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What is Red Book

What is Lal Kitab? (Red Book)

Lal Kitab or Red Book is known as the wonder book of Indian astrology, Lal Kitab was written in  ancient Urdu language without the element of punctuation and sounds. Lal Kitab is not a single  book it is in fact a collection of the five books, written between the period of 1939-1952 authorship of the books is yet unclear.

Lal Kitab Prashnavali

How to use the Lal Kitab Prashnavali to get the answer to your question:

1. Think of a question. Be as specific as possible, placing the question in a close-ended context:

e.g. "Will I get a promotion this year?"

2. Purify and prepare yourself with serious intent.

3. Turn your mind inwards and give your heart to the divine power.

4. Dwell on the matter, allowing yourself a few seconds of introspection, and Click anywhere on the above picture.

Lal Kitab has introduced a new kind of remedial measures to solve human problems with cheap and affordable remedies which is within in the reach of the every common man. Its system presents astrology based on palmistry. In general, the books discuss the basics of the Lal Kitab system, characteristics  of the twelve houses and the nine planets, characteristics of each planet as a benefic and malefic in each house. Most important aspect  of Lal Kitab is the identification of malefic planets and easy, inexpensive and extremely effective remedial measures for removal of their ill effects.

The remedial measures provides is completely different from Mantras and Tantras, which can provide many adverse  not followed or done properly. The measures presented in the Lal Kitab are self sufficient solving all kinds  human problems and tensions, without providing any negative effect in anyway to anybody concerned.

Lal Kitab is a mystery in itself. It is written in ancient Urdu without the element of punctuation and sounds Greek to a layman. Poetical verses interpolated with philosophy and hidden nuances of destiny form the core 'farmaans' of the book. The authorship is unknown.

Lal-Kitab was originally from Persia, published in urdu language without the element of punctuation and sounds. Lal-Kitab has announced unique remedial measures to solve chronic and critical human problems in day-to-day life. The measures suggested in Lal Kitab are electrically effective in solving all kinds of human troubles and tensions, without inflicting harm on anybody i.e. these remedies are completely self defensive against the evils created by the planets without causing injury in anyway to anyone concerned.

Lal Kitab is not a benchmark or the standard of anything Vaidik, it is like cross between Persian and Vaidik astrology you can see some of the remedies nowhere else as the tradition was in any Vaidik period.

The starting lines of 1941 edition are;
Arz (Request to Readers)
Kyaa huaa thaa, Kyaa bhi hogaa, Shauq dil mein aa gayaa;
Ilm Jyotish Hast Rekhaa, Haal sab faramaa gayaa.
(What happened and What's likely to happen, Made by mind curious;
Gave me all knowledge of Astrology and Palmistry)

Lal Kitab warns the reader as to not to experiment upon - rather even analyze his own horoscope.

1. There are four Arun Samhitas available from Arun Publications, Chandigarh. It is not mentioned which Arun Samhita is translation of which edition of Lal Kitab. Details are as follows -

I. Arun Samhita (Lal Kitab) Jyotish,  Translation of 1952 Edition
II. Arun Samhita (Lal Kitab) Hast Rekha Vigyan
III. Arun Samhita (Lal Kitab) Samudrik
IV. Arun Samhita (Lal Kitab) Chaturth Bhag. Translation of 1939 Edition

1952 edition of Arun Samhita Jyotish is more than sufficient to start with. 1952 edition is well translated but not that well proofread. It is direct translation (rather transliteration - only change of script) from Urdu, it is quite close to the original Urdu edition. For example here you can apply your own mind, if you have basic knowledge of Hindi. Quality of other Arun Samhitas is even worse but again you don’t have many options other than to apply your own common sense.

2. As mention in English section, Hindi version of Lal Kitab (The Exposition & Background) is also available in market by the name of "Lal Kitab (Prishthaboomi aur Vyakhya). As options are available in Hindi.

Other than above two options, highly priced photocopies of Hindi translations are also being sold in market claiming the 'original translation' in Photostat format. Whatever written on these photocopy editions due to misprints and errors. Please go for them on your own risk.

By one opinion, this rare book on Astrology was written by the renowned astrologer, Rup Chand, in the late nineteenth century and was published from Lahore in pre-partitioned India. These are the opening lines of this great book. This inter alia means that disease is curable by adopting the remedies suggested in this book, but there is no remedy against death; hence, the great astrologer does not claim to be God. By adopting the affordable remedies suggested in this great book, one can lead a better and healthier life. It is a ready reckoner in which all the problems and their solutions are presented and effectively solved. 

Without medicines, diseases are curable,

But death is inevitable;

It is just the worldly accounts,

We do not claim Godhood

Studying Lal Kitab System

There can not be any one single uniform technique to study any subject or for that matter any text such that which could be uniformly applicable / useful to every student. Each student develops his own method of study which suits him. However there could be very general guidelines for handling a subject which could be used by every one to their benefit.

