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Nowadays, the use of Vastu Shasta principle is very common that used everywhere such as home, temple, office, factory industry etc. However, it is an ancient science which is used by all of us to bring harmony and balance in our life. Not only has this, it also helps you to bring happiness and delight in a life with the support of it various tips and products which should be placed at a particular direction etc.  Similarly, Vastu pyramid is one of them. There are several types of pyramid available in the market such as wooden pyramid, crystal pyramid and marble pyramid.

Everyone has the same shape and size but the affects of these pyramids can be different such as marble pyramids are ideal for digestive system, wooden pyramids are best suited for depression and crystal pyramid can be useful for bringing prosperity and happiness in the life of an individual. Furthermore, Vastu pyramid take a form of pyramid structure with slanting sides meeting at the top that helps create energy in the correction or alteration of Vastu.

 Personal Pyramids 

Personal pyramids are a collection of pyramids meant for use by all without any rules of vastu or feng shui. The following are the various pyramids available as part of this collection:

  • Wish pyramid (your personal wish machine): This 9x9 wish machine is an immensely successful product designed to make your dreams and wishes come true. This innovative machine uses a copper wish chamber to get accurate and fast results.

  • Marriage pyramid (attract your soul match): the marriage pyramid is your solution to find the best life partner. This pyramid helps attract the cosmic link with your partner and find the favorable match.

  • Harmony pyramid (for interpersonal and environmental harmony): This pyramid helps initiate harmony and development interpersonal relationship between two people or organs.

  • Education pyramid (power of pyramid for students’ success): This tower like pyramid, designed by dr. Jiten bhatt helps with the education of children, enhancing their knowledge and wisdom.

  • Relax pyramid belt (for eye-brain stress relaxation): This is a unique eye-brain relaxing yantra and is used for deep relaxation, relieving tension and improving blood circulation.

  • Vastu sleep (ultimate, personal vastu correction system): This is a set of sleep plates to be placed under your mattress and works on your success in health, business and relationships.

  • Pyracap (mind power pyramid): this special pyra cap improves memory, helps in gaining confidence by reducing stress and is very useful during study as well as meditation.

  • Pyra shubh labh: this is considered to be an eternal symbol of good-luck, fame and wealth. This helps in increasing sales, income, and profit.

  • Faatron: The primary purpose of this circular pyramid is to help increase success and progress by gradual increase of energy. This is used primarily in computers, shops etc.

  • Maatron: This reduces excess energy and radiation produced by various devices and gadgets such as televisions.

Popular Vastu Pyramids 

The following are some of our most Popular Vastu Pyramids:

  • Multier 9x9 original: The simplest and most powerful tool for vastu and feng shui corrections and energy balance. It is widely used for center activation, spiritual room shifting, land charging and so on. This product is made up of neutron polymer for more accurate results. It can be installed underground, on the wall or on the ceiling.

  • Bemor 9x9: is used for main door luck activation, spreading energy in the house or office and for 9 energy beam generation.

  • Multier 9x9 – max: is precisely developed to maximize your pyra vastu for more health & prosperity. It possesses the power of 9 original mutier pyramids and can be used for big projects like factory land, farms, and hospitals etc.

  • Super max: is the advanced new multier max that can be used in multiples of 9 such as 9, 18, 27 depending upon the area and the strength of the problems.

  • Energy 9x9: improves the flow of energy in your home and brings good chi in the whole house. Following are some of the salient features:

    • Enriched with pyra grid power 6561.

    • Programmed with 9 cosmic energy fama discs

    • Lotus yantra at the center with eight directional benefits

    • Additional power of the gold pyramid in the center.

  • Multier plus: is a combination of one multier original and one booster plate.

  • Booster 9x9: the new booster plate is enriched with a special vastu yantram. this enhances the power of the tools it is used with and also helps in fixing them on the wall or ceiling

Protection Pyramids 

Protect your house, shop or office from the evil energies, also safe-guard your car with the power of pyramids

Swastik Pyramids 

These swastik shaped pyramids have a primary focus around money and wealth. This category of pyramids has the following products available:

  • Pyravastu swastik – gold: This swastik is a unique and auspicious symbol of fortune and wellness. It brings prosperity, success and fast progress at home as well as the workplace. It is very effective for cash and sales counters and also at spiritual places.

