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          Vastu Shastra

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  Elements of Vaastu
The entire universe is believed to be made up of five basic elements, namely fire, water, earth, air and space. The human body is also made up of these elements. Basically, these five elements are related to our five senses - that of taste, smell, hearing, touch and sight. The aim of Vastu Shastra is to teach the individuals how to live in a perfect equilibrium and harmony, by balancing these five main elements. 

Vaastu teaches us how to correct our internal and external imbalances, to ensure a peaceful and stress free life. The article delves at length on the five elements of the ancient architectural practice. Read on to know their importance in Vastu.

Vastu is a science of direction that combines the five elements of nature and cosmos, ultimately balancing with man and the material. This mysterious science unifying the five elements called �Panchbhootas�- earth, fire, water, sky and space and paving a way for enlightenment, happiness and prosperity.

Five elements
Five Elements of VastuAccording to Vastu, the cosmos is full of beneficial energies which we must learn to tack as well as keep in balance if we wish to experience a state of well-being. Energy is essentially emanated by two forces- the five elements and the electro-magnetic energy generated by the rotation of earth. Earth is a third planet among the nine planets and the only place where life exist due to the presence of panchbhootas. Sun, air and space are universally available and can be moulded in accordance with human needs by the act of design. To thoroughly understand the act of design with these five elements we need to discuss all these elements briefly in a separate manner:

Five Elements Of Vaastu Shastra

Earth, also known as prithvi, is known for its gravitational and magnetic qualities. It is the only element that is connected to all the five senses of the human body - the sense of taste, touch, sound, smell and sight. This is the reason why it influences us the most. Sleeping with the head towards the south enables one to go with the nature and draw maximum positive energies from the cosmos, to keep fit and healthy.

Also known as Jal, water is the most important element after earth. It is linked to our senses of taste, touch, sight and hearing. Quantitatively, it is the largest of the five elements, as more than 80% of our body and two-third of earth's surface is made up of water. Vastu rightly determines the placement of water sources, like wells, boring, underground water tank, overhead water tank, etc, while planning any building, to draw the maximum benefits.

Sun is the primary source of life and energy. It is known for its vitality and strength. Sun is associated with Agni (fire), which is the basis of all energy on earth and without which all life will come to an end. The element of fire is related to sound, touch and sight and its direction is southeast. Geysers, fireplace and kitchen should be located in this direction. Vastu recommends having tall and big trees in the south, to block the harmful rays of sun.

Air Air is also known as vayu. It is the fundamental element for our survival. This element relates to our senses of sound and touch. The air on earth is a mixture of various gases, like nitrogen, oxygen, helium, and hydrogen, which are essential for human beings. Vastu recommends guidelines to be followed for placement of doors, windows, ventilators, balconies, height of structure and placement of trees and plants, to balance the air element. The air should enter a building from northeast.

Also known as Akash, space has no limits or boundaries; it is infinite. It is linked to our sense of hearing. In a house, the space element is related to the central portion or the brahmasthan. It is important that brahmasthan be kept open. At the same time, the house should be built in such a way that the light enters its centre as well. Any disturbances in the space element prove to be detrimental to growth and progress.



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