[1] First and foremost thing to learn the Lal Kitab system is that one has to be very well versed in Vedic astrology; with all aspects of it including the mathematics of it. Knowledge of the traditional Vedic astrology is a must in order to be a good Lal Kitab scholar. As a matter of fact, Lal Kitab was written for the astrologers of that time, and there was no other system except the Vedic Astrology system prevalent in those days.

[2] Start with Pt. Krishna Ashant ji’s books [a] Prishthabhoomi evam vyakhya, and [b] Trik bhavano ki gatha. These two books introduce the subject in its correct perspective. These books also act as a link between the traditional Vedic astrology and the Lal Kitab. Unless you start with these two books, you will not make a head or tail of the Lal Kitab, and you might get frustrated and might leave studying the book altogether.

These two books are a must like an appetizer before a sumptuous meal. Once you have gone through these books, the ground is prepared for you to move to the original text.

[3] After you have read the two books mentioned above, start reading the original Lal Kitab books with the Hindi transliteration of the 1941 edition by Pt. Yograj Prabhakar. During the first reading of this book, just read through the prose text; do not bother about the poetic couplets. Read through the couplets but do not strain your brain to understand them.

The second reading should be done along with the poetic couplets too. At places it will be difficult to understand what they mean. Do not get stuck up with them. There are quite a few couplets which we have not been able to understand till today, in spite of having read the book over a dozen of times.

[4] After having done at least two readings of the 1941 ed. Move on to the 1942 edition. Although there is no authentic transliteration of this edition available till today, you have no option but to start with the Arun Sanhita. Better still that you wait for a couple of months for an authentic version to hit the book stalls. If you have some time in between, you might do a third reading of the 1941 edition.

While reading the first original text, you should inculcate the habit of taking down notes. It will be useful to make your own list of the Kaarakaatwa of various planets in various houses. Later you could use it as a ready-reckoner.

[5] 1942 book is a very important book. At places we have found it to be better than the 1952 edition. This is a big book and will need a lot of time reading it. Go ahead and read through the text and the couplets with equal attention. Most of the couplets would be very similar to the ones you had already read in the 1941 edition, and therefore you will not find the couplets alien.

Even otherwise by now you will be familiar with the language and the style in which the Lal Kitab is written.
It will be an easy reading, and interesting too. 1942 edition will be a book which you might keep referring to very often. Therefore it needs the utmost attention. Two complete readings are a must. Later on, rather much later, you will be flipping through the book more often than you can ever imagine.

[6] Now is the time to move on to the 1952 edition. This is the last and the most exhaustive editions of the Lal Kitab. Currently only Arun Sanhitaa version is available; but by the time you would come to read it, an authentic version might hit the book stalls.

Except for the grammar portion of the book, the rest of it will be very familiar to you. In the beginning leave the grammar portion, if you try understanding it you might get frustrated and might develop an aversion to the book. Just read through the rest of the book. By now you will not only be familiar with the language, the style and the idioms of the book, you would also get familiar with the system of delineation.

Get to the grammar portion at the end. By now you would have understood what the Lal Kitab is all about. Grammar portion is one section which is not only poorly written, it appears to be a haphazard attempt. Nothing is systematic about it. We have not been able to understand a very large portion of it till today. But never bother about it. The portions you do not understand leave them, because you can handle the horoscopes even without having to understand those portions. You can always fill in the gaps with your knowledge of the Vaidik astrology.

This is true for the entire Lal Kitab system. If you want to be a successful Lal Kitab scholar, you may have to keep drawing from the knowledge of the Vedic astrology more often than you can imagine. Most of the contemporary problems can not be understood or ‘samadhan’ suggested without the help of the Vedic astrology.

The Lal Kitab system is complimentary to the vedic astrology. It is not an independent system in itself; it is a sub-set of the vedic astrology system. Therefore the knowledge gaps of Lal Kitab system can be very easily made up for through the Vaidik astrology.

[7] The 1939 and the 1940 editions should be studied at the last. By this time you will be able to determine for yourself what to study and what not to study.

[8] About this time you can also read various books written on the Lal Kitab because you will be able to discern the good from the bad.

There are some related articles like Trees, Natured products, using articles of villages, and 12 type fields, having knowledge of antic items. The articles are related to villages like Pagadi, Topee, Pazama, Nada, Choolhaa, lakadee, Khet, 12 types fields are Aangan, House of Mahaajan, Pagadandee, Chowk, School ground, Green grass field, Baraat house, Shamshaan house, Mandir ka Aangan, Sarkaaree office ka ground, daahinaa khet of Mandir, Mandir ka Aangan etc.

