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Chinese Astrology

Introduction   Find Your Chinese Sign General Characterstics 


Chinese Astrology is pretty old. According to it, the year of birth does not only tell only your age but also indicates a certain phase or aspect of sixty year circle of time.

In Chinese system of astrology, each year begins early in the calendar year on a new moon and relates to one of the twelve animals. Their qualities "animate" the year and colour it with their distinct natures.

Therefore you may find yourself born in the year of Rat or a horse or even a dragon as the lore says it. People born in a particular animal year share certain common traits in the same manner as people born in common zodiac do.

We are giving below a table that will help you in knowing your Chinese sign :

Find your Chinese Sign and click on it to know more about it.

Rat 1900 1912 1924 1936 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996 2008 2020
Ox 1901 1913 1925 1937 1949 1961 1973 1985 1997 2009 2021
Tiger 1902 1914 1926 1938 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998 2010 2022
Rabbit 1903 1915 1927 1939 1951 1963 1975 1987 1999 2011 2023
Dragon 1904 1916 1928 1940 1952 1964 1976 1988 2000 2012 2024
Snake 1905 1917 1929 1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001 2013 2025
Horse 1906 1918 1930 1942 1954 1966 1978 1990 2002 2014 2026
Goat 1907 1919 1931 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003 2015 2027
Monkey 1908 1920 1932 1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004 2016 2028
Rooster 1909 1921 1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005 2017 2029
Dog 1910 1922 1934 1946 1958 1970 1982 1994 2006 2018 2030
Pig 1911 1923 1935 1947 1959 1971 1983 1995 2007 2019 2031


General Characteristics Of Your Animal Sign


Rat people are expressive, honest and most importantly restless. They are friendly in nature and cherish the company of those whom they love.

Though expressive and talkative sometimes, still rat people rarely confide in any one.

Normally rat people are well organized and quick workers. They earn good amount of money but spend it equally fast.

Rat people get very well along with people born in years of Dragon ,Monkey and Ox. They are not however compatible with Horse & rabbit people.

General Characteristics - Rat

Clever and quick-witted, Rats revel in wretched excess and are utterly disarming to boot. As well, they are possessed of excellent taste and flaunt it at every turn. To top it all off, they get along with almost anyone and have a gaggle of loyal friends. What a life! Behind that sweet smile, though, Rats are wolves in sheep's clothing. They are highly skilled at promoting their own agenda, with greed often ruling their actions. This may be why they tend to appear persuasive and charming - it's part of the plan if wealth is the name of the game! Although they are hoarders, Rats can be very generous to those in their "pack," namely friends and family members who have proven their loyalty. Others, however, can perceive them as quick-tempered and sharp-tongued, but never boorish.

That would be no fun! Verbal jousting is a pleasure for the Rat, a creature which everyone around will quickly learn to love or hate. Rats enjoy being on the outside looking in, the better to learn a thing or two. New challenges are also welcomed by the ever-curious Rat as a way to stay sharp. Without this, a case of the blahs could set in which would make this mouse no fun. This quest for adventure has many positives, among them an ability to keep this keen strategist in fighting trim. Anything less would be a waste of some very precious skills. A valuable lesson for Rats would be to learn to consider others above themselves. If they can develop their sense of self and realize it leaves room for others in their life, Rats could find true happiness. The most compatible match for a rat is the dragon or monkey.

Chinese Rat Horoscope 2021

People born with Rat sign of Chinese zodiac will have a stable fortune in the whole year of 2021. Most of them will win many golden chances to develop career because of their persistence spirit, great patience and loyal characteristic. They would have outstanding performances and novel ideas at work, which will bring job promotion or increased salary. Rat people are advised to save money in daily life in order to solve some emergencies.


Based on Rat fortune prediction in 2021, their luck in love relationship will be favorable. Sometimes, they need to be brave to pursue true love. 2021 is an auspicious time to establish sweet love life with soul mates. As for health, they need to improve self immunity by means of eating nourishing foods and having more physical exercises in daily life.


Golden chances, possible promotion - In the year of 2021, the good news is that people born with Chinese zodiac Rat sign will have rapid development in career. It will be easy to get a promotion and increased salary to achieve goals, especially for people who are engaged in literary creation or other civilian job positions. Rat fortune in 2021 indicates that the lucky stars in the workplace can always be experts in time to help Rat people get out of trouble quickly. Besides, they can make full use of these harmonious interpersonal relationships to make breakthroughs. However, they need to keep the modest attitude all the time and learn how to accept other people’s suggestions. The high pressured work will make them extremely tired, thus it is suggested to find ways to get relaxation.


Growing fortune, nice investment, saving money for unexpected needs - According to Rat fortune prediction in 2021, it will be very satisfying in terms of income and expenditure. Therefore, they can achieve huge accumulation of personal wealth. Besides, 2021 is a good year for them to make some investments. With outstanding abilities, they can allocate the assets on hand reasonably, whether to buy stocks, funds or gold. However, having considerable income doesn’t mean that they can purchase things casually. It is necessary to make a detailed plan for recording daily expenses and saving money for emergencies.


Sweet love relationship, harmonious & relaxed marriage life - Their overall fortune in 2021 will be quiet good for the aspect of love and relationships. According to the Rat’s luck in 2021, single people will have enviable chances to find right person. Do not miss the golden chance because of hesitation. An everlasting love needs long-time acquaintance. They can just step by step and finally find soul mate. Married ones can add some romantic elements in daily life. Or joining in more social activities together can also tighten the marriage life efficiently. At the same time, they need to change the way they speak in order to avoid quarrels and misunderstandings. In addition, showing more patience and understanding will be a nice way to resolve contradictions.


Weak digestive system, keeping a healthy lifestyle - Rat fortune prediction in 2021 shows that they need to pay more attention on health situation. For elderly people who have old illnesses or poor physical fitness, it is strongly recommended to have regular physical examinations and healthy living habits. Otherwise, less sleep and irregular diet will do harm to their digestive system. Do not always stay at home, but go out with friends and pay attention to have more physical exercises. About mental health, Rat people are advised to learn how to release work pressure. Based on Rat’s fortune in 2021, they are suggested to have more outdoor activities, therefore the fresh air and impressive natural scenery will make them forget troubles temporarily.


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Ox people in general are - patient, hard working, observant, intelligent having a strong memory but stubborn & dogmatic.

They are very family oriented and faithful.

On compatibility table they rank well with Rat, Snake, Monkey & Rooster.They do not see eye to eye with dragons though.

