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Vastu science resolves around the belief that everything in the universe is interconnected and inter-dependent. Vastu science recognize the importance of harmonious environment and home a harmonious balance in the body and in the mind. It is important to maintain the order and balance that is inherent in the universe. Vastu recognize that our dwellings should reflect the rhythm of the universe and our connection to all of nature. 

Nature brings its own rhythm to the home. If harmony does not exist in our home or work place the two places  where we spend the great majority of our time. Our body’s own harmony is disturbed and we never experience inner peace.

Vaastu Shastra - Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are the effects of irregular shape of the plots?
A The effects of irregularly shaped plots depends on many other factors; however the general effects can be explained as under:.
Southwest is cut - may lead to loss of wealth, bad health of women.
Northwest is cut - may lead to loss of money and food.
Northeast is cut - inmates fall from virtues.
Southwest is cut - death of male children, female health related problems.

Q. Is there any relation between the proportionate length and breath of the plot?
A. The best plot for construction of a house or any type of building is square plot i.e. with equal length and breath. However, such a plot is very hard to find; personal experience. So, a rectangular shape is the next best choice. The length of the plot should always be greater than the width of the plot by a quarter. It is to be noted that the maximum length of the building/plot should be no more than twice the width. An example table for the same is as under:

Width Length
18 22.5
25 31.25
40 37.50
50 62.50
50 100
100 125

Q. What is the recommended height of the building?
A. The height of the building should be equal or close to equal to the width of the building i.e. from left to right not front to back.

Q. Is there any recommendation about the size and placement of mirror according to Vastu?
A. The best shape for the mirrors is square or rectangular; avoid oval and round shaped mirrors. Mirros should be installed only on east and north walls of the house. So, due care of this should be taken while designing the dressing room and bath room.

Q. In which direction of my house or office can I purchase additional land as an extension?
A. The best direction in which you should extend your home or office is east, north, and north east. Avoid buying land to the south, west, southwest, northwest, or southwest of your property.

Q. What does Vastu recommends about the cutting/ removal of trees from the plot?
A. Peepal, Jack, Neems, and Tamarind trees, if present, should be removed at least 6 months prior to starting the construction of the building. Trees should be cut in a season when they neither have flowers nor yield fruits. If trees are to be cut after the completion of the building, the owners must wait 3 atleast months after commencement of living there.

Q. Does Vastu allow building a house at the same ground level as that of the road in front of the house?
A. Taking the life of a building of about fifty years, there is always a possibility of the height of the road level slowly raising over a period of time. It is therefore all more necessary that the structure is built at the higher level to avoid flow of rain water in the building. It is recommended to build the building at least two to three feet above the level of the road.

Q. What is the recommendation of placement of the main door according to Vastu?
A. The following table explains the placement of main door to the building: Favorable North of North East, East of North East South of South East West of North West Unfavourable East of South East, West of South West South of South West North of North West.

Q. How to make huge profits?

This means you must get the desired results according to your efforts. See which direction you are facing? If you have a retail shop or showroom the cashier should face the north direction. Try to place the cash drawer on the south or west wall. Paste mirrors in the cash box or drawer. Keep only cash in the cash lockers, do not place unnecessary papers or other things. Sharp lighting in any showroom creates heat energy and lets the client to decide for quick deal. Multiple and colorful running lights also create good vastu environment. Also check that the place may not have any basic vastu defects. Corners are very significant in analyzing vastu defects.

Q. What causes the accidents?

A sudden setback, vehicle accidents, kitchen accidents and Factory or machine accidents these all are very painful  for the heart. One should check the placement of toilets in the building structure, if it is coming in northeastern parts it is serious vastu defect. Toilets in northeast create chances of accidents and major surgeries for the inmates of the building structure. If you have a kitchen in northeast of your house it can give serious head injuries or diseases. Similarly furnaces, heaters or ovens in commercial establishments and factory give rise to labor accidents. Keep the vastu alive to avert the accidents, life is really precious.

Q. Why you loose the job frequently?

Some times you may be blaming your self for losing the job, sometimes the circumstances and your employer. Do not loose your confidence, Check the door/entry of your office cabin or the main door of your house. These doors should not be available in the Northwestern sides of the structure. Same ways see the placement of your office cabin or your bedroom. If the placement of your office cabin or bedroom is coming in the northwestern part of the premises it is not good and creates instability for you. Also check if you have a window at your backside when you sit for work. Sitting with a back at the window gives instability. Do not place any water element in your cabin or your bedroom.

Q. Why your daughters marriage getting delayed?

Marriage of your daughter is a big worry if gets delayed. Do not blame your luck or any body else. Check the main gate of your house, if it is placed on the southwestern sides of the plot it is wrong. This defect will give you delays. It may seem to you that how a water tank can relate to the marriage of your daughter. But do not waste time. Check where your underground water tank is placed, if it is placed in the southwestern sides it is a serious vastu offence. Also check the girl should sleep in the northwestern rooms of the house. Place two rose quartz hearts in the girl bedroom for chances of early marriage.

Q. Do you have stubborn children?

It is a big heartache for those parents whose children disobey them. It depends a lot on the upbringing of the child. But vastu also plays a big role. Check the northwest corner of your house it should not be burdened. It should not be elevated in comparison to the southeastern side of plot. Also check that which part of the house of you had given to your children. If you had placed your children in the southwestern sides, they become more powerful and try to dominate. As the children grow the ego problems rises and gives a clash between the father and son.



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