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Just like a home or a building, even commercial places should be constructed in a way that they have a correct vastu. Talking about commercial places, a clinic serves as an inevitable part of a residential complex. Fever, stomach ache or even constant headache is a few of the many ailments that may sound nominal, but can cause a lot of pain and hardship to the sufferer. As such, a clinic in every residential complex has become a must. 

However, a clinic should be well constructed so that it heals and relieves the individuals of the pain faster. A good way to assure this would be constructing a vastu clinic. This type of a clinic would have everything, right from patient room to main entrance, positioned correctly and in away that enhances recovery. In the following lines, we have provided tips and guidelines for making the clinic vastu okay.

Vaastu Tips For Clinic

  • As per vastu, a clinic should not be less than 250 square ft in terms of area. Make sure that the place you chose is more than the mentioned area.
  • A clinic in the first floor would be an ideal option. However, make sure that the society does not have any objections.
  • For the flooring, clinic with ceramic tiles which are white or gray in color are not permissible. Not only they make the ambience dull and gloomy, but also are very slippery. Instead, getting wooden or vinyl flooring for the clinic is a good idea.
  • Mirrors on the ceiling are the latest fashion. However, it is not advisable in a clinic as during the treatment, it might scare the patient, especially little children.
  • As for the entrance, make sure that your clinic has a reception room. A nice painting, picture or sketch would be advantageous and radiate positive energy to the patients.

  • The basement of the clinic should ideally be in the northeast side of the clinic. This would be advantageous.
  • As for the doors and windows, there should be ones that face the north, east or the northeastern side. These would be correct from the point of view of vastu shastra.
  • In case you have space for parking area, make sure that it is in the southeast or northwest side.
  • The patient room should be well ventilated and have a window or door opening in the northeast side. This would allow positive energies to enter the room, thereby helping in faster healing and recovering.
  • If you want to keep some medical books in the clinic, the shelves and racks can be positioned in the south or west direction.
  • The electronic equipments such as generators, inverters and so on must be kept in the south east direction for better longevity. The X-Ray room should also be one in the south-east direction.
  • A toilet in the northwest direction would be a favorable option.



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