General Characteristics - OX

A bull in a china shop? Not the Ox! Although steadfast and solid, the Ox is no mere pasture cow. This powerful creature is a born leader, dependable and with an innate ability to achieve great things. Even so, Oxen tend to be plodding and methodical -- they approach projects in a step-by-step manner and never lose sight of their goal. They are also tireless workers, detail-oriented and believe in doing things right or not at all. The world may perceive Oxen as far too serious and incapable of loosening up. This is because these sturdy sorts are less than social by nature and tend to become introverted in a crowd. To make things worse, they can't be bothered with what other people think and prefer to do what makes them feel best. Behind that calm facade, though, lives an Ox who can be hurt, lonely and unable to connect with others.

Friends and family are a great source of comfort to this beast, even if they don't always understand what makes the Ox tick. Stubborn and dogmatic, Oxen tend to be my-way-or-the-highway kind of folk who have no concept of when to back down. If the masses keep pushing, well, the Earth may tremble! Suffice it to say that Oxen don't care to be pushed, especially since they think they're the good guys of the Chinese Zodiac. There is some truth to that theory, since the Ox is smart, trustworthy, caring and honorable. If you need honest, steady and unbiased advice, call the Ox. A good lesson for mighty Oxen is to strive to overcome a judgmental nature which keeps them from getting close to others. If they can learn to value their own good qualities, they'll have more room in their hearts to bring others in. The most compatible match for an ox is the snake or rooster.

Chinese Ox Horoscope 2021

The fortune of people with Chinese zodiac Ox sign won’t be good because 2021 is Chinese Zodiac Birth Year (Ben Ming Nian). Generally speaking, they would face more challenges and difficulties in daily life, especially in career and health. Based on Ox fortune prediction in 2021, they should make themselves enterprising and proactive, so that they may find chances to improve situations successfully.


Just make full use of their intelligence to make some breakthroughs! Although they may suffer from high pressure, they still need to get some relaxation. Otherwise, the health condition would be influenced a lot.


Few development opportunities, work hard - In terms of career, most of them won’t find good chances based on Ox fortune in 2021 because this year is Ben Ming Nian. Some of them cannot concentrate on the work assignments. Besides, they may become negative and decadent because they cannot see the future development. As long as they can focus on the present and complete the work earnestly, there would have chances for promotion in the future. It is recommended to adjust their mentality in time and continue to integrate into the new environment as soon as possible.


Unstable income, large expenditure - The luck prediction in 2021 shows that people with Chinese zodiac Ox sign won’t have too much expectations in wealth accumulating. Most of them won’t save much money, even use their previous deposits. Daily expenses will be relatively high because of daily necessities and children's education. The more important thing is that they need to spend more time and energy to earn more monkey, so as to solve the problem from the origin. In addition, there is basically no unexpected extra wealth. Based on Ox fortune prediction in 2021, don’t buy high-risked stocks at random. Otherwise, huge losses will occur in the end.


Less romantic encounter, normal marriage life - People born with Ox sign of Chinese zodiac won’t have enviable luck in love and relationships based on the Ox fortune in 2021. Although single ones would experience many things and make more new friends this year, they may lose the suitable opportunities to express love feelings because of hesitation. Some of them won’t be in a good state of mind and will be a little bit sensitive, which will drive away many potential soul mates. Try to lower the requirements for choosing a spouse, so that the hope of establishing a sweet relationship will be greater. For married ones, it is predicted that they would have a probability of having quarrels in 2021. They should take a lot of time and energy to maintain the stable marriage life.


Unexpected injury, high blood pressure - As per Ox fortune prediction in 2021, they may have more physical and mental discomfort in health condition. During work and study, it is necessary to stay calm and keep the positive attitude. Don’t be too depressed and nervous. Just treat the illness as soon as possible, therefore they can restore a strong body. Elder Ox people are very likely to recur old illnesses such as high blood pressure in this year. Thus they need to have regular physical examinations and maintain a healthy diet in daily life. As for physical exercises, the intensity shouldn’t be high. Most of them can just take a walk in the park near home. In travel and business trip, they need to be especially careful for the unexpected traffic accidents.


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Tiger people are characterized by their tendency to lead and their courage. They are confident and charismatic with a natural air of authority.

Tigers like to work, but work best when alone. They are always in a hurry to finish things.

Tiger people are also passionate and romantic.

They get on well with people born in years of Horse & Dog. However a tiger - goat or a tiger - Ox combination is not recommended at all.

General Characteristics - Tiger

Tigers may not be the king of the jungle, but these striped cats are no patsies! Magnetic and self-possessed, Tigers are born leaders. They have an air of authority which prompts others to fall in line, which is exactly how they like it. Even so, they can adopt the pose of alone wolf, preferring to stalk their "prey" on their own. This cat can be wound up pretty tight! As a result, time is of the essence to Tigers, the better to get ahead and stay there. Courageous beyond compare, Tigers generally come out ahead in battle, be it in the boardroom or the bedroom. Speaking of the boudoir, this is one area where the Tiger is definitely king! Noble and warm-hearted, Tigers tend to have a raw appeal which is extremely attractive to the opposite sex. Ever on the side of right, Tigers will fight the good fight of the bitter end if the cause is worthy.

Opponents are wise to fear a feline which can smell victory a mile away. A bit of caution is a good thing around Tigers, since they can pounce without warning. They experience mood swings and often feel things more intensely than ohers, that latter quality being both good and bad. As well, they can react poorly under stress and are prone to emotional outbursts. It's the bristling sensitivity of this sleek cat which can cause friend and foe to run for cover. A lesson which Tigers would be well-served to learn is "moderation in all things." Once these cats can find their center and direct their considerable energies toward worthwhile endeavors (as opposed to racing through life), they will accomplish much. The most compatible match for a tiger is the horse or dog.

Chinese Tiger Horoscope 2021

Tiger fortune in 2021 will be quite good in general. For Tiger people who have always worked hard, 2021 will be a successful year. Moreover, whether in daily life or in work and study, most of them can keep positive and progressive attitudes all the time. The single Tiger people may have several opportunities to have a harmonious love relationship. However, for married ones, they should remind themselves to be loyal to partners.


Besides, some lucky stars will help Tiger people in time when they are in trouble. They should take good care of themselves as their fortune prediction in health is not as good as that in other aspects.


More promotion chances, keep vigilant - The career would be smooth in 2021 based on Tiger fortune prediction. They can make full use of their intelligence and outstanding work abilities to obtain promotion chances. However, some of them who are very demanding of themselves will not easily feel satisfied with the current situation because of their high requirements. In fact, such a sense of loss is unnecessary because they have already done well in their career. At the same time, people who start their own businesses this year can also have some developments. They are advised to keep vigilant when recruiting employees. Don't employ those with bad conducts.


Considerable income, rational consumption - The income of people born in the year of Chinese zodiac Tiger will be quite considerable in 2021. Especially, besides stable salary from stable job, they can earn more money by managing many sidelines. This year will be an appropriate time to start own business with reliable partners. Try to avoid buying high-risked stocks or investing a lot of money on only one project. Otherwise, you would lose some money. Please keep rational when buying money-burning products. Saving enough money in daily life in order to solve problems is also a good habit in this year.


