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  Vaastu for Bank
Vastu in banks become important for security and safety purpose; if it is constructed according to the Vastu principles then probably banks would never face problem of robbery or theft. Another significant thing that must be taken while considering Vastu is placement of employees and main head or manager of bank; and placement or room for money deposit.

Vastu Tips for Bank

  • It is ideal to locate a bank in North or East direction as this direction is ideal for construction.
  • Avoid any kind of obstruction in the main door of bank and entrance is recommended towards East or North-east or North.
  • South-east corner of bank should be made into Manager�s room and person sitting their face towards North.
  • Cash counters must be placed in North with cashier facing East or North-east.
  • Use wooden counters for cash.
  • Employees of bank or staff must be seated in West.

  • The main cash room where all the cash is accumulated must be placed in South or South-west opening towards North.
  • There should always be some water source in North-east which is most auspicious.
  • Colour play a significant role in making and stabilizing wealth matters, so Yellow is prominent colour.
  • Things like files, papers and other junk stuff must be kept at South-west.
  • Stationary can be placed in North-west corner.
  • Cash deposit counters must be located in the North direction of bank.
  • Payment counters can placed western portion.
  • Keep stairs in West, South-west or South-east.



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