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Name number is very important for a person to be accepted socially, which makes name numerology popular. A bad name number makes a person defamed in some way or the other. Also it is very important for one to have a good name number to get permanent success. I have seen that even though the day and the life number is good, the success does not remain permanent without a good name number and everything earned is lost in some way or another.

What is really in a name?

It contains the essence of a persons being and all the characteristics of that person.

The name given to you at birth represents your basic character and potential.

Your name shows you your Character, your Inner Self, What Motivates You. Strengths and Weakness and lots more!

Any name changes in life can be significant. When a woman gets married she changes her surname.

It is not only the your name/s that you can analysis, your street name and business names can be used as well.

Important Note: Name number depends upon day number and life number and there must be good relation among them. If all the three numbers don’t have compatibility with each other than a person may face problems in life. Name number differs on the basis of day number and life number of each individual. There are many name numbers in every series as written below but it differs on the basis of best name number whatever suits for an individual because for example: if name number 46 is best for a person then it may be worst for another person. So we design best name numbers for every individual with best numerology compatibility and also ensure its compatibility with a person’s astrological horoscope.


















Numerology is all about the numbers that you have. These numbers are derived from your date of birth and your name.

Name numerology is a major part of numerology. It has its own importance.

Like your date of birth, your name also plays a specific role in your life. Your name also has a specific numerical value. This value is calculated from the numerical values of the letters in your name.

In the 5 core numbers, which are the most important numbers in everybody’s numerology chart, 2 are derived from the person’s date of birth, while 3 are derived from the full name of the person. These three numbers are:

* Expression Number (Also known as Destiny Number)
* Soul Urge Number (Also known as Heart’s Desire Number)
* Personality Number

According to the numerology, if your life path number and/or birth number and your expression number are well compatible or harmonious with each others, it is a very beneficial situation for you. But if your life path and/or birth number and expression number are incompatible, you may face problems in your life.

If a person is facing severe problems in his/her life, and the person’s life path and/or birth number and expression number are incompatible, many numerologists suggest to change the spelling of the name to make the expression number compatible or harmonious with the life path and/or birth number. Generally they suggest to add a letter in the spelling to change the name value.

New compatible or expression number may eliminate the problems the person is facing, according to the numerologists.

Name number 1:

    1. Name number 1 people are remembered for a long time.

    2. They get great success, popularity and fame.

    3. They turn to be very helpful for others.

    4. They make great actors and leaders.

    5. They are beneficial in the social field.

There are such numbers which are in number 1 series as 10, 20, 28, 37 etc.

Name number 2:
Number 2 as a name number is not great. They have to struggle a lot in life. Few characteristics are:

    1. They are very political.

    2. They lack consistency.

    3. This number is good for export and import business.

    4. Also good for herbal business and pharmaceuticals.

    5. If in good harmony with day and life number, it can help in brining name and fame.

Numbers like 11, 20, 29, 38 etc. are 2 series number.

Name number 3:

    1. Number 3 as a name number is good but not the best.

    2. Number 3 gives stability but it makes people struggle a lot to rise in their career.

    3. They are often known as Jack of all and master of none.

    4. If in harmony with day and life number, it gives them the quality of leadership

Number 3 is for Jupiter, the planet for prosperity, knowledge and stability. An excellent name number, but gives slow success. But the success would last longer. 12, 21, 30, 39 etc. are the numbers belongs to name number 3.

Name number 4:

    1. Number 4 is not good as a name number.

    2. For females, there may be trouble in relationships.

    3. For males, can be involved in scams.

    4. There may be lack of trustworthy friends.

    5. Person having this number should avoid stock market.

Numbers like 13, 22, 31, 40 etc. comes in this series.

Name number 5:

    1. One of the best name numbers. In fact number 41 is seen to cure a lot of diseases as well.

    2. People with name number 5 become popular in their own group or community.

    3. This name number makes people positive.

    4. Best name number for business.

    5. Generally people are successful.

Number 5 is for Mercury. It is one of the best name numbers possible in Numerology be it, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50 or 59. This number is perfect for a business man as it gives the speed of thinking and aggression to be a leader.