Easy to have a relationship, happy family life - As per Tiger fortune prediction in 2021, single ones is more likely to have a sweet love relationship as they may meet more suitors. They can find appropriate ways to enhance personal charm. In addition, they are suggested to join in more parties or outdoor activities, therefore they would make more friends. For those who had already get married, most of them would live happily and barely have quarrels. Some of them may be entangled by their predecessors in this year. It is best to reject their unreasonable demands decisively and not to be in touch with them frequently.


Be positive, have a healthy lifestyle - The health fortune of people with Tiger sign of Chinese zodiac won’t be very good in the year of 2021. They may be in a bad state of mind and easily depressed by some small things. Don't put too much pressure on themselves. If they have troubles or feel unhappy, family and friends are always the best people to talk to. Having a healthy and regular lifestyle will keep them away from getting sick. It is recommended to stay healthy in physical and mental aspects by insisting on cooking by themselves, exercising on weekends and going out for a walk after work.


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Usually kind and sweet, Rabbit people are not only popular but also make a very interesting company. They are well known for their artistic sense and good taste.

Rabbit people are also calm. They argue rarely and are sentimental and compassionate.

Rabbits are well compatible with people born in years of Dragon(!!), Pig and Goat. Rabbits and Rats are not compatible though.

General Characteristics - Rabbit

The Rabbits of the Chinese Zodiac tend to act more like bunnies, whether they like it or not! Timid and attractive, the Rabbit is the kind of furry ball you want to smother with love. As a result, they're extremely popular and have a wide circle of family and friends. Their compassionate nature also leads them to be very protective of those they love. Where romance is concerned, their sentimentality is the reason why they idealize relationships, a quality which compels them to give more than they realistically should. The Rabbit thinks this is just fine. When they do bite off more than they can chew, their core group of friends, coupled with a stable home life, help bring them back to center. Rabbits are very delicate creatures and need a solid base in order to survive and thrive. Absent this, they'll break down in tears at the first sign of conflict and can even veer toward illness.

Suffice it to say that Rabbits dislike arguments and will try like the dickens to avoid a fight. They can also lapse into pessimism and appear stuck in place - often to mask their insecure natures. This isn't likely to compel them to change their stripes, though, since Rabbits like to hop along at their own pace and think things through. Happiness for Rabbits is the chance to entertain in their tastefully-furnished homes. Appearances do count for these furry folk, one reason why they always look better than the rest. Did they spend a pretty penny to get there? You bet. What Rabbits need most, however, is a greater sense of self-worth and the security that comes with it. Their discerning natures, coupled with some hard-won assertiveness, will help these happy creatures go far. The most compatible match for a rabbit is the goat or pig.

Chinese Rabbit Horoscope 2021

The overall Rabbit fortune in 2021 is just-so-so. In terms of career, they may not accomplish great achievements but they will not encounter too many difficult problems in the whole year. Their income and expenditure can be kept in a relatively balanced state and even make some savings. As for love relationship, it is not easy for single Rabbits to find someone that they truly love. The family life of married ones will be relatively plain.


Based on Rabbit fortune prediction in 2021, they are more likely to get sick due to their low immunity. Therefore, apart from work and study, they should exercise frequently and have a healthy lifestyle.


Less promotion chances, well-run company - People born in the year of Chinese zodiac Rabbit will make little achievements in their career according to the Rabbit fortune prediction in 2021. Although Rabbits work hard and steadily, they have limited abilities and courage. Thus it may difficult for them to get promoted and raise their salary in a short time. The companies of self-employed Rabbits will run well, but can only expand very little business. New graduates need to submit their resumes in a targeted manner to avoid falling into a job trap. For Rabbits who are about to retire, they ought to put health more important than work.


Steady income, less return from sideline businesses - Rabbit people will have a normal wealth fortune in 2021. Compared with previous years, their income may reach the same state. Every month's salary can be obtained on time. As the possibility of promotion in 2021 is unlikely, so the salary may not increase. It is recommended that they don’t spend a lot of effort on sidelines this year because the return is quite small. Don’t go shopping immoderately. In this way, the amount of money on daily necessities, child education and support for the elderly can be increased appropriately.


Enhance temperament, make more surprises - The love relationship fortune of Rabbit people is not bad. Some of them do not pay much attention to appearance and their mental state won’t be very good. These reasons make them not very smooth in emotion. In 2021, if they are desire to start a relationship, it is recommended to constantly improve their external temperament and self-cultivation. In this way, they will leave a good first impression when they meet the person who catch their eyes. Their marriage life this year will be also relatively smooth. If they want to obtain a sweeter relationship, they need to give more care to their partners. It is better to prepare surprises and have gifts on special days such as birthday and Valentine's Day.


Less alcohols, keep warm - In 2021, they may feel stressed and have a mood of pessimism, which leads to poor spirits. What’s worse, if some negative emotions have not been relieved timely, all kinds of physical problems will occur in the long run. Once they feel depression, it is necessary to know how to resolve it in time or seek the help of a psychologist. For people with poor physical fitness, it is very likely that the old illness will recur this year. They should go for regular physical examinations and follow the doctor's advice.


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Dragon people are supposed to be born leaders and masters of ceremonies. They are also gifted with tremendous luck.

Aggressive and persistent, dragon people tend to fiercely pursue what they desire to get. They are easily irritable and pretty stubborn as well.

On the positive side, dragons are gifted, generous and intelligent. On the negative side, they tend to get tyrannical frequently.

Dragon people are compatible with people born in years of Rat, Rabbit, Monkey and Pig. A dragon combines very badly with a fellow dragon though.

General Characteristics - Dragon

Slay this Dragon? Never. The Dragon is one of the most powerful signs in the Chinese Zodiac. Lucky as well, Dragons are giving, intelligent and tenacious, know exactly what they want and are determined to get it. Further, they can easily influence their peers and often find themselves the center of attention in social situations. As if all this wasn't enough, Lady Love is the Dragon's best friend! The rest of the Dragon's friends are always keen to hear what this firebrand has to say, and when it comes to dispensing advice, the Dragon has the floor. It's ego that can get in the Dragon's way, but even so, this larger-than-life creature has a knack for initiating projects and keeping the troops motivated. According to Dragons, it's their natural born right to lead the way! As luck would have it, Dragons are likely to achieve considerable material wealth during their lifetime, although they aren't motivated by pursuit of the almighty dollar.

