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          Vastu Shastra

  Vastu for Buildings ( Commercial Vastu )

     Vastu for Home ( Residential Vastu )

     Vastu in Daily Life

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  Vaastu for School
A school should be designed carefully, following the guidelines of Vastu Shashtra, as students are the future of a nation and they need a firm focus and solid concentration. At the same time, it is necessary for the students to not feel stressed and over-worked. They would not be able to achieve good results, otherwise. Vastu planning for school is essential to meet the set goals and foster a healthy and competitive environment in school. 

The article lists for you, some important vasthu guidelines to be followed while building a school premises to obtain excellent results and prosper.

Vastu Tips For School

  • A school, college or any other educational institute plays a major role in shaping the fate of the nation. It is very essential to construct such buildings according to Vastu guidelines, to get the maximum benefit of the five elements of nature.
  • The entrance of the school building should always face east or north.
  • The temple or the prayer hall should be constructed in the northeast direction only.
  • The students should face either north or east while studying in the classes.

  • The classrooms should have larger windows on the northern and eastern walls.
  • The electrical equipments, like generators and inverters, are to be kept in the southeast.
  • The toilet blocks should be in the northwest corner of the entire building.
  • The administration block should be preferably in the north or east direction.
  • The canteen should be made in the southeast corner.
  • The playground should be kept in the north, east or northeast side of the site.
  • For other rooms as well, such as computer room, library, and principal�s office, a Vastu expert must be consulted while building the institute.



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