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It is my endeavour to explain here what Vastu and Numerology really means, in a language which even a layman can understand. When a soul descends on the earth it gets a body and comes out of the womb of the mother on a particular date and time. The date on which the child is born is very important in its life as its entire luck, so to say, depends upon that particular date. Then the body is given a name by which it is known throughout its life. It grows and passes through childhood, adolescence, youth and old age. Through all these stages the body lives in a particular place or places which we call houses or dwellings. The child lives with the parents till it attains the age of adolescence. Growing further into youth and old age, the body requires more houses or dwellings to live in.

This means that the entire life of an individual is virtually controlled and influenced by the following three very important factors in the person's life:

1. Date of Birth
2. Name
3. Dwelling or House.

The first two of the above factors are governed by Numerology and the third is governed by Vastu. We shall first discuss about Vastu and then take up Numerology.

A detailed study of Vastu has been made in the other articles appearing in this website. Here I shall take up the main points underlying the science of Vastu.

I start with a simple example of an electric bell. There is metal core in the electric bell and a coil is wound around that core through which electric current is passed turning the core into a magnet. If we take out that core and, instead, place a screw driver into the coil and then pass the electric current through the coil for a few seconds, we shall see that the iron screw driver becomes very hot. It is because the screw driver has turned into a magnet. If a little of magnetic power can turn a non-living iron screw driver very hot, we can very well imagine what will be the effect of the earth which is the greatest natural magnet. Our body is made up of the five elements. God is the creator of the universe and Nature. In Hindi we call God "Bhagwan". When we utter the word "Bhagwan", we consciously or unconsciously remember the five elements. The letters bh in Bhagwan stand for "bhoomi" or the earth; the next letter a stands for "agni" which means the fire; the next letter is g which represents "gagan", that is, the sky or space; the w stands for the wind or the air, and the last letter n denotes "neer" or water. All these elements are present in human body and, therefore, we have to align our body to the magnetic field of the great natural magnet, that is, the earth.

East, West, North and South are the four geographical directions of the earth, of which North is the most important and is called the Great Power Point of the Earth. Also in configuration of the angles of sides between North and East, between East and South, between South and West and between East and North, we start from the North and also finish at the Great Power Point which is the meeting point of 0 degree and 360 degree North. Magnetic waves move from North to South. These waves get concentrated within the four walls of the dwellings irrespective of their size as the effect of the concentration is the same on small as well as on large dwellings. It means that the ideal places for fire, air, water cooking sleeping etc. will remain the same both in a one-room dwelling and in a large dwelling having 10 or 15 rooms. In each case we have to align ourselves to the principles of Vastu to achieve the maximum benefits from the means and resources at our disposal, that is, the health, wealth and prosperity that we are striving for. How we can bring about this alignment has been dealt with in the articles you will find at other places in this website.

Now we come to Numerology. Numerology is the science of numbers. Each alphabet when pronounced creates a frequency denoted by a particular number. This means that all the alphabets have frequencies from numbers 1 to 9. When a name of a person is pronounced, vibrations are created together by all the alphabets in the name. These vibrations should match with the vibrations of the date of birth and of the placement of various facilities in the dwelling.

By knowing these three things, that is, the name, the date of birth and the inside of the dwelling we can suggest small changes like changing the spellings of the name, making little alterations in the house, to offset the bad patch of luck one might be facing in life. Thus these small changes make a lot of difference in life for the better. Through Numerology one can find a perfect match, if still single, and can also attain best results at the working place and in personal relationships.

Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Numerology


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