Rather, they stick to their guns, even when they're firing blanks. That said, Dragons are quite the opportunists, forever searching for ways in which to consolidate their considerable power. And power it must be, for a weakened Dragon is a sad sack, a creature which flails about and refuses to take defeat with even a modicum of grace. Question authority? That's our Dragon! The role of leader is the only one the Dragon wants, the better to give orders and be king of the hill. They are good leaders, too, knowing instinctively what needs to be done to stay on top. Crossing the Dragon is never a good idea -- this beast can singe! A valuable life lesson for this clever creature would be to absorb the principles of flexibility, compassion and tolerance. Being high and mighty can serve to inspire others, but it also keeps Dragons from living their life to the fullest. If Dragons can learn to balance their quest for success with an appreciation for the little things, their life will be more than worthwhile. The most compatible match for a dragon is a monkey or rat.

Chinese Dragon Horoscope 2021

According to Dragon fortune in 2021, their career and wealth will be auspicious. They can do well in their work fields and have more chances to get promotion and increase salary. If they suffer a major setback, there will be someone who can help them through it in time. Although their income may increase this year, they still have to balance their income and expenses and give up participating in ineffective social activities. The income from side business is not high, so they don’t need to put effort into it.


2021 is not a good year for them to establish a love relationship with others and get married. It is best for them to develop good living habits and have more physical exercises in 2021, otherwise their physical condition will be less optimistic.


Holding their own ideas about business, being confident - Dragon people will have satisfactory career fortune in 2021 which is a good year to developed business. What they need most for Dragon people who have are entrepreneurs this year is to have their own unique opinions on the market competition without following the trend. Otherwise they will fall into a passive situation, which will make it difficult for the company to develop further. For those who are still at the grassroots level of the company, it is necessary to be down-to-earth and keep harmonious interpersonal relationships with colleagues. Based on Dragon’s luck in 2021, for students who have just stepped into society, they must build up a strong self-confidence and not be easily overwhelmed by work difficulties.


Buying more stocks, Great achievements in sale industry - Based on the great Dragon fortune prediction in wealth, most of them can appropriately increase the proportion of investment in the stock market. At the same time, they should carefully choose to reduce or expand the scale of production to prevent their own interests from being damaged, leading to a financial crisis. As for office workers, they can accumulate enough network resources while getting high remuneration. According to Dragon fortune in 2021, Dragon people in the sales industry will also have some remarkable achievements.


Continuing to improve themselves, keeping happy family life by changing unstable emotion - In 2021, people with the sign of Chinese zodiac Dragon will put a lot of energy in the love relationship, the result may be somewhat unsatisfactory. It is a pity that they may be rejected by potential life partners. It’s worth noting that there is no need to be too humble in the relationship, as long as they continue to achieve self-improvements, they will definitely attract others and obtain sweet love relationship. As per Dragon fortune prediction in 2021, those who have been married this year may be unstable in emotion and lack of communication with their partners, and even impose their own wishes on soul mates. If they want to maintain the happiness and stability of the family, they must make some changes and show more patience when dealing with household chores.


Healthy diet, not to stay up late - The Dragons should put their health condition at the top of the list as the health fortune prediction in 2021 is not so good enough. Instead of overeating, they should eat more healthy and nutritious food. Order take-out foods as little as possible while cook by themselves is the best choice. Especially for girls, they shouldn't over diet. In terms of work and rest, try to go to bed and get up early. Don’t stay up late to play on mobile phone or watch TV. If they have a recurrent illness, regular physical examinations are necessary.


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People born under the sign of snake are dynamic, aggressive and very adaptable in nature. They are wise philosophers and have an element of stealth about their personality.

Most Snake people have flawless skin besides being physically attractive.

General Characteristics - Snake

The Snake, quite simply, leads a charmed life! Diplomatic and popular, the serpentine ones are lucky with money and will generally have more than they need. Even if money isn't their greatest pursuit, they will always have more than enough to survive. The charming and generous qualities ascribed to Snakes will allow them to attract many potential mates. No snake eyes here! Quite the opposite, since the seductive Snake has many fans. It's that they're so darned irresistible - slightly dangerous and disarmingly smart. They're also one of the more philosophical signs. That dreamlike quality means that logic doesn't always weigh into their thought process, preferring as they do to use feelings and instinct when making decisions. Snakes give little credence to the opinions of others, relying instead on their own gut and intuition. Despite their natural physical ability and lively personalities, Snakes have a tendency to be insecure, something which can manifest itself as jealousy and possessiveness.

This behavior often ends up alienating the ones they love, when a bit of vulnerability would have yielded better results. Snakes can be tight with a buck, yet they'll find a way to come through for friends and family, if only to secure their love. The slippery Snake is also prone to exaggeration, however these tall tales are told for the sake of comfort level, especially in social situations. Snakes simply cannot bear to be the odd man out, and will fight to the bitter end to win back those who have abandoned them. Snakes can be so unsure of themselves that perceived slights are capable of escalating into full-on range wars! Further, they'll do whatever it takes to be the center of attention. Slithery as they are, they can work both sides of the fence (showboat or shrinking violet) with aplomb. Snakes also detest those with no follow-through or an inability to get things done. They know how to get on with the program themselves and want the same from others. An important lesson for Snakes is humility, along with a sense of self. That tendency to exaggerate, along with a need to do it all, can get pretty old. Once Snakes realize that confidence comes from within, they'll finally be comfortable in their own skin. The most compatible match for a snake is the rooster or ox.

Chinese Snake Horoscope 2021

The overall Snake fortune in 2021 is quite good. Most things can develop in the desired direction. At work, there will be someone who can help the Snakes achieve their goals at critical moments. At the same time, their income will continue to increase.


With great ideals and ambitions, Snake people are particularly able to bear hardships and stand hard work, so 2021 brings many excellent opportunities for them. However, they should take good care of themselves and learn to enjoy life.


Easy to get a promotion, obtain rapid development of company - Based on Snake fortune prediction in 2021, it is not too difficult for the people born in the year of Chinese zodiac Snake to make achievements in career. Once they encounter difficulties or are at the crossroads of career, someone will give pointers and they will easily enter the next journey of the workplace. Meanwhile, they may take over some larger projects and get rich returns after doing a good job. For newcomers in the workplace, 2021 is a good year for improvement and getting more experiences. Try to learn more skills and knowledge from the senior and do not focus on how much money they will earn. It is worth reminding that the Snake people in the leadership will be very busy this year as their company will be in the process of rapid development and expansion. They should read all the confidential documents of the company in person.


Increase in salary, no large expenses - The Chinese zodiac Snakes will have a satisfactory wealth fortune. Because of their outstanding work performance, their basic salary will increase. In addition, bonuses, commissions and dividends are also considerable. There will be many good opportunities to earn money from the business cooperation with friends to sidelines and financial products. However, in the process of cooperation, accounting issues must be clear, otherwise it will cause a lot of trouble. Apart from basic necessities, they will not have too much spending in 2021, so can continue to improve their personal quality of life without being too thrifty.