Name number 6:

    1. Number 6 is one of the best name numbers.

    2. It is best suited for entertainment industry, luxury goods.

    3. It gives magical powers for occult sciences.

    4. Lucky name number but if not compatible with date, can defame the person.

    5. Suited for all kinds of artists, designers and people in the entertainment industry.

15, 24, 33, 42 etc. are the numbers of this series.

Name number 7:

    1. Number 7 as a name number suits few people.

    2. This number needs to be used carefully as a name number as the result can be negative as well.

    3. Suitable in the field of art and literature: This number is one of the best number for someone in the field of art and literature.

    4. This number brings originality. But a person with Number 7 as a day or life number should avoid this number.

16, 25, 34, 43 etc. comes in this series.

Name number 8:

    1. It’s not good as a name number.

    2. It makes people lonely and unlike by friends and relatives.

    3. They have good chances of going through law suits.

    4. They are good planners.

    5. They get involved in scandals.

    6. They have to face a lot of delays and obstacles in life.

Name Number 8 is the only number other than Number 4 which should be avoided as a Name Number. People with day, life or name number 8 have to suffer in life. There are some successful people with Number 8 as their name number but there is something common seen among most of them that they have a very strong Saturn placed in their horoscopes. But mostly people having this number in their life are suggested to change at least their name number because it is impossible to change the day or life number of a person.
17, 26, 35, 44 etc. are not good name numbers in this series which are suggested to be change.

Name number 9:
Number 9 is for Mars and Mars is a fiery planet. Number 9 is the best number for people in sports as it gives a lot of energy to the native. People with day or life number as 9 should avoid 9 as a name number as it makes any person accident prone. Number 9 is good as a name number, 27 and 36 being the best. But still it is not as good 1,5 and 6.

    1. Person having this name number is usually frank.

    2. They are mostly expressive in life.

    3. They are creative.

    4. They want to be independent.

    5. They have strong will and determination.

    6. This name number helps to bear the hardship, obstacles and opposition of life.

18, 27, 36, 45, 54 are the numbers of this series.

Your Birth Name and the Year 2021

Each letter of the alphabet has a matching number (from 1 to 9). Here is a table showing the number value of each letter.





































To find out about your strengths and weaknesses, look at all the individual letters that are included in your full name at birth name and note how many duplicate digits you have in your name. For example, the table of the alphabet tells us that the letters A, J, and S have a number value of 1. If you have 3 A’s and 2 J’s in your birth name, then you have 5 letters of the 1 vibration in your name. In simpler terms, you have five 1’s in your name.

The number that appears most often in your name is called the Ruling Passion, and this tells us what you enjoy doing most. If you do not have the letters A-J-S in your name, then you would have no 1’s in your name. Missing numbers are called Karmic Lacks: their absence suggests weak links in the character, which if not strengthened, can cause all sorts of problems.

Every January the number of your Personal Year changes. If the number of the new year matches one of the numbers in your full name at birth, you’ll get the opportunity to showcase the natural abilities that are associated with that number. If it is the same as your ruling passion, then you’ll get the chance to do something you really enjoy. If the number of your Personal year is the same number as one of the missing numbers in your birth name, it may be a difficult year for you.

After you have determined what your personal year in 2021 is, look at the corresponding table below to learn more about what character traits of yours will be to the forefront in the coming year.

1s in your name

Many or few–Able to stand on your own two feet; have a sense of self-worth, courage, and vitality; are independent, decisive, aggressive.

Take care not to be pushy, domineering, and egotistical.

Missing A, J, and S–Self is not of first importance; may lack initiative, drive, and self-confidence; not aggressive. A lack of courage, bad timing, indecision, procrastination are some of the behaviors that could keep you from getting the full benefit of your 1 personal year

1 as your Ruling Passion–You enjoy being your own person and doing your own thing: are self-reliant with leadership abilities.

2s in your name:

Many or few–Are considerate of others; friendly, cooperative, sensitive, diplomatic; work well in partnership; may be timid; have a sense of rhythm, handle details well; have good timing. Take care not to be too eager to please, too accommodating, overly sensitive.

Missing B, K, and T–Feelings easily hurt; may be touchy; can be careless with details; lack of patience, tact, and diplomacy; can make a mountain out of a molehill; partnership difficulties.

2 as your Ruling Passion–Enjoy working with others, collecting things, partnership activities, music, and dancing; has artistic appreciation.

