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Indian Websites For Astrology, Horoscopes and Predictions Horoscopes - predictions, rate your romance, star talk, celebrity birthdays and more
Anand Shrimali - renowned astrologer for predictions & consultations
Anand Shrimali - astrologer, predicting on the basis of astral & time cycles
Ananda's Website on Yoga & Astrology - resources on yoga, sadhana, astrology and more.
Aryabhatt Astrology Services - features vedic & Chinese astrology, numerology, forecast, love matching
Astro Advice - online horoscope service
Astro Guru - predictions, Kundli, software for horoscopes etc. by Shri Harish P. Goswami
Astro Journey to the Secrets of the Zodiac - vedic astrology, gemology, free lunar birth-chart and horoscope, tantra 
Astro Mantra - all about zodiac signs, sun signs and horoscopes
Astro Prediction - Indian astrology, horoscopes, Vedic astrology, numerology etc.
Astro - numerology, personal predictions, astrology, annual guidance program etc.
Astro Remedies - horoscopes, Trishakti lockets, special Shri & Sidh Yantra by Rajendra
Astro Today - predictions on stock market & elections by Shri Shailendra Sharma
Astro Vision - offers services for astrology, vastu and match making.
Astro World - by Prof. M. Kumaria's.
Astro-Kundali - offers Win95/98/2000/NT compatible astrology softwares.
Astro-Kundali - Hindu Vedic KP astrology program by Dr. Rajiv Karekar
Astroclinic - astrology, numerology, palmistry, match making etc. by Mukund Trivedi
Astrologer Mukund Trivedi - horoscope, face reading, predictions etc.
Astrological Predicitions Online - see what your stars have in store for you
Astrology India - contains a preview of astrology & details of astrologers in India
Astrology byJai Maharaj - Dr. Jai Maharaj - jyotishi, vedic astrologer
Bharatastrology - Indian astrology, Vedic astrology, horoscope, fortune, numerology, remedies
Bhartiya Astrology - Indian astrology, palmistry, horoscope, kundli, future, ishwar, money, cure
Bhawishya - informative site on astrology, vastushastra, numerology, palmistry, etc.
Complete Astrology - get free reports, horoscopes, post questions and chat
Computerised Horoscopes - predictions, match making, astrological details and more
Cosmic Synergy. - provides vedic prediction based on the concept Pragya Vilas.
Cyber Astrology - weekly zodiac prediction with links to eminent astrologers' sites
Dasuvish Astro-Vastu Research Centre - Vaastu consultancy & research centre
Date Panchanga - online Hindu almanac for auspicious days & time with guides
Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma - includes daily forecast services for horoscopes, zodiac signs etc.
Express Star Teller - site on Vedic astrology with horoscopes, body & mind healing etc.
Future Vision - remedial measures, free annual predictions, articles on astrology etc.
Future Vision - horoscope, predictions & analysis
Gautam Astro Research Home - provides services on astrology, Vaastu & match-making
Gayatri Associates - offers kundli (horoscope), Varsha Phal and match-making services in Pune.
Get Your Horoscope - provides vedic astrological predictions through e-mail
Hashmukh The Astrologer - astrologer from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
Hindu Astrology - read your free horoscope on basis of birth rashi
Hindu Panchang - info on festivals, vedic lessons, astrology, birth-chart, superstitions etc
Horoscopes based on Vedic Astrology - personalised Vedic astrology horoscopes
India Astrology - brief idea about Indian astrology.
India Astrology - astrological consultations as per the Parashara System and the astrology.
India Times Astrospeak - astro-sciences, Tarot cards, nomerology, palmistry, sun signs, fun, I-Ching
Indian astrology on-line - comprehensive astrological website on the world wide web
Indiatimes Astrospeak - sun signs, numerology, love compatibility, life predictioins, matchmaking.
Indo Astrology - test your love compatibility, post queries etc.
Institute of Palmistry - provides consultation services using scientific methods of hand reading.
Jagjit Uppal's Astro Page - the internationally acclaimed astrologer for advice and forecast.
Janaki Occultism - hereditary organisation engaged in astrology, cardology, palmistry etc.
Janampatrika Astrological Center - online astrological consultations.
Journal of Astrology - site features articles, astrology lessons, news, events, etc.
Jyotishi Bhikhabhai Patel - consultations on astrology, gems, stones, Vaastu and more
K. Lal - vedic astrolger from India.
K.P. Astrological Research Institute, Chennai - predictions & distance learning programmes on astrology
Karmic Astro - online astrology, predictions, birth charts, Bhagvad Gita, Reiki, remedies
L B Feng Shui (Chinese Vastu Shastra) - consultation, training, pillars of destiny, articles, Fengshui tips etc.
Luck Bringer - information pertaining to the outcome of any kind of human association
Luck and Life - features yantras, mantras, vastu, health tips, Rudravali, home remedies etc
My Web Astrologer - predictions, free chart, astral remedies, marital compatibility, books, etc
N.C.Patra - astrologer based in Calcutta.
Nandan Astro Voice - computerised astrology, vaastu consultancy, personal horoscope etc.
Numerologist R. C. Kalia - offers numerological predictions and tantra, mantra, jantra remedies.
Occult Astrology - astrology lessons, course, horoscope, fortune teller, remedies, consultancy
P. Khurrana - offers astrological services.
Padmashri Gems - astrologers, gem consultants, jewellers & gem merchants in Chennai
Pandit Parsai - offers personalised horoscopes.
Pandit Prakash Bharadwaj - about astrology, face reading, palmistry, pheronology, etc.
Parag Shah's Free Astrology - amateur astrologer offering free astrological advice
Pradeep Pandit - astrology, future prediction, forecast, astrological consultant
Predictive Astrology - offers astrology courses, consultations etc.
Predictive Sciences - services include Vedic astrology, numerology & match making
Prof. Archana Agewan - astrology, birth chart, horoscope study, transit chart, dashas, gems
Puru Astrologer - Vedic astrological predictions on marriage, children etc. by Puru Kaushal
Sai Sree Vedic Astrology Center - site on vedic astrology.
Sri Jagannath Vedic Center - Jyotish news e-magazine, Vedic astrology center & software, Puri pictures.
Startell - provides answers to specific questions.
Starteller - it is our endeavor to make available to you those rare astr
Sukhram Lal - astrologer providing horoscopes & predictions based on Hindu astrology
The Astrological Society of India - products, services, online astrological predictions and more
Vaastu & Astrology - solutions to overcome health & financial problems
Vaastu - about Vaastu, the science & construction, helpline, articles
Vasthu Sastra - consultants for Hindu religious way of living with peace of mind.
Vastu Solutions - Vastu, mandala, directions, message boards, yantras and more
Vastu World - detailed info on Vaastu, Fengshui, geomancy, vastutecture, therapy and more
Vedalink - Vedic astrology horoscopes from India
Vedic Astrology Cyber Home - match making, birth chart, Vastu Vidya, learning astrology and more
Vedic Astrology - by Dr. Rajendra Raaj.
Vedic Astrology - includes software, classes, yogas, courses and more
Vedic Future - online astrology, vaastu, numerology, auspicious days, panchangam etc.
Vedic and Vastu Consultant - personal and unique readings by vedic astrologer.


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