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Vaastu Shastra is an voluminous Indian litrature dating back to the time of Vedas and has mention of it. It is derived from "VASTOSHPATI". Vaastu basically is dealing with knowledge of architecture, ioconography and art realting to structure and building.

The story of Vaastu Purusha is mentioned in MATSYA PURANA. Atherva Veda is an excellent example and proof of Knowledge of vaastu by vedic people. They knew the relation between man, house and environment.

Everything in this world is made of five fundamental elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Sky. Principles of vaastu are basically dependent on the arrangement of these five essential elements of the world in their proper order and proportions.

Vaastu Shastra originated over thousands of years ago. At that time the principles were based purely on the effects of sun rays during the different times of the day.

It is used to be purely a technical subject and it was confinied to architects (Sthapatis) and handed over to their pupils.Proof of Vaastu Shastra can be found during the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Ancient civilisations like Mohanjodaro and Harappa, we can find the application of vaastu shastra.

Ancient literature tells us that vaastu was treated as the science of construction of temple and royal palaces.

India is the mother of vaastu as our Saints formulated principles of vaastu here. Our sages, rishis kept in mind the effect of energies , sunlight and balance of all the five elements in a manner so as to have the maximum benefit out of it.

Vastu is holistic in nature and operates at the basic level of human existence. Since Vastu deals with the micro level existence of body, mind, and intellect, its tenets, rules and regulations need comprehensive conceptual perception. 

Any divisive analytical efforts to diagnose its dimensions an only lead to futility and confusion. This comprehensive intellectual order of natural existence can be understood only through deep awareness. In ancient India, the learned and the enlightened Rishis divided knowledge in Metaphysical and Physical sciences, Jnana was the outcome of the mind, while Vijnana was the benevolent interface for the development of mankind. The abstract metaphysical thought was rendered into tangible scientific and engineering modes. It will be quite unnecessary to venture to guess at the time that has elapsed between the first and the third stages, and the changes that may have been caused by errors in understanding the due to individual interpretations. The Vastu texts available today are no "divine scriptures" nor could these be original 'words of the mouth'! However, these are enough to inform us how much the Rishis with their 'mind power' were able to relate the effect of the astral bodies in the universe and more specifically, solar radiation on the human.

In order to decipher what lies concealed in the Vedas, a study of certain subjects is considered a prerequisite. These subjects are called the 'Vedangas' or the body organs of the Vedas. There are six such Vedangas. They are:

Vastu is a super science and its multidisciplinary approach is based on basic knowledge of Yogashastra, Astrology, and Science. Therefore, a Vastu practitioner's responsibility to gauge the event becomes very difficult, and it is ridiculous to make tall and high claims while forecasting. The basic elements of Vastu being five great elements, eight directions, sun and moon streams, deities in Vastu Purush Mandal, study of vibrations, waves, sound and light, permutations and combinations of all these things.

Vastu, Music, Astrology, Yogashastra and Ayurveda are five great holistic sciences which are completely interconnected and in totality form a comprehensive remedial field to convert an individual's journey of pain and struggle into harmony and rhythm. Vastu is an art of embodying the bliss and auspicious events from immensity of nature in a tiny enclave of self.

Vastu has its roots in Yogashastra and Bharatiya Darshanshastra. Its purpose is peace and tranquillity to all. The basic principle of Vastu Science is least hindrance to natural energy streams. Astrology is another sister-discipline of Vastu where a lot of remedial measures can be attained through astrological knowledge. Reorienting self in natural streams enhances one's fortune far beyond expectations. In case studies it has been revealed that Vastu science plays a great productive and creative role in industrial structures. Crystals, water, herbs, plants, stones, pyramids, colours, metals, fish tanks, light and bells with proper application in Vastu give a new, lively environment leading Vastu to cosmic envelope.

It should be understood that the basis of the Vastushastra must be the effect of the physical, climatological and social influence on the shelter and its occupants. The science, therefore, provided guidance to the extent it could foresee reaction. It is obvious that with intervention of modern technology, man has gained dominance and control over that aspect of Nature.

As architects we are stunned at the rapidity and cunningness with which the tribe of the so-called Vastu pundits has been operating in our domain. The relevancy of Vastushastra today is more academic than real. The menace of the pseudo-pundits can be countered only by us becoming more knowledgeable of the ancient science. Whether we use it for spiritual or professional reason is another matter. But we must not forget that the strength of this pseudo-pundits is in the gullibility and blind faith of his victim, our client.

Vastushastra is a vehicle between mystique and its understanding. Science has to offer an explanation of the phenomenon. It must lead to better understanding by both the intellectual and the common people in society.



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