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  Vaastu for Kitchen
In a house, kitchen is the place where the meals are cooked. There can be no other place in a house that is as important as the kitchen. It is advisable to plan your kitchen according to Vastu recommendations, as it has the most direct effect on your health. When it comes to kitchen, Vastu takes into consideration various things that, when properly placed, ensure safety in the kitchen. 

Some of the essential determinants are proper location of the kitchen, direction and placement of doors and windows, placement of cooking gas, gas cylinder, sink, refrigerator and other electronic gadgets, and so on. With this article, let us explore the most useful Vastu remedies for kitchen.


We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the kitchen. Vastu consultation of kitchen involves thorough analysis.

  • Proper location of the kitchen in the house
  • The direction of the Entrance
  • The direction & placement of the windows
  • The direction & placement of the cooking gas
  • The direction to face while cooking
  • The direction & placement of the sink
  • The direction & placement of gyser
  • The direction & placement of the refrigerator
  • The direction & placement of the electric equipments
  • The direction & placement of the gas cylinders
  • The direction & placement of storage
  • The colour scheme of the kitchen

Vaastu Tips For Kitchen

  • The ideal place for the location of kitchen is the southeast corner. An alternative choice can be the northwest corner of the house.
  • As per the Vastu remedies for kitchen, certain directions that are a total no-no for the construction of the kitchen are: northeast, mid-north, mid-west, southwest, mid-south and the center of the house.
  • Make sure that the cooking platform does not touch eastern or northern wall.

  • The best direction for cooking is facing east, as this direction is considered to be auspicious.
  • Keep in mind that the stove in your kitchen should never be visible from the outside. It can lead to digestion problems for the family members.
  • Remember that taps and sinks should not be very close to the cooking range. Fire and water repel against each other.
  • It's best to have the kitchen sink in the northeast direction. If there is a dishwasher in the kitchen, place it in the northwest side of the kitchen. The other water elements like drinking water should be placed in the northeast.
  • Different electrical appliances also have to be kept at a right place in the kitchen, according to Vastu shastra. For example, if the refrigerator is placed inside the kitchen, then keep it in the southwest direction. Exhaust fans in the kitchen should always be fitted on the eastern walls in the southeast corner. Other electrical appliances, like microwave, should be put in the southeast corner.

  • Storage is also a very important aspect of the kitchen. If you have cabinets in the northeast side, use it for storing light things only.
  • Have elaborate storage units, built in to give a clean and tidy look to the kitchen.
  • If your kitchen has overhead storage cupboards, avoid having them over the cooking range.
  • While constructing the kitchen, make adequate provision for cross ventilation.

  • The big windows of the kitchen should be in the east direction, while the smaller ones should be towards the south.
  • The suitable colors for the kitchen, other than green, are soft pink and orange.
  • There should be no toilets adjoining, above or below the kitchen.
  • Food should never be served in the center of the kitchen.
  • Clocks in the kitchen should always be placed on the south or the southwest walls.



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