Potential love relationship, have a new family number - The Snake fortune prediction in love and relationships is not bad. The single Snakes are likely to get a boyfriend or girlfriend as long as they can bold in expressing themselves at the right time. Those who are not single can travel together to intensify relationships. People with the Snake sign of Chinese zodiac should understand that they can't greedily ask for anything they want in their relationship. Instead, they should also learn to care for each other, so that the relationship will last longer. If they have plans to get married, they should pay attention to make preparations in advance, so as not to be in a hurry when holding the wedding. For some Snakes, new family members will join in their lives.


Good health condition, keep healthy lifestyle - As per Snake fortune in 2021, they are unlikely to be disturbed by diseases. Children can grow up healthy and strong, but parents should take good care of them when playing outside in order prevent accidents. If adults who are under pressure at work can take enough rest and eat regularly, their health condition would be improved a lot. As for the elderly, they live a happy and healthy life and can even have the energy to participate in leisure activities for the elderly or travel for relaxation. However, it should be reminded that the weather in 2021 may be more changeable. They should dress right for the weather. Good hygiene habits are also an important factor in keeping healthy.


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Horse people are known for their sex appeal, sartorial sense and high energy levels.

Horse people are good workers.They are sweet natured, tolerant but carry an air of pride about themselves.

On negative side, they are hot headed and sometimes selfish.

Horse people get on best with Dogs followed by Tiger and Goat.They are not compatible with Rats and Monkeys.

General Characteristics - Horse

Thank goodness for open spaces, because the Horse needs plenty of room to roam! Energetic, good with money and fond of travel, Horses are the nomads of the Chinese Zodiac, roaming from one place or project to the next. Good thing they know how to work a budget! All of this searching on the part of the Horse may be to satisfy a deep-rooted desire to fit in. Even so, these dual-natured souls often find themselves balancing this desire with a yearning for independence and freedom. Horses also crave love and intimacy, a double-edged sword since it often leads them to feel trapped. And hey, this colt needs room! That said, love connections come easily to Horses, since they exude the kind of raw sex appeal which is a magnet to the opposite sex. Check out any A-list party and you're bound to find the Horse in attendance. Although they're not very cerebral, Horses more than make up for it with a sharp wit and a scintillating presence. Surprisingly, Horses tend to feel a bit inferior to their peers, a quality which causes them to drift from group to group out of an irrational fear of being exposed as a fraud.

An impatient streak can lead Horses to be less than sensitive to others' needs. These colts would rather take a situation firmly in hand as opposed to waiting for others to weigh in. The lone wolf in them can at times push others away, but this also makes them stronger and is a key to their success. Horses are self-reliant to the core and are willing to do the work necessary to get ahead. Although they're not inclined to look at the big picture, Horses have a keen sense of what needs to be done. They are great motivators and get a lot accomplished. Once they find some peace within themselves, they may curb their wandering tendencies and learn to appreciate what's in their own backyard. The most compatible match for a horse is the dog or tiger.

Chinese Horse Horoscope 2021

Horses are open-minded with an indifferent attitude towards many things. However, this year is bad luck in all aspects based on Horse fortune in 2021, if they cannot adjust their mentality and way of life in time, it will be very unfavorable for the future personal development. Given the poor career fortune, what can Horses do is adapt to work environment quickly and continue to improve their abilities. If there is a disagreement with colleagues, it is best to communicate in person in time.


They should not care too much about how much money they make this year. After all, the wealth fortune in 2021 is bad. They only need not to spend too much of their savings. Emotional progress is also not going well. 2021 is not a good year to get married this year. In terms of health, they should develop healthy lifestyle habits. Both diet and exercise must be considered.


Frequent change of work, tense interpersonal relationships - People who are born with Chinese zodiac Horse sign would have a lot of job changes. It is difficult for them to work in a company or a position for a long time. In the midst of frequent changes, they need to improve their abilities to adapt as soon as possible, so as to make their careers future more prospective. Of course, if they need to transfer to work in a foreign country, especially in a turbulent area, try to refuse it. If they want to resign, they should find a new company in advance before applying for quit. Their salary are likely to be reduced because they do something wrong. In addition, some colleagues who are offended by reckless Dragon people unintentionally may make trouble for them in secret. Therefore, they must be cautious in their words and deeds in their work in 2021.


Large amount of expenses, staying away from Online Lending - Affected by poor wealth fortune, Horse people will have a lot of expenses in 2021 ranging from daily expenditure to medical fee to finance products. Suffering unexpected personal financial losses frequently forces them to use their savings. What's worse, they may fall into the network fraud, especially the elderly. It is worth reminding that they try not solve the temporary economic crisis through online lending. They can seek help from relatives and friends around them. In addition to managing personal money, they should also find ways to broaden the channels of money like developing a sideline.


Haunted by unreliable suitors, being loyal to family - People born in the year of Chinese zodiac Horse will experience a lot of ups and downs in their emotional lives. Although they seem to meet many suitors this year, most of them are neither excellent nor reliable. They can't agree to a suitor just because they look good. Sometimes inner qualities and personal characters are often more important. Married people must be more disciplined, not betray their partners and family. People who are married for many years have a relatively dull family life. In 2021, it is not recommended to hold an engagement ceremony or wedding.


Regular physical examinations, having enough rest - Based on Horse fortune prediction in 2021, due to Horse’s poor health fortune, even some minor illnesses such as colds should be paid enough attention. They need to have regular physical examinations so that they can find diseases early without missing the best treatment time. Horse people with old physical illnesses should follow the doctor’s instructions and cooperate with the doctor to do a good job of rehabilitation. For workers and students under pressure, they should allocate their personal time reasonably. Those who are elderly or sick to work, are not advised to devote all their energy to work. In addition, try not to participate in dangerous entertainment activities.


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People born in the year of goat are creative, charming, elegant and quite popular.

On negative side, they tend to get insecure, pessimistic and over-anxious.

They are compatible with Pig, Rabbit and Horse. However they make a very poor combination with Tiger though.

General Characteristics - Sheep

California dreaming? Sounds about right to the Goat. These creative creatures love the esoteric and are most at home in their own minds. Unorthodox religions and new age play are also right up their alley. Even so, Goats are very capable and revel in the opportunity to think outside of the box. Don't expect much organization here, though, a quality which tends to preclude many business endeavors for this dreamy sort. Think craftsperson or artisan when looking at the Goat, and don't overlook their considerable charm, which often carries the day. It may be their artistic temperament which often causes Goats to feel insecure. These high-strung creatures need to feel loved and admired lest they start worrying incessantly. This sensitive streak can also lead to bouts of anxiety over seemingly inconsequential things. It's this angst which can wreak havoc on the Goat's love life. The mere thought of another failed romance can send the Goat to the sidelines for good, leaving this one-time lover a lonely heart. Why these woes? Goats are determined to avoid conflict at all costs, even if the price is relationship bliss.

