Roses are red ... Violets are blue ... but a face like yours belongs in the zoo !!!

I wish you lots of itching and short arms.

You have the face of a saint...a Saint-Bernard!

You are so beautiful, sweet and faithful... It is a pity that I do not like animals!!!

I think you are ugly and stupid, You are a real pain in the …... Wait a moment.... oh no, I do have the right number...

Roses are red, violets are blue, when I sense the smell of the bathroom, I think of you !

I do not swear, I do not smoke and I do not drink ! O damned My sigarette has fallen in my glass of beer ..

Will we play the hulk together??.....I will be tall and strong and you green and ugly!!!

If you did not have any feet, would you wear shoes?? why do you wear a bra????!!!

A fart is a flying planet, created by God and produced by men!

Why do men fart more often than women ? Because women do not keep their mouth shut long enough to build up the pressure..

Oké honey, we will try one more time!! How do you spell 'IQ' ?

I am born this way, but what is your excuse?

I love the sea, I love the rocks, but when I see you I need to puke !

Some people die. Others become a teacher...

Women are just like frogs. They have a big mouth and are scared of the stork.

If I ever die because of marihuana, mark on my grave, I am too stoned to get up!!

When I was a baby, I played with toys. Now I'm a lady and I play with boys!!

You know when you are really too fat? When you are on the beach and Greenpeace carries you back to the sea.

When are you really full of confidence? .............. If you fart having diarrhoea.

On the door of a toilet....Some people come here to sit and wonder, I come here to shit like thunder!

Nice hair, a shame that you sit on it.

Roses are red violets are blue, shit stinks and so do you!

He kisses her gently on the lips. She does not feel comfortable, squeezes her legs, and so his glasses broke.

A woman is a marvellous creation, she produces milk without eating grass, she bleeds without being hurt, gets wet even when it does not rain and sucks without needing power.

It is red and it taps on the window .................... A baby in a microwave.

I like your style ... I like your class ... but most of all I like your ass.

The more the merrier. The more women, the more prettier.

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