3s in your name:

Many or few–Can sell yourself and your ideas to others; are lighthearted, imaginative, and social; have communication skills and are creative. Take care not to scatter your energies, to be extravagant, to talk too much, to be boastful, impatient, or too happy-go-lucky.

Missing C, L, and U–Lack of showmanship; not good at self-promotion; may have difficulty in expressing yourself; an inferiority complex, inhibited, withdrawn.

3 asyour Ruling Passion—You enjoy expressing yourself with the written and spoken word; have a capacity for joy; are inspired, imaginative, enthusiastic, cheerful, creative, and spontaneous.

4s in your name:

Many or few –have the ability to work hard and apply yourself; able to concentrate and to stay focused; are patient, practical, realistic, self-disciplined, and well organized. Take care not to be too strict, unbending, unfeeling, stubborn, narrow-minded, or overly conservative.

Missing D, M, and V–lack of order and system, apt to be impatient, short-sighted, and impulsive; dislike of routine; hates work, may be lazy, does things in a slip-shod way, or doesn’t finish them at all; not thorough.

4 as your Ruling Passion–enjoys work for its own sake; takes pride in doing a good job; have a love of order and system; industrious, dutiful, and conscientious.

5s in your name:

Many or few–have a love of adventure, freedom, sex, change, pleasure, variety, sports, exercise, the outdoors, travel, and socializing; are resourceful, inquisitive, and adaptable. Take care not to be overly impulsive, restless, hasty, promiscuous, impetuous, too intent on pleasure seeking; may be too quick to be off with the old, on to the new.

Missing E, N, and W –does not deal with changes very well; uncomfortable in crowds; lacks inquisitiveness and adaptability; may be sexually inhibited, repressed, or promiscuous; limited life experiences, fear of the new; not a people person.

5 as your Ruling Passion–You enjoy living life to the fullest.

6s in your name:

Many or few–You are domestic, hospitable, nurturing, caring, and responsible. Take care not to be interfering, self-righteous, holier than thou, stubborn, possessive, inflexible, moralistic.

Missing F, O, and X–dislikes responsibilities; may be childish; has much to learn about being a good spouse or parent; starts things, but doesn’t finish them; family problems

6 as your Ruling Passion–You have a love of home and family; enjoy being the shoulder that others lean on; are loving and dependable.

7s in your name:

Many or few–You are analytical with a keen and questioning mind; may be secretive, selective, solitary, research oriented, introspective; can be happy in own company, enjoys privacy and quiet. Take care not to be faultfinding, melancholy, too secretive, cunning, reclusive, dependent on drugs/alcohol.

Missing G, P, and Y–given to worrying, needs to learn how to be alone without being lonely; needs to develop spiritual awareness.

7 as your Ruling Passion–derives satisfaction from intellectual interests, studying, exploring the mysteries of life, counseling, contemplation, and reflection.

8s in your name:

Many or few- You have executive talents; are able to succeed and make money; are efficient, enterprising, resourceful, and well organized; handles emergencies well. Take care not to be overly materialistic.

Missing H, Q, and Z–You lack financial acumen; money comes in and goes out; may be indifferent or overly concerned about money and success; inability to manage affairs, financial problems.

8 as your Ruling Passion–You think big and enjoy large enterprises; have a strong drive for material success; enjoy prominence and the things that money can buy.

9s in your name:

Many or Few–You’re humanitarian, kind, and universal in outlook, compassionate, romantic, warm-hearted, charitable; have artistic talents and an interest in politics, cultural matters, and social issues. Take care not to be too emotional, too impressionable, a law unto yourself, “all over the place”, stormy.

Missing I and R–Interest in self and own circle, with little concern for world affairs or for the joys and sorrows of strangers. May lack an understanding of the emotional feelings and needs of others; lack of compassion and sympathy.

9 as your Ruling Passion–You enjoy doing for others; have artistic, cultural, and political interests.

Does Changing the Expression Number Really Work?

Now the question is: Does changing the Expression Number really work?

Well, changing your Expression Number will change many things in your numerology chart. Changes in the spelling of your name not only change your expression number, but it will change also your Soul Urge Number and Personality Number. Thus these three core numbers will be changed. As core numbers are the most important numbers in a person’s numerology chart and so in his/her life, these changes will change the person’s traits, attitude, behavior, potentials, ambitions etc.