  • Pyravastu swastik – mini: This swastik is ideal to be fixed on doors or on door frames. It can also be used for cash boxes, cupboards, pooja rooms, tables and other such small places.

  • Swastik 700 – gold: This swastik, with 37 gold pyramids, has 700% more gold power for faster results and progress. This unique pyramid was founded by world-known para vastu founder, prof. Dr jiten bhatt and is an auspicious symbol of fortune and wellness

Start-up Pyramids 

This unique class of pyramids is used primarily for good luck specifically when starting something new. The following is the various pyramids available in this category:

  • Fortune chip: is used to attract luck, fix on important files, books, lockers, computers etc.

  • Fortune key chain: is ideal for keys for your lockers, cars, bikes, cash boxes, home and shop etc.

  • Mobile 9x9: can be tied to your mobile phone for luck and protection. This also results in increased performance and better business.

  • Bike 9x9: can be fixed on any part of your two-wheeler and protects from evil eye and other evil forces.

  • Medicine 9x9: can be used to place daily medicines and provides spiritual help.

  • My 1st experiment pyramid: is a basic start up pyramid. You can place fruits or vegetables in it to see its power.

  • Ashta ganesh plate: is used to get the auspicious power of ashta ganesh in your home or shop

Study Pyramids 

These form a collection of uniquely designed pyramids used by students while studying and help improve concentration and learning. The following are the products available in this category:

  • Study seat: improves efficiency of learning & understanding and also helps optimize the mind body coordination for excellent results.
  • Study cap: improves memory, helps in gaining confidence and lessens stress.
  • Study head band: is one of the most effective ways to enhance concentration and mind power.
  • Study eye band: is a new age tool for knowledge stabilization and relaxation. It is built with two pyramids to produce marvelous results and is ideal after using computers and tvs or after studying for long hours during examinations.
  • Study pad:can be used to place books on while reading or writing. The pad can also be used to place laptops on and gives the correct angle as well as the protection of the pyramid to your laptop

Pyra Cards 

Pyra Cards are pocket sized pyramid yantras designed by prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt in order to increase fortune and improve health conditions. The cards are ready to use, to be placed in your pockets or purses/bags and gives miraculous results. These cards can be used for various purposes such as:

  • Luck and fortune
  • Energy and vitality
  • Job and promotion
  • Foreign and higher study
  • Money and finance
  • Fame and power
  • Success and progress
  • Memory and concentration
  • Protection and safe guard
  • Peace and relaxation
  • Marriage and love
  • Strength and confidence
  • Family and children
  • Business and career
  • Positivity and happiness
  • Legal and court case

Advance Pyramids 

This unique set of pyramids has the following products available:

  • Promax: This is the ultimate pyramid yantra for property vastu. Dr. Jiten bhatt invented the ultimate pyramid yantra. Some of the common uses of these pyramids include commercial property activation, project idea / map activation, process activation, procurement activation, land and building activation, finance activation, marketing activation, residential / industrial property activation, investment property activation, farm or spiritual property activation. This pyramid has the following secret features:

    • Empowered with nine layer energy grid.

    • Multi action promax top with mini max at the top.

    • 4 side gold triangular interacting plates on the top.

    • Micro-max at the optimum energy center of the promax

Famous Pyramids 

The following are the various products in this category:

  • Pyrafire: contains a plate at the bottom that attracts earth energy. With a power of 3 layers of pyramids (including 8 copper pyramids and one chopper chamber), this product works as per your wishes and needs. fire hrmonization is a fundamental necessity for pyra vastu and is must for vastu experts before applying vastu correction methods at any house, office or shop.
  • Wish pyramid – advanced: This 9x9 wish machine is an immensely successful product designed to make your dreams and wishes come true. This innovative machine uses a copper wish chamber to get accurate and fast results.
  • Pyracap: This special pyra cap improves memory, helps in gaining confidence by reducing stress and is very useful during study as well as meditation

Health Pyramids 

Health Pyramids are an absolutely unique method that uses fama color therapy, which is a new system of Pyracolors developed from integral effect of color, Pyramid yantra, visualization, and deep rhythmic breathing for health and wellness. The following are the products available in this category:

  • Health 9x9 (set of 7): includes 6 health Pyra color plats and a supporting white plate. the white plate is used with the appropriate color plate for health and healing.

  • Health 9x9 (red): red is considered to be the hot color with greatest penetration and strongly simulates the flow of blood. This product helps in treating poor blood circulation, inflammation, chronic cough, asthma, anemia, eczema.

