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In India, Court Cases strike horror. It is not for speedy resolution. It is because of too many trips to Court that exhausts the client. It is a common saying those that win the case weep at home while those who fail weep in the court itself. Court cases are of many varieties. The houses of vastu dosha’s will involve the householders in litigations.

For instance, disproportionate length either in the North-West portion or in the South-East one, or a door in South-East towards east side or exact southeast will involve one into Court Cases. Some times defective North-East will have the same effect. Some times South-West Vastu defects brings down bad effects. All these ill effects are owing to vastu doshas; many are not aware of it.

Let us have two instances. Your house faces the North having road in the North. If there is a houses on the other side i.e. opposite side, one sort of effect; if there are no houses another sort of effect. If houses are situated on either-side, the effect will be different. For instance, let us suppose one house is in the North-East and one in the North, no house in North-West, even then it brings court troubles. This kind of influence is known as environmental Vastu defects.

If there is no house in North-east opposite to road i.e. North-east is more open, here "Our House" inmates will get more benefits, as they are getting positive benefits from north east corner, actually "inmates" never done any modifications or alterations to their house, but they are getting benefits from the surroundings, this is called Surroundings Vastu, at first no vastu consultant never thought about this effect, but now only few experts will know this fact. Below is the another example of house,  which will give inmates more head aches like court cases, mental tensions, mind is always busy with unnecessary, unwanted ideas. Find out here.

If there is  house in North-east opposite to road and North-west side is open i.e. there is no house in Northwest side opposite to road, In this case from the North vayavya, anti vibrations will hit  "Our House", it gives us problems like court cases etc. This is to be considered as secret vastu, only few of the experts will express this type of situations. So  consult only expert vastu consultants to get permanent benefits.

If Northern North-west portion of building or plot is extended, this is the very ordinary thing which will causes court cases but the above two situations are the secrets of the vastu shastra.

If there is a gate or door towards north west direction towards north side, this causes court disputes, mental tensions, loss etc.

In Second instance: Suppose your house face the East, facing the road in the East, having houses in the North-East and no house in the South-East, empty space in the South-East will bring ill effects too. Such ill effects could easily be avoided by some small vastu-tips. Vastu had also antidotes to avoid such ill effects too. With half knowledge or no knowledge, don’t venture to buy or build houses.

If a gate or door in house  is in southeast towards east side direction, it also causes court cases.

There are some more instances which leads to court cases in our erratic constructions. Expert vastu consultant can easily find out the wrong structures and releases the inmates from these hurdles.

If there is a road hitting the plot in Northern North-west, This type of street thrust also brings court cases.

There are many vastu defects without your being aware of it. In such situations, it is better to consult knowledgeable vastu expert before taking of the final decision. Vastu Expert knows how to prevent such bad effects by suggesting antidotes. Always seek the help of Vastu expert.



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