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If you are disappointed with the way things are turning out...

If you are depressed about the idiosyncrasies of life...

If your career graph is plummeting...

If your profits are spiralling, but only downwards...

If you are permanently considered a person of potential...

If your contemporaries repeatedly hog kudos while you do the lion's share of work...

If despite your best efforts, your 'state of the art' factory is becoming a monolithic monument to your failures...

If you find walking on the cutting edge of technology
too sharp a going despite your up-to-date training...

If your productivity is suboptimal, and you score only double bogeys in corporate performance when your actual handicap should be under par...

If your repertoire is vast, but your achievements ordinary...

If your marriage was made in heaven, but is functional in hell...

If your child is the apple of your eye, but the strictest quality standards can't keep the worms out...

If you just don't have that 'Feel Good' aura about you...

You could consider altering the location,
orientation, shape, or topography
(as the case may be) of your :

* Site itself

* Dwelling

* Entrance doors to various areas

* Work station

* Allocation of work space

* Hierarchical seating arrangement

* Raw material

* Finished products

* Heavy and light machines

* Assembly lines

* Boiler

* Furnace

* Underground / Overhead tanks

* Allocation of bedrooms

* Toilets

* Kitchen

* Study

* Temple / Chapel

* Well / Waterbody

* Landscape

* Staircase

Sounds arcane? Not at all. There's nothing new about this. Of course, there are no miracles overnight, and there may not always be a direct 'cause and effect' relationship.

In all probability, however, you may need a little push in life with what should have been rightly yours anyway, but you were never really exposed to it. The landscapes are the same, you just need new eyes to look at it. Look at your corporate world, the way more and more corporations are looking at theirs. Look at it through the eyes of a phoenix from the past.


Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Vaastu


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