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Property brings in many litigations. For the sake of property, many horrible things have taken place. Nowadays, many cheats are high in number. We cannot be too sure when such things happen to us. Future seems to be dim. It is better to be forewarned rather than be late. Best thing is to take precautionary measures quite early. Such people can be assured of safety and security.

If there is vastu defect in North-West, it creates bad effects, it causes constant insecurity. North-West is important. If it is very high, it is a sign of security. If it has ill-effects, it is likely to yield bad results, resulting in property disputes. Likewise, disputes will crop up in the North-East case.

Once property disputes started, they never end, property disputes should not starts, once it began, it may over by any unhappy thing happens at family. In between brothers mostly these property disputes arises, so every body has cautious not to develop the property disputes at family. The elders has to take some precautionary measurements in the family for full settlement of properties, otherwise the next generations may decides for revolution on their rights. It causes property disputes.

If there is one street hitting the house from southeast exactly, this causes the inmates may face with unsolved problems. If house is having street focus from southeast direction, it causes max mental tortures to the inmates.

If house is having entrance towards southeast towards east direction, this entrance is not a good one, it improves differences in between the family members of the house, any thing may happens for this type of doors. so better to change the door towards East Eshan door, North east towards east door.

If the main entrance to the house is towards northwest towards north direction, this door is also harmful door for healthy relations in the house. Change this door towards northeast towards north side door, then all the problems will be solved and enjoy the happy living.

If in house, the eshan i.e., northeast part is cut, it means the northwest or southeast raised. This type of house brings all unhappy things to the inmates. This type of house is not at all good. If the Eshan cut that means every thing cut in our life. Generally this type of houses may be the birth place of unhappy things. Northeast portion should not be cut at any cost it should be extended. Then every thing will be in our hands.

If the house has been extended towards northwest towards north corner, this is also a big cause for property disputes.



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