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  Source and Sink Directions
The east, west, north, and south directions are called the main directions of vastu, while northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest are the sub directions. The main directions of vastu represent streams of specific energies. Since these directions act as source or sink for energies, orientation and alignment of forces are predetermined in their zones of influence.

In absence of such constraints, sub directions play important role. It is because sub directions represent zone of confluence of different energies that are at right angle to each other. As such any disturbance in flow in any sub direction initiates turbulence in energy flow which is aligned to the main directions. In ancient texts, sub directions are called 'Marma-Sthan'   or focal points.

The east and north represent source directions for 'Pranik' and 'Jaivik' energy flows respectively while the west and south represent the sinks for these energies.

Jaivik Urja and Pranic Urja
Jaivik and Pranic UrjaThe north and south geomagnetic flux is termed as 'Jaivik Urja� or organic energy. This force field helps in locating the energy medians in living beings and providing them with natural orientation. This eternal indirection flow defines, directs and propagates the existence at cellular level. The solar energy flux keeps on changing as per the position of the sun relative to the earth. This force field with photon quanta as energy packets is termed as the 'Pranik Urja'.

This leads to the following source and sink combinations -

Northeast - It is a source-source focal point. Minimum or no load and maximum side margins lead to ample positive energy flow for vastu.

Southeast -It is a sink-sink focal point. Maximum loading and minimum side margins allows for balancing hte energy-matter equation.

Similarly, comparatively reduced charges are indicated for the southeast and northwest zones, which are sink-source and source-sink focal points respectively.

Aura of Directions
 Aura of DirectionsMain directions north and south are related to geomagnetic organic flow. East and west are related to solar Pranik flow. Hence flows in main direction have direct effect on one stream only. But any flow in the sub directions (the most effective zones) contributes to disturbance in both streams. A fault in sub direction leads to cut and break in the flow of cosmic helix of energy.

The reason behind this is that in a spherical sky of 360 �., there are in all 12 points (30 deg. each) allotted for main and sub directions together. This implies that main direction controls 30 deg. of space whereas sub direction rules over 60 deg. of adjacent space.

Hence in 'Dwar Nivesh Phal� main doors are not situated in the sub directions. Dwar Nivesh Phal considers the hidden source-sink and energy -matter relationship while determining the position of the entrance to the vastu. The specific deities, virtues, and vices in Dwar Nivesh Phal symbolically represent the micro variations in the energy levels.


Selection of flooring material and patterns can be finalized by making use of the qualities of the five great elements, energy, source-sink relationship, and energy matter equation as applied to sub directions. The flooring pattern is selected in such a manner that the Pranik and Jaivik Urja create positive energy envelope for the vastu.

North-east zone - White marble enhances positive energy sources as it reflects and polarizes sunlight. Also white color is the color of 'jal tatwa� and the north-east zone requires the qualities of the jal tatwa.

South-east zone - Agra red stone or any other pink colored stone provides the necessary loading to compensate the energy sink and the red colour representing 'agni tatwa '  satisfies the requirements of this zone.

North-west zone - Kota or blue tandoor stone is suitable for this zone. Blue color represents 'vayu tatwa� matching the qualitative requirements of this zone. 

South-west zone - Yellow colored stone as yellow jaisalmer stone represent the 'Prithvi tatwa� and hence orients the 'gurutwa' (heaviness) towards this zone. Gurutwa is required to compensate the sink-sink combination in this zone.



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