If the game of love is going well, however, Goats won't hesitate to tell their partner what they need - and they can be quite insistent about it! Guess we know who's on top here. That said, Goats don't mind if their partner's in charge every now and again, the better to indulge their lazy, hazy side. Appearances are also important to the Goat, which may explain why these folks can spend hours primping and posing. Goats would be well-served to learn to relax and let others run the show from time to time. Once they realize that their friends and lovers won't go away if they choose to take it easy and feed their muse, life will be a field of daisies. Graze away, little Goat! The most compatible match for a goat is the pig or rabbit.

Chinese Goat Horoscope 2021

People born with Chinese Zodiac Sheep sign will have a reasonably good year in 2021 based on Sheep fortune in 2021. Since they have a natural pursuit for freedom, they will try every means to enjoy life. However, this personality also makes them spend money carelessly and could finally result in wealth problems. Therefore, they should bear in mind that the fortune in wealth only comes when they can make ends meet.


Luckily, despite all the distractions in career and love relationships, people born in the year of Sheep will positively solve them and achieve good results. In addition, a little attention should be paid to health aspect. Young people need to avoid staying up late and elderly people should keep on exercising.


Be positive, improve efficiency during working time - In terms of career, Sheep fortune prediction in 2021 may be affected by minor fluctuations but is generally well. Though various problems may occur, people born in the year of Sheep can always hold a positive attitude and try their best to reverse the situation. Those who have a start-up may face with financing problems and it is suggested that they turn to reliable ones at critical points. Also, office workers need to learn to define and prioritize their daily tasks in order to improve efficiency.


Think twice before consumption, don’t take risk - According to Sheep fortune prediction in 2020, people born in the year of Chinese zodiac Sheep will earn much more unanticipated money than they expected. However, they should not do something illegal to make a fortune. Neither should they do some venture investments, nor spend too much money in entertaining. They are not advised to seduce the opposite sex by showing off their wealth. Otherwise, they will lose their money quickly before they are aware. Recording the daily income and expenses is quite important in 2020.


Nurture mutual understanding, stable love life - As per Sheep fortune in 2021, although some people in long-distance love relationships may have few chances to meet their beloved ones, thanks to the mutual understanding, their affection towards each other is likely to increase. If the relationship goes well, this year can be a suitable time to get married. As for those who already get married, frequent communication is important more than ever in daily life. If possible, they can participate in more social activities together with partners. In this way, the relationship would be improved a lot.


Possible small diseases, keep healthy diet - According to the Sheep fortune in 2021, people of Chinese Zodiac Sheep should pay more attention to have more daily exercise and keep a healthy diet. Young children and students need to take Vitamin regularly and try not to stay up late. Working labors should try their best to keep a balance between work and rest. Elderly people should do exercise as regular as possible. Having regular physical examinations are also necessary.


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Monkeys are fun loving, cheerful and energetic. They are pretty clever as well. They are talented, creative and generous.

On negative side, they are also said to be self centered and opportunistic.

Monkeys get on well with most signs. The best combinations are with Tiger and Pig people.

General Characteristics - Monkey

The spunky Monkey is one heck of a party animal! Charming and energetic, Monkeys crave fun, activity and a mighty good time. They can often be seen swinging from one group of friends to another, attracting a motley crew in the process. Forever upbeat, they are considered minor celebrities in their circle, thanks to their sparkling wit and a quick mind. They are also good listeners and tackle complicated situations with ease. The natural curiosity which Monkeys possess leads them to become knowledgeable on a broad range of topics. The showoff in them loves nothing more than to dazzle their pals with all they know. The flip side of all this is that rebellious Monkeys don't always have a firm grasp on right and wrong. Their own happiness is their primary goal, and let the chips fall where they may. This approach will work some of the time, thanks to the Monkey's glib manner and witty repartee. It's not likely that everyone will be won over by the Monkey, though but do you think the Monkey really cares? Be it idle gossip or brazen infidelity, the Monkey's world isn't for everyone.

That said, it's not that they're ogres they may just be a bit too curious for their own good, feeling a need to try everything once. This can make for a merry-go-round of relationships. The sense of fun which is second-nature to Monkeys can get them in all sorts of trouble. This self-indulgent ball of fire has limited self-control where food, alcohol and other pleasurable activities are concerned. It's party time all the time for the Monkey, yet when it leads to a monster hangover or a shattered heart (someone else's, not theirs), they might actually show a touch of remorse. They won't flat-out admit the error of their ways, but at least they won't lay an even bigger egg. Monkeys would be well-served to think of others ahead of themselves, at least some of the time. If they realized the world didn't revolve around them, their world would be more complete. Go for it, Monkey! The most compatible match for a monkey is the rat or dragon.

Chinese Monkey Horoscope 2021

Monkey Fortune in 2021 is more of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, they may have difficulties in taking an internship or adjusting themselves to the quick tempo in the workplace. Also, the excessive consumption may lay a heavier burden on them and decrease their sense of security. On the other hand, people with the Chinese zodiac Monkey have much fortune in love & relationships. Single people are likely to meet their soul mates and others may embrace a happy marriage life in 2021.


In general, Monkey people are innocent and straightforward. That’s why they are easily affected, or disturbed by the external change. Actually, as long as they have faith in themselves and view things from a comprehensive angle, they are able to avoid bad lucks in career and wealth.


Learn from others, be open to external help - In 2021, though the Monkey sign of Chinese zodiac isn’t blessed with too much fortune in career, they can deal with all sorts of difficulties through their colleagues’ collective effort. It is suggested that Monkey interns often draw from others’ advantages. Once they become a regular staff member, they should be prepared for the demanding workload and the ensuing pressure. For those who take a leading position in the company, they should change their way of thinking and welcome others’ assistance and suggestions.


Avoid risky investments, live a simple life - Monkey fortune prediction in 2021 is just so-so in terms of wealth. Some of them may speculate on stock exchange. However, before investing a considerable amount of money, they’d better assess the risk involved first and listen to others’ opinion. Otherwise the reckless decision may end in losing a fortune. A wiser way to earn money is to get a second job with low risks. In addition, they should live a frugal life this year and avoid spending too much on upscale products.


Say goodbye to bachelor life, get married - Most good signs of Monkey fortune in 2021 can be found in their love and relationships. Once they meet their ideal partners, they should shake off their bashful personality and bravely express their affection. For those who already have a girlfriend or boyfriend, they are likely to get married this year. Also, the rest of the Monkey people will still derive happiness from their mutually dependent married life, which is truly enviable.


Balanced diet, regular exercise - Monkey people should pay enough attention to their health in 2021. Since children and elderly people have weak immunity to disease, they should have more nutritious food and enough exercise. Working people and students should keep a balanced diet and avoid staying up late. In addition, for those who live with chronic or recurrent disease, it is vitally important to have re-examinations on a regular basis.


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The Rooster people are known for their accuracy and observation power. They like to be noticed and flattered. For that reason, they may even dress more flashily than other animal signs.

