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If you never want to be cornered in your life, be sure to have a spiritual corner in your heart and in your home.

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"When a large number of individuals radiate this inner silence, Heaven will begin to be seen on Earth."- Dalai Lama

Spiritual Counseling consists of a variety of techniques which helps you see how the spirit, as a central life force, empowers you through your positive strengths.

Spiritual Counseling is based on the premise that all illness is a result of unhealthy mental activity. For example, excessive worry and hate are two of the most damaging forms of mental activity, and both are deeply self-destructive. These thoughts and feelings consist of mental and physical energy which harms the body, mind and spirit

Spiritual Counseling heals the  effects of other negative emotions such as anxiety, bitterness, impatience, unkindness, being judgmental, conceit, addiction, greed and avarice.

Spiritual Counseling engages the spirit in finding an individual's strength in order to realize positive life goals and overcome self-destructive behavior. The true riches of life lie within us all. Through appreciation of the wisdom of the past, through prayer and most of all through deep meditation, we can become one with the inner silence that is a part of God. When that silence is reached, it begins to radiate throughout all of one's activities.

Spiritual Counselor shares a Divine Awareness that self-empowers you the individual, eliminating spiritual advice in many areas of your life. Many teach you about everything in life, but we teach you about yourself and how you fit in with everything in life.

Enlightened Spiritual Advisor shares Loving spiritual counseling from the heart ...
teaching you the wisdom in using Divine Love and how you can make your life beautiful and more fulfilling.

Searching for Life's Answers? ... Seeking Life Changes?
Have you been missing out on the sweetness in life?
Know, dear one ... true happiness awaits you if you so choose it.

It is very a profound time of searching the soul ... a transition time indeed.
Many of us are having a hard time, some are struggling, some are lost and confused, some are going through too much.

Questions arise and you need answers so you can feel good and have clarity
in every situation that comes your way.

How do we understand all these mixed emotions and feelings that we are going through?
How do we stay happy when everything seems to be falling apart around us?
How can we Love ourselves and others when life becomes hard and we are feeling down?
How can we feel good when we are constantly challenged by those that bother us the most?
How can we create and call forth new beautiful sharing relationships into our lives?
What do we need to understand if we have been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully?
How can we truly feel good about ourselves and come to love ourselves totally?
How can we enjoy the job we are at now or call forth a grander job experience?
What do we need to change if we continually find ourselves in relationships
that aren't working and seem to keep repeating in our lives?
What do we need to change about ourselves to regain good health?

Many are also asking ...
How do I find and understand what my life purpose is?
How do I understand the way my Inner Guidance communicates with me?
Why am I having problems in attracting or manifesting what I desire in life?

 You are so beautiful and you have so much to offer ...
don't allow yourself to miss all the joy and all the beauty life has waiting for you.
Receive the answers you need so you can enjoy life to its fullest.

You will not have to go to another to understand why you are not happy,
or why certain things are in your life and why other things are not.
 Your happiness will never depend on someone else ever again.
When you understand it will set you free ...
and you will know for yourself how to be happy in everyway.

 Spiritual counseling in any area can guide you through your present growth, moving from where you are now ...
and into where you desire to be!

Thank you for coming and sharing your beautiful energy with us.

If you have questions about anything which is coming in the way of your beautiful, healthy, glowing life ...

Please come to us and together we will open the door of your beautiful life.

Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful Spiritual World


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