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Vastu is a complete understanding of direction, geography, topography, environment & physics...... 
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  Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of harnessing the natural forces of nature to promote prosperity, harmony.....
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  Pyramid has been known from ancient times as a powerful design that connects to energy forces with healing qualities.....
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  Dowsing is defined as the study of energy of field by a person who has electromagnetic ability.....
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  We plan houses, shops, industries, apartments, commercial complexes etc. according to Vaastushastra and Fengshui..... 
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  Er. R. Prasad suggest easy & effective remedies for faults of buildings without demolition.....
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Vastu is an ancient vedic science/philosophy. Vastu was first revealed by the Source of Supreme Consciousness to a Vedic Sage who was seeking answers as to how a person could live a life relatively free of the sufferings and insecurities that even then had plagued man for much too long.

Many feel that the early Buddhist monks brought Vastu from India to other parts of Asia were it evolved into the various schools of feng shui. Vastu is sometimes called the "missing key" to feng shui. Others feel that the two philosophies are totally separate and were revealed to different cultures in different places depending on their needs.

In any case even though their differences may be irreconcilable in many areas, they marry so beautifully in other areas. It takes more than one tool to build a house. Use whatever will enhance the energy of the site.

It is suggested that if moving or building to apply the principles of Vastu as the value of correct foundation cannot be over-emphasized, particularly to a seeker of enlightenment. If in a home with faulty Vastu and moving is not an option, employ feng shui cures.

Knowledge of Vastu will help the feng shui practitioner and energy worker. Once it is understood how cosmic energy flows in relation to the site, it will be possible to troubleshoot and stop or predict health problems, misfortune, divorce or other sufferings before they manifest.

One might ask how the site can affect one's health, happiness and fortune. Think for one moment about the documented disadvantages of living under or close to a huge electrical transformer. The bio-magnetic field of a plot when seriously disturbed by the addition of a structure is no less dangerous.

Originating in China more than 2,000 years ago, Feng Shui is quickly becoming a part of architecture, building development, and home living. So truly, what is this thing that recommends avoidance of sharp angles and putting metal objects in your home for balance and other strange recommendations?

Feng Shui can be literally translated as 'Wind and Water' or "the natural forces of the universe." These forces affect everything in our world. It is an ancient Chinese system in which we are able to harmonize man made structures within the environment. It is a way to mindfully organize your environment so that it fully supports you in life.

It is literally the 'Art' of establishing harmony between the winds and waters of our natural surroundings and the buildings we construct within them. Recognizing and working with the natural flow and effects of the energy of our environment rather than working in spite of them or, worse still, against them ensures that we have the positive forces of mother nature with us in our endeavors.

Feng Shui is not based on any religion, mysticism, or superstition. Rather it is a mathematical science. Feng Shui is based on four aspects: Building, Environment, People, and Time. With proper application of Feng Shui in your life to achieve many life goals. Feng Shui is a bag of tools to use for challenges you face, gathered from myriad social and physical science. Feng Shui is a tool that help us to decode the messages we receive consciously and subconsciously from colour, shape, patterns, scents, sounds, and textures. Its is the tools we can use to manipulate the physical world around us to best suit our needs and desires

Traditional Feng Shui does not prescribe any flutes, mirrors, charms, chants, or other mystical objects. Rather, a qualified practitioner only utilizes the five Chinese elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water to bring a place into an energetic balance. These elements can take the form of many objects such as a brass pot, or an aquarium, but the actual remedies are still strictly the element. Many books have written about using mirrors as a Feng Shui cure. In actuality, mirrors used to be made of polished brass (a metal remedy) and in the Middle Ages, it worked as a cure. Today’s modern mirrors do not have enough of the metal element to be prescribed as a remedy. When asked today, about where to put the mirror, most qualified practitioners answer "In the bathroom, which is where it is needed most!" Mirrors have always been misrepresented as a Feng Shui "cure" by a lot of practitioners.

Another of the fundamentals of Feng Shui is the effects that magnetism has on the human body. Hence the development by the Chinese of the magnetic compass and its use in determining the influences of magnetism in our lives.

Naturally, it is best to ensure there are no such blockages by always constructing buildings which will be in harmony with the surrounding environment from the day they are designed. However, as this is not always possible, we need to 'remedy' our environments from time to time, just like an Acupuncturist remedies our bodies. This then is the work of the traditional Feng Shui Master.

