in as little as three months.

Which hand is used for palm reading?

It is important to look at both hands during a reading. Depending on which hand is active (usually seen as the hand you write with), in combination with the inactive hand, shows where you have been (passive), and where you are likely headed (active) in this life.

Please keep in mind that this is just an example of the reading and how it is done. There, of course, is much more to any reading than just the technical. All readings are a combination of what you see and what you feel. 

Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Palmistry


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