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Vastu is one of the most ancient sciences of Indian architecture and is composed of specific rules, regulations and directions, set down by sages of the vedic times. For the modern society it is the highly evolved, comprehensive building philosophy.

According to vastu, a building or a premises is a living organism and can be designed in harmonic resonance with the underlying energy structure of the universe. 

Such a building or premises becomes a generator of coherence, attuning the occupants to the universal laws and increasing health, wealth and spiritual well being. 

The biggest Proof of vaastushastra can be found during the time of Ramayan and Mahabharat. Even in the cities of Mohanjodaro and Harappa the application of vaastushastra can be seen. Since the science goes far back to the times of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna there are many interesting mythological stories concerning the origin of Vaastupurush (the deity).

If you consider it a mythological fact then here are the most unbelievable examples that Vastu is a science and one must follow it wholeheartedly.

Geographical situation of an area affects the nature thus the vastu for every place changes. We see that some countries are much advanced, developed and prosperous while others are much backward. For e.g.

  • Japan, existence of deep water in North and the East is considered most auspicious according to vastu shastra. The eastern side of Japan is widely spread and open. Thus Japan gets full benefit of the rays of the sun. This is why Japan is rich and prosperous. There is sea in Southeast and south of Japan, which is a place for Fire, this is why it suffered the attack of atom bombs explosion and earthquake.
  • If we take Africa as a continent, we all know the northeastern corner of this continent is interjected. Northwest portion is projected, southeast and south have unlimited water, these all conditions are inauspicious according to vastu, that's why African countries are backward, uneducated, poor. But on the contrary, in the north of this continent, there exists Mediterranean Sea, which is favorable according to vastu. In the eastern part, river Nile flows and that's why civilization developed in Egypt and now Egypt got name and honour for it's world famous pyramids.
  • Why to go far, lets discuss our own INDIA, we know we have the Himalayas in the North and Northeast side of our country which is against vastu, thus there is lot of poverty in our country. There is water in Southwest and southeast side of our nation, thus we have to face the attacks of foreign empires. One thing that makes India famous is that we have our slope towards east, which is a very favourable and auspicious sign

Apart from the geographical conditions and different nations, if we take examples within our country, you will be surprised to see. Have you ever thought that why tajmahal is so famous that it has become the 7th wonder of the earth and why exactly similar structure called"chandbibi ka makbara" situated in Aurangabad is not yet known to the people. Why is so that the Tirupati balaji is world famous and other temples situated in the same regions are still waiting for the pilgrims to come�. This is all vastu , they are famous because they are made according to vastu.

Thus to achieve the happiness, peace and prosperity, one must follow the principles of vastu.

Vaastu is an empirical science. Over the years, based on the knowledge in the Vedas, repeated studies on a number of buildings, offices, temples, houses, apartments have shown a positive correlation between the application of Vaastu principles and success. It can be extensively applied to various edifices natural and man made land masses, temples, factories, homes, office buildings and corporate headquarters.

Water in the Northeast is considered most auspicious and Japan has the largest water body in this direction, a reason for its being one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Mumbai again has water in the North East and the Atomic Power Plant (Agni) in the South East thus according to Vaasthu principles and the most powerful, prosperous place in India.

The location and construction of the famous Balaji Temple, the most prosperous in India, are all according to Vaastu: Water tank in the Northeast, Kitchen in Southeast, and the Lord in Southwest facing East and so on. Studies conducted on cities like New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong etc have shown they are according Vaastu principles.

The most famous prosperous industrial houses have also been studied: The Tata Head Office in Mumbai, Akbarallys the most successful retail store in India, factories of FACOR a highly successful industry in A.P. and many others have been found to be according to Vaastu.

Prosperity of Famous Tirupati Temple

World famous Tirupati temple is found adhering to the principles of vastu shilpa shastra. Its prosperity legendary thanks mainly to the exemplary implementation of the principles of Vastu Shastra. The main temple is situated on the South - West side of the temple complex. On its North - East direction is a lake and pond. The dining hall of the temple is on South-East side while the North-West and North side of the temple is allocated to the godown for grains and items require in the kitchen. The entire temple complex is of square shape as a result of which its axis and that of the Earth are perpendicular to each other. The main temple is occupying only the one fourth area of the total areat and on its Eastern and Northern side is open area. Thus the Tirupati temple of Lord Balaji is an ideal place according to the norms of Vastu Shastra which is why it is the most prosperous temple on the earth.

Prosperity of Japan

Inspite of a small country, Japan has progressed tremendously. It has a large water body - the Pacific ocean in its North-East direction. The eastern side of Japan is widely spread and open. Thus Japan gets full benefit of the rays of the sun. This gives Japan a maximum benefits of Vastu & made this country rich and prosperous. But it has sea in Southeast and south, which is a place for Fire, this The Japan has suffered the attack of atom bombs explosion and earthquake ,as it has sea in south east and south.

Prosperity of London

Prosperous city London is ideally situated according to the principles of Vastu Shastra. The Thames river is in the east direction. It has more parks & garderns in the North west & East. Many famous Educational institutes & universities are located in the North east corner. The boundry of the England is more towards North & East directions- a positive directions to capture benefical morning sundrays ,according to vastu.

Prosperity of America

Looking at the map of America, the country is more located towards east side than west. Also the extention is more towards north east, which is auspicious. It has huge lakes in the north east location. As one progresses towards North-East in United States of America the land becomes richer and richer, it is found.

At the root of the progress and prosperity of the cities like New York, London, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. are always the benedictory principles of Vastu Shastra, it is found.

Prosperity of Mumbai

Mumbai, a rich port has a water body to its Northeast. All major lakes for drinking water are situated in the North east direction of Mumbai. It has an atomic plant represting Agni (Fire) in the south east of the Mumbai. Fire is a key factor in prosperity of any vastu premises or location. It has more ocean in the West, the perfect location for Vayu (Air).

Spiritual prosperous India

In India, Slope is more towards east, which is auspicious. All important rivers are flowing towards east, that is why country is more rich in spirituality. Thousands of westerners flock to India for spiritual enlightenment. India has the Himalayas in the North of the country which is against vastu, thus there is lot of poverty in the country. There is water in Southwest and southeast side of our nation, thus we have to face the attacks of foreign empires & lot of expenditure on defence.



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