Roosters like to dream and often get disappointment for the reality rarely matches the dreams. On the Positive side, they are sharp, practical and quite resourceful.

Rooster gets on very well with Ox and Pig. They rhyme very poorly with a fellow rooster.

General Characteristics - Rooster

Truth be told, the Rooster is the strutting peacock of the Chinese Zodiac! These quick thinkers are also practical and resourceful, preferring to stick to what is tried and true. They are also keenly observant. It's unlikely you'll slip anything past Roosters, since they seem to have eyes in the back of their head! This quality often leads others to think the Rooster is psychic. What the Rooster would prefer to be known as is a straightforward sort, one who will reward honesty in kind. Roosters aren't shifty or cagey and have no interest in hiding behind a facade. They are quite the open book, telling the truth and keeping their word. In their world, if you show your hand, people will respect that. This kind of trusting behavior can tempt tricksters to pull a fast one on the Rooster. Bad move! Remember, this bird doesn't indulge in flights of fancy and keeps those eyes wide open at all times. These plucky birds tend to be perfectionists and like to be in control, especially over their appearance. Primping and posing for the Rooster can go on forever! Yep, never an unruffled feather.

Being noticed and admired is an aphrodisiac for Roosters, and they can go a long time on a few kind words. Roosters also adore being out on the town, especially if they're in the company of adoring friends. No quiet dinners at home for the Rooster - the real fun is in dancing till dawn with a gaggle of pals. To top it all off, the Rooster will be the best-dressed in the group! Style counts with this bird, regardless of cost. Looking good may have its price, but at the end of the day, Roosters love a bargain, something which appeals to their basic conservatism. The flip side of this is the Rooster's willingness to think big and daydream where affairs of the heart are concerned. Roosters can create one heck of a fantasy, only to have reality come crashing down on it. In the right relationship, however, the Rooster is one of the most loyal and trustworthy mates around, bending over backwards to please their partner. Roosters need to learn to value their heart and soul as much as their good looks. Their excellent people skills and sharp minds are qualities which others will appreciate as much as a pretty face. The most compatible match for a rooster is the ox or snake.

Chinese Rooster Horoscope 2021

Though the Rooster fortune in 2021 ranks low in the twelve Chinese zodiacs, they will be able to reverse the situation at crucial points. In terms of career, people with the Chinese zodiac Rooster will keep improving their professional capabilities. In addition, since their luck in wealth is just so-so, they’d better focus on their stable sources of income. As for single Roosters, keep it in mind that the only criterion when choosing a companion is personality instead of appearance. Lastly, Rooster people should pay attention to both physical and mental health this year.


In fact, many troubles in 2021 can be evaded as long as Rooster people shake off their impulsive temperament and perfunctory attitude. Meanwhile, they should carefully handle the interpersonal relationships so that others will help them when they are in need.


Resolve conflicts at work, pursue further study - People with the Rooster sign of Chinese zodiac may have conflicts with their colleagues this year. However, they don’t need to take it personally because both sides make decisions for the good of the whole company. In addition, female Roosters may find it a struggle to keep a balance between job and family. In order to ease the stress, they should often exchange opinions with their husbands and optimize their daily schedule. More importantly, both new and experienced Roosters workers should grasp the opportunities to receive on-job training.


Focus on stable income sources, guard against financial fraud - According to the Rooster fortune prediction in 2021, their fortune in wealth is neither too good nor too bad. In most cases, their savings mainly come from their steady jobs. Thus, they’d better work hard and get higher performance-related pay. For people who want to earn money in other ways, they can try some less risky wealth management products or run a sideline. A word of caution, they should make their goals financially feasible and not be credulous about the unreasonably lucrative programs.


Fall in love with ideal mates, feel thankful to partners’ devotion - The Rooster fortune in 2021 shows that their love and relationships are blessed with much good luck. By virtue of their outgoing personality, it is easy for single Roosters to attract the opposite sex. When deciding whether or not to start a relationship with others, they should take the compatibility of characteristics into consideration. As for married Rooster people, they still enjoy a harmonious marriage relationship and do not take what their wives or husbands have done for them for granted.


Good health conditions, relieve mental tension - They are not likely to suffer from major diseases this year. In case of any injury or accident, children and the elderly should better go outside in the company of their supervisors. As for Rooster students and working people, they shouldn’t push themselves too hard and it is always important to keep a balanced diet and a regular schedule. What is more, in 2021, equal attention should be paid to their mental health. Being under great academic or working pressure, they are suggested to go on a trip as an escape from the hustle and bustle of life.


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Dog people are the most dutiful of the lot.They are extremely loyal to whom they serve and dislike any dishonesty on the part of co-workers towards their masters.

On negative side, they are not good at socializing and also tend to get digressed by small things.

They get on very well with Horse and Tiger.They are not very compatible with Goat and Monkey people.

General Characteristics - Dog

Is the Dog man's best friend? Well, maybe. Loyal, faithful and honest, the Dog has a firm code of ethics to live by and can be counted on in times of need. Ever trustworthy, this pup is also wonderfully discreet, listening closely while guarding a friend's problems without a ever thinking of being a gossip. Anything less would be unimaginable to Dogs, possessed as they are of a keen sense of right and wrong and duty-bound to the core. This is the Dog's mantra: Live right, look out for the underdog and fight injustice wherever possible. Bear in mind, though, that if you get a Dog started on what's important to them, they can go on forever. Dogs aren't much for social chit-chat, preferring to get to the heart of the matter. They can also be temperamental and moody, which makes it hard to know if the Dog that shows up will lick your leg or bite it off. Dogs can even be downright nasty if they feel their livelihood is at risk, worrywarts that they are. These sensitive pups need to warm up to others over time and gradually learn to trust them. Absent that trust, they can be judgmental and coarse.

Further, Dogs have little room for flighty or flaky behavior, treating these "lost" souls in a critical, almost harsh manner. The flip side of the Dog's discerning nature is that they are excellent business people who can turn their pickiness into an asset for the masses. Where love is concerned, Dogs often have a tough time finding the right match. These Feckless Fidos can be so anxious and overwrought in the romance dance that they'll stress their partner to the max! Dogs need to work on these irrational fears and are also well-served to relax their mile-high standards, which can only wind up alienating the ones they love. The most compatible match for a dog is the tiger or horse.

Chinese Dog Horoscope 2021

Dog fortune in 2021 shows that Dog people’s merits will outweigh demerits this year. Though they may be confronted with a variety of problems, people born with the Dog sign of Chinese zodiac never flinch or shirk their responsibilities.


It is their composure, loyalty and the optimistic attitude that contribute to their over achievements in career and wealth this year. In terms of their love life, Dog people should make prudent decisions when starting a relationship or stepping into marriage. Speaking of health fortune, youngsters need to kick the habit of staying up late while elderly people can start to take health care products.


