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Vastu Interior for Verandah / Corridor

Verandahs should be in the east or north portion of the house. More open places towards the east and north side of the house are good, as it brings more positive energy of the morning sun to the house.

No walls blocking the sun rays should be constructed in the east and north-east side of the verandah. The southwest portion of the verandah should always be higher then the north-east portion, both at floor and the ceiling levels.

A mirror can be hung on the north or east wall of the verandah. Heavy furniture and plants should be placed in the south-west portion, and northeast portion can be used to place light plants and flower decorations. A shoe rack, if needed, can be built or placed in the north-west portion of the verandah.

Useful Tips

  • The height of the Verandah should be a little less than the other rooms. Verandah should not be to the south or the west sides of the main building. No corner of the Verandah should be oblique cut or of round shape.

  • It is beneficial to have a Verandah to the east or the north side of the main structure. Because of this Verandah, evil forces do not enter the house at once. Shoes etc. can be removed here before we enter the main building. The holiness and the cleanliness of the structure is maintained.

  • The sitting arrangement in the Verandah should be in the south or the west part of the Verandah. If there is a swing in the Verandah, it should be in the east-west.

  • If the Verandah has a roof, the height should be less than that of the root of the main building. If the roof is slanting in the east or the north direction, it is auspicious. Roof should not be made of tin as far as possible.

  • Stone, mortar or the grindstone should not be kept in the Verandah. The Verandah should have maximum number of windows and free ventilation.

  • Flower pots in the Verandah should be so small size. Flower pots with creepers should not be kept in the Verandah.

  • A photograph of the lord Ganesh or the lord Shankar in the Verandah is auspicious.

  • The shoes of the visitors should be in the north west direction.

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