Theoretically it sounds very logical and good, but there are many issues with such changes. Let us discuss about them.

Name Correction is Not a Practical Thing

First of all, Changing Name or its spelling is not a practical thing.

Legally, changing the spelling your name is not so easy and not practical in these days. There is a legal process for name change and it needs an affidavit, declaration in Government Gazetteer and announcing it through Newspaper advertisement. Only after completing these things, your new name will be accepted at many places, but you cannot change your name everywhere.

Your legally changed name will be accepted for Bank Account, Passport, Driving License, Income Tax Returns, Property related documents, Aadhar Card, Pan Card etc., But you cannot change your name on your birth certificate, educational documents etc.

If you do not change your name spelling legally and at all the possible places, and just write your new spelling name in your notebook, that is of no use.

Your Original Name Vibrations Are Forever!

Even if you change the spelling of your name, or even if you change your entire name, you should always remember that the name recorded at your birth or childhood puts its impact forever. You can not eliminate the vibrations of the original name; they will work along with the vibrations and energy of the new name. In other words, new name vibrations are additional vibrations. Moreover, it will take much time to get the full benefits of new name vibrations.

Just Correcting Your Name Does Not Work

Always remember that just changing the spelling of your name will not work, unless you enhance the traits of the new name number.

Beware of Corrupting Your Name in the Name of So Called Name Correction

Generally, the ‘name correction numerologists’ suggest you to add a letter to your first name. Although this changes your name number, it also changes the pronunciation of your name. It is a dangerous thing a fact as the wrong pronunciation of your name will surely worsen the problems you are facing. The spelling change leading to wrong pronunciation of your name is just like making fun of your name. In fact, it is not a name correction, but name corruption!


So if a numerologist has suggested you to add a letter to your name to change your expression number, ask these questions to yourself:

  1. Is the change a Must Thing? Are you ready to complete all the legal processes?
  2. Is the new name spelling is making leading to wrong pronunciation of your name?
  3. Do the numerologist who is suggesting name change is an experienced one, and does he know the latest research in this field?

Better thing is that instead of changing your name spelling, you should make other changes within you. You should use your potentials given by your core numbers at your best.

Name Correction Does Not Work For All

Changing a name or the spelling does not work for everybody. The reason is that wrong methods used for the change, and wrong expectations behind the change. There are many celebrities who changed their name spellings and they are nowhere now.

There are Many Other Remedies to Eliminate Your Problems

Numerology and related occult sciences have many other remedies which can eliminate the problems you are facing. These remedies are very practical, easy and you do not have to spend money for them. These remedies include: Using your lucky numbers, lucky days, lucky colors; using your potentials that your numbers have given to you, changing your signature according to graphology, etc.

When Name Change is a Must Thing?

However, in some situations one should think about changing the spelling of the name, or even the name.

* If your name is not spelled correctly while recording it on your birth certificate, or in school record, you should change the spelling to right one.

* If you do not like your name, you must change it, using numerology.

* If you do not like your surname, you must change it, using numerology.

* Moreover, if you are an author or blogger and you want a pen name, you should think about a new name which is compatible or harmonious with your life path and/or birth number.

* In many cultures, newly the girls name is changed after her marriage. However, this tradition is slowly decreasing. I do not suggest to change the girl’s name after marriage. But if she wants to change her name to follow the tradition, the new name should be changed according to numerology.

* If you want a fake name for some secret activities, (for example if you are a spy or detective) you should have a name which is numerologically harmonious with your life path number and/or birth number.

* If you want to call your spouse/boy friend/girl friend with a new pet name or nick name, this name should be according to numerology.

Numerology is a science of numbers.

Every number has a meaning.

Your Name/s and Date of Birth are analysed to answer that age old question,  "Who am I"  and "Where am I  going".

Your Date of Birth is one number that cannot be altered. Your date of birth reveals your Life Path, lessons to be learned, path to take and goals in life. Your date of birth also shows the cycles and challenges to overcome at different stages of your life.

Click on your date of birth to find out the business suitable to you, your marriage partner, your lucky stone, your enemies & friends and the colour of car/ two wheeler suitable to you.

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Learning Numerology is great fun.

You do not need to be psychic to do Numerology. Just using simple math's is all you need.

You can learn in person or doing a distant/online course.

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