Some say the glass is half empty, Some say the glass is half full, I say "are you gonna drink that?"

Iv got 2 sit down & work out where i stand!!!

Im a nobody.. nobodys perfect.. therefore IM PERFECT!!!

Maturity is knowing when and where to be immature

All of my friends and I are crazy.Thats what keeps us sane!

if barbie is so popular....then y do u have 2 buy her friends?

I intend to live forever- so far so good

I didnt kiss ur boyfriend! I told his lips a secret!!

I would stop eating chocolate.. but I'm not a quitter!

Wen u smile the world smiles with u.wen ur down people will rally behind u.but wen u fart u r alone coz people will never stand by u!

people ask me if id pefer 2 go 2 hell or heaven i say hell coz its nice and warm down there.


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