Remedial Measures in Feng Shui and Instruments:

Feng Shui  believes that following gadgets can be of immense help in verifying and altering the characteristics of Chi.

There are 6 basic cures in the mode of Feng Shui
1. Mirrors                                               2 .Plants
3. Lights                                                 4. Fountains
5. Wind Chimes                                      6. Colors etc.

Minors represent a doubling of revenues for the business. That is why Restaurants are also fond of using mirrors to symbolize a busier environment . Inside a house or an office mirrors serve purposes, the bigger the mirror the better. they can balance an L shaped home or room. In business if property hung they can increase profits.


Plants on either side of entrance attract not only persons energy but also enhances financial prosperity for the residents.


The use of lights is another effective method of correcting imbalance of Industrial ventures associated with irregular shapes. Lights create balance and harmony within the surroundings. Crystal chandeliers are also excellent when in the center of home/offices which traditionally symbolizes the essence of the household.


Water represents wealth, abundance prosperity and riches. By placing water fountains of water element directions, it enhances family happiness, wealth, prosperity for the inmates.

Wind Chimes:

Wind Chimes intensify new career prospects, material relationship and also for enhancement of new business opportunities etc.


The choice of your house color can help to create a smooth household, harmony if you opt to apply the color schemes from the five elementary colors:

Red  : It denotes happiness, warmth, strength and force.
Purple : It is auspicious color, it is said to inspire respect.
Yellow: Stands for Power.
Green: Represents growth.
Blue: Represents hope.
Grey: Signifies balance and resolution of conflict.
Brown: Gives a heavy feeling.
Orange: Gives Happiness and Power.
White: Adds to Peace, happiness and creates smooth environment.

Advantage of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is gadget oriented. Where there are buildings which cannot be altered to suit vaastu, Feng Shui remedies can be tried whether it is small apartment or small business offices. The gadgets are not expensive and by trial and error one can find ideal placements.

Feng Shui: Best of Tips

Improvement in your Finance

  • Keep the money, valuables and important documents in the southwest corner of the office.
  • Use Red colour in your work place, as the colour helps encouragement and attracts good fortune.
  • To prevent excessive loss of money and to help financial gains, screen the main entrance from dining rooms and rooms beyond from the main door of the house.
  • Always keep the bathroom and toilet doors close.
  • Always keep the place around main entrance clean and uncluttered.
  • All the music systems, stereos should be placed along the west wall, to bring positive energy and good luck to your home.

FengShui and Your Office

  • Do not place a table in front of a toilet.
  • Do not place a table under a staircase.
  • Do not place the table in front of the door.
  • Do not place a table with a door behind it.

Invite the God of Health into your Home

The god of wealth should always be placed facing the main door of the house. The best place to place the god of wealth according to FengShui is directly in front of the door; and never in your bedroom and dining room.

Family Portraits Bring Togetherness

A family portrait, in which every member of the family should be included and every member should be smiling, should be hung in the living room or family room.

Happiness Decor for Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place of rest, privacy, intimacy and refuge. If this room is not a place of harmony, the negative energy will harm your marriage, your home life and your physical well-being, say feng shui pros.

  • The bedrooms of couples should be painted in red, pink and peach colour. Blue carpets and wallpapers can be used, but avoid using blue bed sheets. However, using white colored bed sheets can be used.
  • Never place an aquarium in your bedroom.
  • Avoid paintings of lake in your bedroom.


Color sends strong messages. Change the shade of your walls and doors and your life is transformed, say Feng Shui believers. According to FengShui laws, colors corresponds to the Five Energies - Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Here is a brief guide about how colours can prove to be lucky for you:

  • Yellow is considered appropriate for kitchens, but disturbing for living areas.
  • The color gray is said to promote introspection.
  • Black is associated with money and honor.
  • White is a symbol of purity and a virgin.
  • Green is tranquility and longevity.
  • Yellow is authority is the colour of the emperor.
  • Blue is heavenly blessings and white is purity.


Light is energy, and feng shui designers take pay much attention to its effects. Harsh overhead lights are to be avoided at all costs. Even when the lights are turned off, energy will stream through the electrical circuitry, creates dissonance.



Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Vastu Shastra


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