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          Vastu Shastra

  Vastu for Buildings ( Commercial Vastu )

     Vastu for Home ( Residential Vastu )

     Vastu in Daily Life

      Vastu Products & Services


  Vaastu for Factory
Factories and industrial structures need special attention while construction and should be free from any Vastu defect. It is very important to follow the right Vastu advice while constructing a factory, since it�s a business enterprise and should provide profits only. Following Vastu guidelines while planning factories helps avoid losses and untowardly incidents. In a factory, it is also imperative to tap the maximum potential of the laborers and have free movement of men and material. 

Vastu proves to be of a great help in ensuring just that. The article lists some important Vasthu guidelines for a factory. Go through them and know the correct Vastu for building a factory.

A well-structured factory is probably can�t grant all-round contentment to the owner in terms of wealth, health, peace, employees and labour. The site on which factory is being constructed is the primary aspect and contributing factor in the success of factory. The main objective of every business is earning profit however if this goal is not achieved through one or the other reason then one must suspect Vastu. Vastu of factory helps detecting problems at site by analyzing it thoroughly and correctly it with invasive remedies.

We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the factory. Vastu consultation of factory involves a thorough analysis.

  • The location of the beams
  • The location of the basement
  • The direction of the Entrance
  • The direction & placement of the windows
  • The direction & placement of the heavy machines
  • The direction & placement of the employees
  • The direction & placement of the owner
  • The direction & placement of the raw materials
  • The direction & placement of the finished goods
  • The direction and placement of the electrical equipment like generators
  • The direction and placement of the stairs
  • The direction & placement of AC, cooler, audio systems
  • The direction & placement of the oven
  • The direction & placement of the pantry/kitchen
  • The direction & placement of the toilets
  • The direction & placement of the water products
  • The direction and placement of the administrative area
  • The direction and placement of the guard room
  • The direction and placement of the staff quarters
  • The direction and placement of the water boring
  • The direction and placement of the staff underground water tank
  • The direction and placement of the overhead water tank
  • The direction and placement of the septic tank or the waste disposal

Vastu of factory determines every aspect to find out the reason of prevailing problems in the existing factory. Some tips of Vastu for factory are:

  • The main entrance of the factory should be situated in north, east or northeast, to gain excellent profits. The entrance should always be of a big size. A big factory should have doors on two sides. They should be in the north, east, northeast or northwest direction.
  • The office in the factory should be located in north or east direction. During business deals and discussions, the owner should always face the north or east direction, for reaping greater benefit from the deal.
  • The finished products should be taken out of factory through the door in the northwest direction. This will ensure quicker disposal of finished products and greater profits.
  • A compound wall is a must for any factory. The south and west area of the compound should never be kept empty or vacant.
  • Maintenance workshop can be either in south or in southwest, while totally avoiding northeast and centre. Maintenance and consumable stores should be closer to the workshop.
  • Energy meters, furnaces, transformers, generators, boilers, and other equipment involving heat energy should always be kept in the southeast direction. This is very essential for smooth operation of the factory and avoiding accidents.
  • A temple (even a small one) should be built in the northeast corner and kept neat and clean. Avoid cluttering the temple or stacking any factory material in there.
  • Toilets, be it in the administrative building or in any other part of factory, should be built in southeast or northwest direction. If a septic tank has to be built for that purpose, it should be placed in between north and northwest or between east and southeast.
  • Heavy raw materials stores can be planned in southwest, south or west direction, while semi processed materials need to be stocked in south or west side.
  • Light and auxiliary machines, work equipments and tools should be kept in eastern or northern sides, avoiding northeast, northwest and southeast corners completely.
  • Water pumps, bore-wells underground water tanks, pumps etc. are best located in northeast area only. If overhead tanks are to be constructed or erected, they should be located in the west. In any case, southwest and northeast area must be avoided for erecting an overhead water tank.



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