Chandra having 12 values in Kundalee, Chandra in 1st House Raani, in 2nd House step mother, in 3rd House in Pitaa kee maamee, in 4th House in actual mother, in 5th House in school maastarnee, in 6th House in aunti-chaachee, in 7th House in Naanee, in 8th House elder mother Taaeeji, in 9th House in naanee and grand mother, in 10th House in step mother of father, in 11th House chaachee of maataaji, in 12th House maange kee maataa. If you are having knowledge of this type words then you can read all about Lal-Kitab.

The main thing is to do all remedies in the presence of Lal Kitab Astrologer because they know which one remedy will be beneficial at which time otherwise wrong remedy can do reverse effect on you. 

1 Jupiter Lord Brahma Male Yellow Vishnu worship Daal chana (yellow lentil), saffron, gold
2 Sun Lord Vishnu Male Wheatish Vishnu Puran Wheat, red copper, jaggery
3 Moon Lord Shiva Female Milky White Shiva Worship Rice, silver, milk, milky- white pearl
4 Venus Goddess Laxmi Female Curd Like Selfless service of people Ghee, curd, camphor curd- like pearl, sand, white butter
5 Mars Hanuman Male Red Hot Gayatri paath Masur daal (red lentil), red things, red coral
6 Mercury Goddess Durga Effeminate (Vegetarian) Green Durga paath Moong (green lentil), emerald
7 Saturn Bhairon Effeminate (Minerals) Black Respect for elders Urad (black lentil), iron, leather goods, timber, coal
8 Rahu Goddess Saraswati Node (Dragon’s head) Blue Worship of virgins Mustard (sarson), sapphire (neelam), gomed (hessonite)
9 Ketu Lord Ganesha Node (Dragon’s tail) Black & White Donate black & white cow Til (sesame), black & white blanket, cat’s eye (Lahsunya). Banana


Lal Kitab Upay for All in Daily Life

1. Respect your father. This will strengthen your Sun who ascertains success, high post, help from Government etc.

2. Respect Elderly People, Saint, Priest for strengthening Jupiter in your chart. Jupiter is a planet that bestows Gyana, Dhana, Bhagya, Gurutva etc.

3. Avoid kicking dogs or beating them. Better feed them. This will improve the effect of dragons tail (ketu). It is symbolic of son and of luxurious life.

4. Use silver tumbler and utensils. This brings good effect of moon and remove the bad effects of dragons head (Rahu).

5. Make arrangement for keeping dining table close to the kitchen. Avoid eating while seated on your bed. This reduces ill effect of Rahu.

6. Dispose of articles which have not been used for decades, do not clutter your house /office with unnecessary articles. This upay also reduces bad effect of Rahu.

7. The above two steps will reduce the bad effect of dragon head (rahu) who is natural malefic and whose job is to cause unnecessary and avoidable worries and fears.

8. Feed cows. This improves conjugal life and health of wife.

9. Feed crows/fish. This brings affluency and enhances mothers health.

10. Feed monkeys to improve financial condition and getting favours from the government.

11. Wear gold ring, golden strap on your wrist or apply saffron on your forehead for better luck and all round improvement in your affairs.

12. No temple with idols should be constructed even for inpidual worship in a residential house. However, keeping photos or drawings of deities on paper is not prohibited. This is highly inauspicious for the natives born with Jupiter in 7th house.

13. If there is a small dark room at the end of the house, where there is no passage for air or light, the same should be left as it is and no attempt should be made to facilitate natural light through opening windows etc. in that room otherwise, misfortunes will strike the residents.

14. Places where ornaments or money is kept secretly must not be left empty. If there is nothing to be kept, please put some dry fruits there.

15. There must necessarily be some uncemented place in a house. But if it is not feasible, the articles related to Venus must be installed and established therein.

16. Worship of lord Ganesh is highly auspicious for children and property.

17. For safe delivery of children, a milk pot filled with milk and a sugar pot filled with sugar must be touched by the delivering mother and kept at some different place. After the delivery both the pots should be offered to some temple and should not be brought back from there. Good effects will multiply if the quality of the pots is good.

18. If ones children do not survive the native must distribute salty preparations in place of sweets, to celebrate the birth of the child.

19. Digging of wells or providing drinking water facilities for public is strictly prohibited for those with moon in 6th house of the birth chart. Any violation of the above would invite utter destruction and extreme poverty.

20. Building of dharmshalas, sarais or inns is strictly prohibited for those having Saturn in 8th house.

21. Saturn in Lagna and Jupiter in 5th house cause death of children one after the other, if copper coins are given in charity.

22. Jupiter in 10th and moon in 4th cause false allegations and critical legal proceedings against the native if he builds temples or gurudwaras.