Efficient communication, professional self-improvement - According to the Dog fortune prediction in 2021, Dog people’s success at work is largely due to their skillful communication with others. Since they can easily get their ideas across, they are unlikely to face misunderstandings from their colleagues or subordinates, which speeds up the completion of plan. What is more, Chinese zodiac Dogs seldom feel conceited but seek every opportunity to improve their professional capabilities. No wonder some of them will get promotion or pay raise in 2021. By the way, as for Dog undergraduates who are going to enter a workplace, they needn’t set unduly high standards for their first job but regard it as a transition period from a student to a working newbie.


Certain Profit, stable income - Their wealth fortune is pretty good in 2021. Hardworking Dog people can save an amount of money owing to the pay rise or the bonus from their main job. Also, entrepreneurs of the Dog sign of Chinese zodiac will run a profitable business this year and are not likely to go bankruptcy or undergo financial fraud. In addition, those who invest in promising industries may have their money double at the end of 2021. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that women should carefully create their consumption plan. The ideal situation is that they can save a small amount of money every month.


Cautiously choose the ideal match, solve conflicts actively - As said by Dog fortune in 2021, their luck in love and relationship is neither too good nor too bad, largely depending on their subjective consciousness. It is recommended that single people should not start a relationship in haste but prudently consider their compatibility first. As for those who already have a girlfriend or boyfriend, they need to play an active role in solving conflicts this year. During a fight, if they adopt the silent treatment as their partner does, this relationship will be on the verge of collapse. Besides, others need to remember that the recipe for a happy marriage includes mutual understanding and the resistance to external temptations.


Get enough rest, take precautions against recurrent diseases - The health fortune for people of the Chinese zodiac dog is just so-so. Students and employees are recommended to increase their efficiency during the daytime and leave themselves enough rest in the evening. Under no circumstances do they get used to staying up late or working overtime. Elderly people should raise their awareness to guard against recurrent diseases. Apart from a balanced diet and enough exercise, equal attention should be paid to physical examination and health care products. By the way, in case of any injury or accident, Dog kids and elderly people should better go outside under others’ company.


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Pigs are known for their sincerity, purity and tolerance. They like to give, yield and serve. They are also an excellent companion.

On the negative side, Pigs tend to be slow and somewhat snobbish.

A Pig rhymes very well with a fellow pig and the goat. They also make good combination with Rabbits & Rats. Pigs are the most compatible with all other signs.

General Characteristics - Pig

One thing's for sure about Pigs -- they're always in the pink! Generous and honorable, they are nice to a fault and possessed of impeccable manners and taste. The porcine ones have so much of the perfectionist in them that others may be inclined to perceive them as snobs. Not the case! Pigs believe in the best in mankind and certainly don't consider themselves superior. They also care a great deal about friends and family and work hard to keep everyone in their life happy. Helping others is a true pleasure for the Pig, a happy sort that feels best when everyone else is smiling. A truly sad sight is a Pig with no one around to appreciate their giving nature. Pigs are so magnanimous they can appear almost saintly. This can lead some less-than-well-intentioned souls to stomp all over the Pig and the Pig will take the blows! The Pig refuses to see others as less than good, an endearing quality which makes them great companions. The happy Pig might actually scowl if someone tries to tell them that their approach is all wet. Hey, it works for them! Suffice it to say Pigs aren't keen on unsolicited advice, preferring to fight their own fights when need be.

If you can stay out of their way, Pigs can be the most loyal and devoted friends on Earth. Beyond their sparkling reputations, Pigs are highly intelligent creatures. They are forever studying, playing and probing in their quest for greater knowledge. They also adore food and drink, easily making them the gourmands of the Chinese Zodiac! Nothing but champagne and caviar for the discerning Pig. These porcine pals also make wonderful life partners, since they truly do have a heart of gold. Even so, Pigs can be exceedingly exclusive, spending time with those who will appreciate them most while ignoring the rest of the populace. Pigs need to realize that there's more to life than being needed. When they open up their world to a diverse group of people, they will truly bloom. The most compatible match for a pig is the rabbit or goat.

Chinese Pig Horoscope 2021

Pig fortune in 2021 shows that their luck in every aspect will fluctuate dramatically by month, especially during the first half the year, which explains why their overall luck falls behind other Chinese zodiacs.


In the latter half of 2021, people who belong to Chinese zodiac Pig are likely to meet their compatible partners and even embrace married life. Also, a few with financial acumen will probably double their money with ease. In contrast, Pig people should pay attention to the changes in their career and health this year. Owing to frequent business trips, they may feel exhausted both physically and mentally. Much worse, some of them would take overeating as a way to release stress, but only to gain overweight and suffer digestive diseases.


Tired of the status quo, meet lucky stars - According to Pig fortune prediction in 2021, though they seem to be busy in work all year round, few of them will make substantial progresses. The major reason is that the tasks assigned to them are trivial and dull, leaving them little space to improve job proficiency. Accordingly, some may quit the job soon. Considering the unstable market environment in 2021, some people are also at the risk of being laid off. As for Pig entrepreneurs, their career luck is just so-so. When they face financial shortages or other external threats, resourceful people will come to provide some help. Nevertheless, their hard work will let them only break even instead of earn a lot.


Think twice before lending money, get benefits from robust stock market - People with the Pig sign of Chinese zodiac will have neither too good nor too bad wealth fortune in 2021. Young people and blue-collar workers may not save a lot of money this year because their salary simply covers daily expenditures. Fortunately, as long as they avoid buying high-end products or lending money to others on impulse, they won’t experience serious financial problems. In contrast, Pig investors are blessed with more luck. At the end of 2021, they may gain enviable profit from the bullish stock market or the financial products with high return rate.


Abandon unrealistic standards, prepare for wedding - In 2021, though single Pig people themselves are not in a haste finding a partner, their friends and family love to play the role as matchmaker. However, as mentioned in Pig fortune in 2021, others’ help don’t ensure that single Pig people will meet their ideal type that quickly. Many of them may face a difficult start for girls set unreasonably high standards for their boyfriend, whereas boys are particular about their girlfriend’s look. Actually, once they become more realistic, they will quickly meet the one whom they are destined to fall in love with. Besides, in 2021, some Pig people may put wedding ceremony on the agenda. Though the preparation is laborious, it is worth it.


Young people become obese, prevent relapsing disease - People with Chinese zodiac Pig sign seems to be lacking in health fortune in 2021. Due to the high fat diet and the irregular work and rest schedule, young people are likely to be obese and have acute digestive diseases. Also, since insufficient sleep weakens human’s immune system, some Pig people may easily catch a cold as temperature drops. Elderly people should pay special attention to health this year because the seizure of their underlying diseases is totally preventable. They should stick to a well-balanced diet every day and take physical examinations twice a year.


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