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   Disciplines For Vaastu
Vaastu Shastra : An ancient Indian treatise
Find out how and why Vaastu could play an integral part of our life.
Feng Shui : Chinese art of placement
To promote prosperity, harmony and vitality.
Pyramids : Integral part of Egyptian and Mayan Cultures
Pyramid Geometry attracts all available energy particles from its surroundings.

Dowsing : Pendulum Querying System
It is process of knowing the unknown.
Learn : Vaastu Yoga
It is practical way of evolving your body, mind and lifestyle.

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Today's Almanac

Day : Saturday Type : Lucky

Favorable Activities :   Trading, Blessing, Construction, House Cleaning, Hair Cutting, Worship, Grand Opening, Burial 
Lucky Hours: 03-05, 05-07, 09-11, 13-15
Happiness Direction : South
Wealth Direction : South
Opportunity Direction :  East

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Chinese Astrology
Chinese New Year 2023 : Rabbit Year- Forecast  
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Online Magic Form for Your Kua Number, Element, Lucky Directions & Colours.
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Today's Vaastu Shastra Tips
The main door of a house should never directly face a church, temple or cemetery.
Free Online Auto Analysis
Vastu Evaluation

Subjects Linked with Vaastu
Vaastu is linked with Architecture, Astrology, Yoga, Interior Decoration, Environment, Physics etc.
Frequently Asked Questions About Vastu shastra & Fengshui
Get answers of questions like best direction, best entry, Length breadth ratio, effects on tenant etc.
Reiki : Hands Healing Technique
It is also the most effective way of transferring Life Force Energy. It can also be used for vaastu.
Predictions of 2023 as per Indian Astrology
You see predictions for Career, Health, Money matters etc according to your Rashis (Zodiac Sign).

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"Vaastu is an ancient treatise on Indian Architecture that broaches on practical way of how to reach a harmonic state with oneself and his surroundings, whether animate or inanimate. This ancient method is still relevant in today's life."

Vaastu Shastra

  Vastu Introduction
Importance of Vastu
Origin of Vastu

Principles of Vastu
Science of Vastu

Griha Pravesh
Determination of Direction
Vastu for Hotels
Vastu for House
Rooms & their positions

Vaastu  for Factories
Vaastu for Plot
Vaastu for Office
Vaastu for Commercial Complex

Vaastu for Shops & Business
Vaastu for Cinema & Studio
Consecration of Temples
Construction of Building
Muhurta of Building

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Our Courses
   Course Features
Master's Introduction : Er. R. Prasad
Er. R. Prasad [B.Tech.(Civil), M.Tech., P.G.D.C.A., P.G.D.M.] is a leading Vaastu & Fengshui consultant.
Astro/Pyra Vaastu : Use in Buildings
You will learn how to use Astrology & Pyramids in Buildings.
Feng Shui : Different Schools
 You will learn about Shapes and Form School, Lo shu square, Elemental Theory, Eight House Theory, 9 Star Ki, Flying Star Theory and many more things.

Join us : Save Time & Money
This is a unique course which uses Interactive Multimedia Technique to save your time and Money.

 VI Courses:
 Learn On Line, Personal Level or By Correspondence....
 (I) Vaastu Shastra
(II) Feng Shui
(III) Astro Vaastu
(IV) Pyra Vaastu
(V) Dowsing
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Today's Fengshui Tips
Placing a wind chime on the beams with sharp edge corners can mitigate negative influence.
Vaastu International - Services
Selection of Plot & Premises
Now you can pick an auspicious plot and premises according to Vaastushastra & Fengshui Norms!
Correction of Vaastu Faults
We suggest easy & effective remedies of faults of constructed buildings & spaces without demolition by using Fengshui gadgets, pyramids etc.
Planning & Interior Design
We plan houses, shops, industries, apartments, farm houses, cinema halls, commercial complexes, hotels etc. according to Vaastushastra and Fengshui. We also give interior layout for each plan accordingly.
Indian & Chinese Astrology
According to Indian & Chinese Astrology, by a person's date, time and place of birth we suggest Astrological, Vaastu & Fengshui remedies for better Future.

Has Fengshui changed your life or improved your luck? Ever consulted a Fengshui Master? Want to know about Fengshui? Know about different zones of your house now!

How does Fengshui works & who can get benefit from it?
What is constructive and destructive cycle of Fengshui?
Find out the golden tips for different rooms and direction details?
Can Fengshui products be used as vaastu cures?
Thinking of having home renovation? Let's begin with FLYING STAR ANALYSIS to find out the most favorable and unfavourable directions in 2023!

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