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Numerology can most easily be described as "the study of the meaning of numbers in your life."



Each of us comes into this world with a birth date; month, day and year, and of course, a name.

Learning the potential of each number as a living, vibratory energy in one's life can help increase understanding and knowledge. It's like having a map of the terrain and a current inventory on hand!

  • Life Path:  your highway through this lifetime. It is determined by adding the numbers in one's birthday.
  • Soul Urge:  the total of the vowels in one's name. Remember the Greeks, the guys who were always looking for truth, even they decided that vowels had more energy than consonants.
  • Quiescent Self:  the total of the consonants. This often indicates the area of self-delusion.
  • Total Expression:  the combination of Soul Urge and Quiescent Self. It is the persona or mask we wear for the outside world.
  • Birth Apex:  a diamond shape that is created by adding and subtracting the number's in one's birth date. This is the part that deals with strengths and challenges one will encounter on the Highway through Life.

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Numerology is a science of numbers.

Every number has a meaning.

Your Name/s and Date of Birth are analysed to answer that age old question,  "Who am I"  and "Where am I  going".

Benefits and Uses of Numerology

Numerology is becoming popular. Those who have a logical, scientific and mathematical mind, and who want some guidance through other occult sciences are more inclined to numerology.

Numerology is scientific and practical. It is easy to understand, learn, practice and still it is very effective.

These are some of the uses and benefits of numerology.

1. To know who are you and why are you here on the earth.

First of all, through the numbers derived from your date of birth and name, you can easily know who you are, why you are here on the earth, what your greatness is, what are your positive and negative traits, what are your potentials, and what can and you should do in your life. Knowing yourself is your greatest achievement, which guides you to choose your own causes of living life.

In the same way, you can find out anybody’s potentials through his or her numbers.

2. To know the compatibility between two persons

Numerology is very useful to know the compatibility between two persons. If most of their core numbers are compatible, they are highly compatible; on the other hand if most of their core numbers are not compatible, they are highly incompatible. Incompatible persons, if come together, their will be conflicts and they may not achieve much. Moreover, they may suffer from sorrows and disasters. On the contrary, if two compatible persons come together, they will be very harmonious to each others, they will get attached, and in any join venture they will achieve a lot.

Knowing compatibility through numerology is very useful in various fields of life. You can choose your perfect life partner, business partner, employees etc. A perfect life partner chosen through numerology will lead you to very happy, successful and longlasting married life. In the same way, choosing a perfect business partner through numerology will flourish your business, and their will not be any disputes between the partners.

3. To choose your right career

Specific numbers are related to specific fields of career. For example, as the number 1 is the number of leading, exploring, initiating, management etc. If number 1 exists in your core numbers, and especially as your birth number or life path number, you have potentials of becoming a great leader, explorer, initiator, boss or manager. Here leader means not just a political leader, but a business leader, chief, boss, captain, group leader, team leader etc.

If you choose a career according to your numbers and your passions, it will be very beneficial for you as it will give you a great success.

Thus, numerology is very useful to choose the right career.

4. To Choose a right baby name

First name is a very important thing. It is your first identity. In numerology first name number is one of the most important numbers which are considered for reading. If first name is compatible with a person’s birth number or life path number, the name will be very beneficial for that person. So while you choose a name for your baby, you should consider numerology. 

5. To choose a right business name

Choosing a right business name is a very important thing. Believe it or not, the right business name chosen according to numerology can boost the success of that business house, and on the other hand if a business name is numerologically incompatible with the business owners, it can create great problems, even may lead bankruptcy and closer of the business.

6. To choose a right brand name or product name

Brand name or product name is as important as the business name. So while choosing a brand name or business name, you should consider numerology.

7. To find solutions to your problems

This is another but very important benefit of numerology. Most of the the solutions given through numerology are use of lucky numbers and lucky colors. Some numerologists suggest name change or spelling change. Signature change is also useful, practical and more effective for solving problems.

Numerology should be used according to the old saying, “Prevention is better than cure’. That means if you use numerology for preventing problems and negative things which may attract to you in future than finding the solutions after actual problems are invited to you. It’s easier to stop something going to happen in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened.

8. To choose a right city or place for your career and living

Some places, cities or countries are very lucky for you, while others may create difficulties. Using numerology, you can find your best city, town or country where your success will be at heir heights. To choose your best places for your career or living, you have to calculate name numbers of the places and have to find out the compatibility with your core numbers. The places which are compatible with most of your core numbers are best for your career and living.

9. To get great success and achieve your goals

Once you know yourself and your strengths through numerology, and start to use your strengths in positive way for your own benefits and for the benefits of society, you will lead yourself to get great success in your endeavors, your ventures and your life. Remember that the right use of numerology leads you to stay positive, energetic and motivated.

10. To choose a right pen name and right niche for writing

If you are an author, or going to become an author, numerology can help you if you want to have a pen name.

Moreover, numerology can tell you whether you should become a story righter, a novelist, a critic, a script writer, a content writer or a writer in one of the other sectors of writing.

Further, if you want to become a co-author, numerology can help you to know the compatibility between both of you.

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