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  Vaastu for Restaurant
It is always advisable to follow Vastu guidelines while building a restaurant. Certain rules have been laid down for every structure and the same holds true for the restaurants as well. Vastu becomes all the more important while planning a restaurant, as it�s important to prevent it from running into losses because of any problem with its planning. You will invite troubles, if you do no plan your restaurant or any building to be used for commercial purposes according to Vastu Shashtra. 

This article brings you some very useful guidelines to keep in mind, while building a restaurant. Go through them and know the right Vasthu to flourish in the restaurant business. 

Vastu Tips For Restaurants

  • Ground floor would be apt for the reception and restaurant purposes.
  • It is always better to have the main entrance of a restaurant in east, north or northeast directions. If it is to be planned in the west, it should be towards northwest, but not in the southwest corner on any condition.
  • The storeroom for a restaurant should be built in the southwest.
  • Installation of AC plant should be preferably in the southeast.
  • Generator, transformer and other electrical installations should also be placed in the southeast corner.
  • Washbasin area should be in the northeast. Washbasins should never be kept in the center of the restaurant, even for the sake of convenience.

  • Landscaping and fountains or artificial water falls can be constructed in the northeast, north or east of the entire site.
  • According to Vastu experts, kitchen is considered to be the most sensitive region for the restaurant business. If the placement of the kitchen cannot be done in the southeast direction (the best), it should be placed in the north-west.
  • There must be adequate provision for light, ventilation and a large open space for the kitchen.
  • Large open ground, lawn and space for organizing conferences etc. should be maintained in the open.
  • The wall color should be mild and soothing to the eyes. Glossy or dark colors should not be used. Soothing colors will positively affect the temperament and behavior of the customer. The happy and satisfied customer is a potential advertiser for a restaurant. Nothing else works like the 'word of mouth'.
  • The staff at reception counter should not face south or west direction. They should, rather, face north or east direction. This will help give them a positive attitude, which will lead to good rapport with customers.
  • Restaurants should not have a round top, as it brings in losses.



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