23. Financial aid to widows and scholarships to poor children are strictly prohibited for those having Venus in 9th house.

24. Grave consequences would folllow if a native with moon in 12th house opens schools for free education, or offers food to religious saints and Jogins.

25. Anyone having Jupiter in 7th house must not offer clothes to anyone in charity.

26. Donations in the morning and evening hours by persons having Sun in 7th or 8th house of their horoscope will produce highly harmful and poisonous effects.

27. The younger brother should never go for adoption of children of the elder brother. At the same time he should also not arrange the free marriage of the daughter of his elder brother. These practices would certainly lead to disastrous consequences.

28. Saturn in 11th house makes the native desert his wife and children in young age, whereas Saturn in the grooms 2nd house proves inauspicious for the brides family.

29. Mercury and Rahu combining in houses 3, 8, 9, or 12 of the groom is also inauspicious for the brides family.

30. Venus and Ketu together in Lagna make the native impotent.

The groom is likely to be of bad sexual habits and may destroy his wealth in that, if the planetary positions are as follows:
(a) Sun in 6th and Mars in 10th with the afflicted 12th house.
(b) Moon in Lagna and Jupiter in 11th house.
(c) Jupiter and Venus in 10th house.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Malefic Planets


Marry before 24th year of life.

Worship lord Vishnu.

Never accept anything particularly Gur, Wheat, Copper made items in charity.

Throw gur/ copper coin in flowing water.

Dont have sex with wife during the day time.

Start any important work after eating sweet and drinking water.

Install a hand pump for water in your ancestral house.

Recite or listen harivansha purana.

Quench fire with milk instead of water for marital happiness.

Keep the main gate entrance of the house in east.


Drink milk in silver glass.

Take blessings of mother.

Keep vessel full of water or milk near your head at night while sleeping and pour it in the roots of kikar tree next day.

Do not get married at the age of 24.

During marriage take silver and rice from in-laws.

If moon is in Aries then one should never deal in dairy products.

If the moon is in Scorpio, one should store some water of cremation ground inside ones house.

If in Aquarius then worship bhairava Worship lord Shiva.

Donate milk, rice or silver to proportionate moon.


Keep giving maternal aunt or bua or sister red cloths.

Keep fast on Tuesdays and donate sindoor to Hanumanji.

In case mars is benefic or good then distribute sweet food in charity or float batashas in the river.

In case mars is malefic then float rewaris in the river.

Help brother from time to time.

Throw masoor dal or honey or sindoor in a river.


Give gram dal or channa dal, turmeric, some gold, some kesar in yellow cloth in holy place or temple.

Wear gold in yellow thread in neck.

Do not keep idols of gods at home if Jupiter is in the 7th house in Libra sign.

Recite garuda purana.

Eat kesar or apply it on nabhi and tongue.

Apply turmeric or kesar n forehead.

Do not cut peepal tree. Water peepal tree and plant yellow flowers plants. Keep your hair tied.


Give cow in charity or do dan of cows fodder.

Flow blue flower in dirty water for 43 days.

Use perfume, cream etc on Friday.

Give dan in bronze vessel.

Give curd, pure ghee, misri and camphor at holy place.


Give food to crow for 43 days.

Give iron in charity.

Do chaya dan.  Donate oil particularly Mustard Oil on Saturday.

For 43 days pour spirit, oil or wine on the floor in the morning at sunrise.

Worship bhairon and give wine to him in the temple of bhairon.

Give loafs of bread with mustard oil on it to dogs and crows.


Give green grass to cows.

Give food to dog, cow and crow from your food.

Give a goat in charity.

Float copper piece with hole in it.

Float green things in the river.

Bury honey in a mud pot in a lonely place.

Do not accept tabij.

Clean your teeth with fitkari (alum).

Float mud pitcher in a river.

Have nose pierced.

Wear copper coin in the neck.

Give green colour bangles and clothes to eunuchs.


Give radish in charity or throw coal in the river.

Stay in joint family.

Keep your hair tied.

Do not harm brother or sister.

Eat in the kitchen.

Keep saunf or sugar in red small bag under your pillow while sleeping.

Keep silver box with you.

Keep gangajal.

Float barley or coconut in running water.

Give red masoor to the sweeper or help him in another ways.

If illness takes place due to malefic Rahu then float barley or wheat equal to the weight of the sick person in a river.


Feed chapattis to dogs.

Apply kesar on forehead.

Wear gold.

Give kapila cow and sesame seeds in charity.

Give white and black blanket made of wool in temple.

Wear silver in foot toe.

Give milk, rice red masoor dal in charity.

Do Ganesh pooja.

Keep a white and black dog at home or feed such dog.


Er. Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Lal Kitab (Red Book).

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