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What is Pranic Healing?

Pranic Healing is an ancient form of healing which uses Prana or the life-force to heal the body. Pranic healing was practiced during the earliest civilizations of China, Egypt and India. 

What is Prana?

Prana in Sanskrit means, "life-force". This vital energy helps the body to maintain good health. Prana is known as 'Pneuma' in Greek, 'Mana' in Polynesian, 'Ki' in Japanese, 'Chi' in Chinese, 'Rua' in Hebrew.

Prana is in abundance, all around us. This life-force energy is drawn from the sun, air and ground to heal physical ailments and emotional imbalances.

Sources of Prana

Sun: - The Prana absorbed from the sun is called solar Prana. This energy can be acquired by taking sunbaths and drinking water exposed to the sun.

Air: - The Prana absorbed from air is called ozone Prana. This energy can be acquired through deep slow rhythmic breathing and through the chakras.

Earth: - The Prana from the Earth is called ground Prana. This energy is absorbed from the ground through the soles of the feet.

Divine Prana: - This Prana is absorbed into the body through deep meditation and fervent prayer. We receive this energy from the divine.

Origin of Pranic Healing

Master Choa Kok Sui rediscovered Pranic healing system from the teachings of his master, Bodhisattva Padmasambhava.

Master Choa is of Chinese descent, living in Philippines. Apart from being a spiritual teacher, he is also a chemical engineer and a successful business entrepreneur. He has also written many best selling books on 'healing'. He is the founder of the 'Arhatic Yoga Ashram' near Pune in India.

Master Choa has taught the technique of Pranic healing to many, so that they could heal themselves as well as others. 

What is Pranic Healing? 

The essence of Pranic healing deals with the transfer of fresh rejuvenating Prana to the patient through a set of techniques, that does not require physical contact (touch) or the use of drugs and gadgets. Essentially, the healer works on the energy field of the patient. It is based on the principle that the body has the ability to heal itself.

Energy body or Aura

Pranic healing is applied on the 'aura' or the energy field that surrounds the physical body. The aura, called the bioplasmic body, extends to about 4-5 inches from the surface of the skin. Called 'Pranamaya Kosha' in Sanskrit, aura is an invisible luminous energy field that interpenetrates the physical body.

Prana is absorbed and distributed throughout the physical body only through the energy body. This Pranic energy can be projected from one person to another. The Chakras help to distribute this energy throughout the physical body.

Diseased Energy or Blockages

The energy that makes a person sick is called diseased energy or negative energy. This energy initially shows up on the energy body or aura. Research shows that diseased energies appear first in the energy body before appearing as an ailment in the physical body. Use of Pranic energy on the diseased part of the body helps in the acceleration of the healing process. Significantly, it helps the body heal without medication.

Pranic healing helps rectify the imbalances in the body & energy field and transmit Prana to the patient.

Techniques involved in Pranic Healing

A. Scanning
B. Cleansing
C. Energizing

A. Scanning:-Pranic healers scan the energy field of the patient to detect the disturbances in the energy body. Hands are used to initiate the process of healing. Located in the palm of the hands are energy centers called chakras. These chakras when activated become sensitive to feeling the energy of other beings. Thus it is possible to scan the energy field and locate blockages. These areas can be cleansed, energized and replenished with the fresh supply of Prana. Diseases manifest when there is depletion or congestion of Prana in the chakras.

B. Cleansing:- This is done by the hands. This involves removing the diseased energy from the aura of a being.

C. Energizing: - Infusing vitalized energy or Prana into the body through the chakras is called energizing. When the aura is energized by Prana, it helps in healing the ailments at the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Thus, Pranic healing helps in healing oneself and others through the use of Prana.

Physical Diseases Healed by Pranic Healing: Arthritis, Asthma, respiratory disorders, eye defects, hypertension, hepatitis, ovarian cyst, epilepsy etc.

Psychological diseases cured by Pranic Healing: Anxiety, depression, tension, compulsive behavior patterns, phobias, trauma, grief etc.

Benefits of Pranic Healing:-

  • It improves memory and concentration

  • It helps to improve appetite

  • It enhances inter-personal relationships

  • It removes discord in marital relations

  • It helps to maintain family health, unity, peace and well-being

  • It awakens spiritual nature in a being

Ways to Absorb Prana

  • Correct deep breathing technique helps in the copious flow of Prana through the entire aura and all the chakras. People who practice this form of breathing rhythmically absorb plenty of Prana. Correct breathing establishes equilibrium between positive and negative currents in the body.

  • Visualization: After taking a deep breath, it is possible to increase the amount of Prana by visualizing the vital force entering the body and penetrating every cell in the being. The positive energy attracts more positive energy. Through this, it is possible to build on the Prana. 

  • Meditation: Internal 'chi' power, life force or Prana can be developed through meditation. If this power is potent enough, the latent capacity to absorb and project the 'chi' energy to the patient also increases. Without spiritual energy it is not possible to develop strong internal 'chi'. So, it is highly recommended to practice meditation.

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits carry a lot of Pranic energy or life force.

  • Regular exercise helps draw in fresh Pranic energy.

  • Yoga, a proper lifestyle and positive thoughts also improve the aura of a person.

Other Benefits of Pranic Healing:-

  • Heal oneself and others through Pranic healing.

  • Helps cleanse the energy body to prevent manifestation of diseases.

  • In chronic conditions, it is used to initiate healing process.

  • Helps in building "energy shields" to protect oneself.

  • Assists in cleansing homes, objects, workplaces and create positive energy.

  • Pranic healing heals and creates positive relationships.

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