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Good Advice on How to Relieve Stress

Everyone experiences stress: you canít be alive and escape it completely. We tend to think of stress as bad, but some stress can be good, like moving to a new house or having a baby. Whether its something good causing your stress or something bad, like things not going well at work or a poor relationship, you have to find a way to manage your stress. If you donít, you could be facing some very real physical problems. Follow this advice in how to relieve stress and youíll find that life goes much more smoothly.

In order to know how to relieve stress, you have to spend time relaxing regularly. You need to relax for a minimum of 15 minutes a day and an hour is even better. What you do during that time is up to you; it just has to be something that is not stimulating (like watching television) and that you enjoy.

If you want to get into a deep state of relaxation, you may want to try hypnosis. If youíve never considered it, you may think of hypnosis as one of those stage show where someone makes you walk around clucking like a chicken. Thatís not what real hypnosis is all about. Your mind is divided into two parts: unconscious, where your thoughts and dreams are stored, and your conscious mind, what we use when we are alert and awake. There is a barrier between the two minds, and hypnosis is a way to break down that barrier. Youíre never out of control or unaware of whatís going on around you. Itís sort of like sleeping while youíre awake.

After your session, you will be surprised at how relaxed and revived you feel. Hypnosis is a great way to learn how to relieve stress.

Relaxation Exercises to Calm Body and Mind

Relaxation is the complete opposite of tension. These exercises can be used as tools to control tension and enhance relaxation in both body and mind. Hypnosis can teach you relaxation exercises that you can perfect as you use them increasingly in daily life. The optimal time to use relaxation exercises is when you are sitting or lying comfortably. Itís best not to be involved in task requiring you to be fully alert. One way of using hypnosis is to tape your exercises so that you can reply it when needed. Relaxation exercises involve using the mind to release the tension from the body.

One exercise commonly used is the process of alternatively tensing and relaxing the individual muscle groups. Use enough tension to tense the muscle but there should be no pain. Feeling pain means youíre tensing too much. This is the opposite of what hypnosis is working to do. Hypnosis focuses on deep relaxation and with pain there can be no relaxation. Settle into a comfortable seat, close your eyes gently and tune in to your breathing. Notice its pace and rhythm. Take another breath, a bit deeper this time. Let yourself feel completely calm. Feel each muscle and individual part of your body relax. Tune in to each body part and say ďmy hand is relaxedĒ and ďarm is relaxed.Ē Hypnosis is all about tuning in to your body and completely letting go. Some people may find their relaxation exercises are more effective when adding a peaceful thought to concentrate on.

Practice this form of hypnosis by being aware of your breathing. Take deep breaths and exhale, letting the tension go out of your body with each breath. Hypnosis can also be as simple as imagining a wave of relaxation beginning from the top of your head and down to your toes. This exercise in hypnosis will increase your awareness of your muscle relaxation. This in turn will increase your capability to relax. Relaxation exercises are simple, soothing and provide immeasurable health benefits.

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