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  Vaastu for Bed Room
In India, Vastu Shashtra is considered a sacred science that helps people live a stress-free life. People have relied on Vastu for centuries for living in perfect harmony and keeping problems at an arm�s length. It is even more important for your bedroom, where you retire to escape from the worries of the world and have a tension-free sleep. In context of bedroom, Vastu takes into consideration different determinants to ensure harmony in the house. 

The main things that become important, while constructing and designing bedrooms, are location, placement of bed, color scheme, direction and placement of doors, windows, and furniture, set up of electronic gadgets, etc. Let us explore the basic Vastu guidelines that have to be followed, in case of the bedroom.


We have to take care of the following points while studying about the vastu of the bedroom. Vastu Consultation of bedroom involves thorough analysis.

  • Proper location of the bedroom in the house
  • Proper orientation of the bed
  • The direction of the Entrance
  • The direction & placement of the windows
  • The direction & placement of the bed
  • The direction & placement of the almirah
  • The direction & placement of the locker
  • The direction & placement of the dressing table
  • The direction & placement of TV, AC, cooler, audio systems
  • The direction & placement of the telephone
  • The colour scheme of the room

Vastu Tips For Bedroom

  • For ensuring peace in the house, the main bedroom should be constructed in the south direction.
  • While placing the bed, make sure that you keep it in such a way that the occupant sleeps with his/her head pointing towards the south.
  • Having the head in the north direction should be completely avoided, while sleeping, as it acts as a source of nightmares and disturbed sleep.
  • If you want to have a bookshelf in your bedroom, west or southwest corner is the, as per the Vastu guidelines for a bedroom.

  • For constructing the master bedroom, southwest direction is just perfect. Other bedrooms can be constructed on the eastern or northern side of the master bedroom.
  • Square and rectangle shape bedrooms are just perfect for ensuring peace and prosperity in the house. Irregular shapes should be completely avoided.
  • The bedroom door should open at least ninety degrees, to fully allow positive opportunities to flow to you. This is because the door of your bedroom is symbolic of the opportunities life presents you. A door that cannot open fully will limit the support and prospects life has to offer you.

  • The first thing that you see when you enter your bedroom should give you the feeling of peacefulness and serenity. Such feelings can be enhanced by a photograph, inspiring quote, painting, sculpture or even flowers. Locate these things at such a place that the moment you enter your bedroom, your gaze falls on them.
  • Don�t place your bedroom mirror on the wall opposite your bed, as it disturbs sleep. At such a position, the mirror reflects your image and holds back your stress, rather than allowing you to throw it off.
  • Remove clutter from under you bed, as it keeps your mind lingering in the past and hinders future progress. Wherever clutter exists, you life energy becomes stagnant. Clutter is symbolic of all that has not been completed in your life. It will also not allow you to have a sound sleep, as it disturbs your subconscious mind.

  • Don�t sleep in direct alignment with sharp corners. This can create stress in your nervous system. In a room that has sharp corners, you will never be able to experience peace, unless you soften them by placing plants in front. Also, move your bed away from direct alignment with them.
  • The Vastu colors ideal for your bedroom are soft pastel shades of blue, green and off white. Avoid using dark and excessively bright colors in your bedroom.
  • Vastu Shastra rejects the idea of keeping an aquarium in the bedroom. It is believed that if they live there, they will attract material loss
  • Avoid placing divine idols in the bedroom. The best place for them is your pooja room.



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