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  Vaastu for Students
Vastu shastra is also useful for students. Wrong Vastu can also affect your child�s education. Your child can grow in right direction if proper Vastu Principles are implemented in your life. Education is a life long pursuit. We never stop learning and growing, even when we leave our school days far behind. Vastu can help transform average but hard working students into high achievers. Full potentials can be met and hidden abilities discovered.

By correctly the vastu of the home/house/school or study area, students can improve on various areas. We have heard that parents are disturbed as their children are not interested in studies rather busy with other activities. This could be the reason of the placement of their kid�s study area or study room designed. The direction of sitting also affects studies and the mental growth. By simply designing the study room as per vastu, adjusting the study table and chair as per vastu and the sitting direction of the student can bring a big difference in the performance as well as their interest level in studies.

Vastu can be beneficial for enhancing the education luck and concentration in students. Vastu solutions can be utilized to enable your children to score well and concentrate on their studies.

Let Vastu help you attain better results for your efforts. You might be working hard but not getting results good enough for all the hard work you put yourself through. Vastu is not a magic wand to get you on the top, but it redirects your efforts to the right direction. Following are some of the tips that will help you do just the same:

1. The study room should be located in the East, the North or the North East of the house.

2. Sit for studying and learning in the East as it aids concentration

3. Make sure that the study does not have a toilet on the floor above or below and that your children are not studying sitting under a beam. If they are, either shift them or install an up lighter there.

4. Make sure that there is no mirror reflecting their books while they study. This can double their workload hence creating a lot of pressure on them.

5. Since pillars, columns, sharp pointed edges of furniture, open shelves etc act as obstructions and deterrents to good concentration, make sure that the children are not getting affected by any of these.
Place the study table facing East or North to ensure that while studying the child is facing either of these directions.

6. Do not keep the study table against a wall.

7. There should be open space in front of the child to encourage fresh ideas and approach. The child should have a solid wall behind him/her, as it signifies support.

8. Place a painting or poster of a mountain behind to add support whose peaks are not spiked or pointed.
Place the bookshelves on the sides and not above the study table.

9. Ensure that the study table is not cluttered with heaps of books piled on it. The table and chair should also be neat and clean.

10. A revolving chair is not a good idea, a four legged wooden chair is best.
The study room should be bright and well lit as dingy and dimly lit rooms are depressing and not conducive to a child's education.

11. Adequate amount of sunlight or natural light is a must. While studying the shadow of the child should not fall on the books.

12. A study lamp should be used to energize luck in education and focus on studies.

13. The light should be bright but not too harsh on the eyes.

14. Children's room should be vibrant and cheerful, avoid too much of black in this room.
Playing inspirational and soothing music in the children's room is very effective as studies and music goes together.

15. Play Gayatri chants early morning to energize living spaces.

16. Ensure that your child sleeps with his/her head towards the East.
Place an inspirational picture in the child's room. The picture could be that of a galloping horse, a rising Sun or of the goddess of knowledge, Saraswati.

17. Place an energized Saraswati Yantra near your child's bedside or study table.

18. Hang framed certificates or display trophies etc won by the child on the South wall.
To stimulate memory, children can be encouraged to do deep breathing exercises for 10-15 minutes, wash their face, hands and feet and chant "Om Aaing" eleven times before beginning their studies.

The above Vastu tips will definitely help in making your child successful and stress-free!



Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Vaastu


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