  • Health 9x9 (orange): This product gives energy, spreads joy and orange is considered to be the color of the sun. This is primarily used for treating pessimism, psychosis, depression, fear, emaciation, and tiredness.

  • Health 9x9 (yellow): fortifies the endocrine system and helps in improving chronic processes. This is used for diseases of digestive tract and strengthens the nervous system.

  • Health 9x9 (green): green being a neutral color treats chronic problems, acts as a sedative and is used for soothing and relaxing. This is used for treating whooping cough, inflammation of the joints, tumors, ulcer, eye diseases and diabetes.

  • Health 9x9 (blue): blue is a cold color and has a relaxing effect. This pyramid is valuable in the treatment of all diseases that involve heat such as pain, congestion, hemorrhoids, warts, sleeplessness, frigidity, menopausal difficulties.

  • Health 9x9 (violet): This product acts on consciousness, promotes awareness and helps prepare for meditation. This is used primarily for lymphatic system disorders.

  • Power-roll: this is used for total body relaxation and comfort

  • Slim-x: slim-x is the most advanced way to twist excess fat from the belly, thighs and hips. Slim-x uses the pyramid power for weight reduction and body toning. This can also be used for boosting height and spine fitness.

  • Stress pad: this easy to use product is a time tested foot relaxer that requires no extra time and lets you relax while you work. This pad is ideal for office executives, computer professionals and students

Reiki Pyramid 

The reiki pyramid, designed by dr. Jiten bhatt, is a new revolutionary pyramid meant to carry out reiki without the personal attention and presence of the master. Once programmed by the master, it works automatically and allows us to spend less but qualitative time on each individual. This pyramid also gives easy access to the strong pynergy due to the support of millions of pyranet users globally. The following are the different kind of reiki pyramids available:

  • Reiki pyramid: This is the basic reiki pyramid that can be programmed once or altered from time to time by the master and then used without any assistance by the master.

  • Reiki seat: This seat allows you to sit on a powerful yantra while teaching or giving reiki to get faster results.

  • Reiki smart fire: This pyramid neutralizes the negative vibes and creates positive space for better healing.

  • Reiki card set: These pockets sized carry on cards are the first step to personal well being.

  • Reiki pyramid –advanced: This wonderful tool is built-in with inbuilt antahkarana and crystal grid and used to accelerate results.

  • Reiki pyramid – master: This s the most powerful 3 dimensional reiki tool in the world and is powered by a unique 10 layer concept

Pyron For Vastu 

The following are the products available in this category:

  • Pyron sun – vitality: represents purifying energy, vitality and motivation.

  • Pyron moon – calm mind: represents life giving mother energy and is connected with the mind. It gives creative energy, which is magnetic and positive.

  • Pyron mars – courage: represents the commander in chief of the assembly of gods. Hence, it has qualities like strong sense of purpose, courage, duty, order and discipline.

  • Pyron mercury – business: represents merchant like nature. Associated with physical comfort, money, business, success and materialistic gain.

  • Pyron jupiter – spirituality: represents energy, knowledge, self-illumination, spiritual power and courage.

  • Pyron venus –luxury: represents romance, beauty, passion and luxury.

  • Pyron saturn – happiness: represents wisdom, awareness of right and wrong, happiness and honesty.

  • Pyron rahu – status: represents fame, status, success, physical attractiveness and beauty.

  • Pyron ketu – prosperity: represents wealth, blessings, growth and all around prosperity.

  • Pyron vastu kit: is available in a kit of 9 for feng shui and also in singles. This includes the following:

    • Pyron sun – used for vitality

    • Pyron moon – used for vitality

    • Pyron mars – helps gain courage

    • Pyron mercury – good for business

    • Pyron jupiter – helps acquire spirituality

    • Pyron venus – provides luxury

    • Pyron saturn – provides happiness

    • Pyron rahu – improves status

    • Pyron ketu – increases prosperity

Pyron For Feng Shui 

This category includes the following products

  • Pyron Gray – Children: represents creativity, joy, and children and its symbol is a lake. It is associated with autumn. Supports child health, education and creativity. Feng shui number – 7

  • Pyron Red – Fame: represents illumination of self, reputation, fame and is associated with summer. Feng shui number – 9

  • Pyron Blue – Career: represents your journey through life and career and is associated with winter. feng shui number – 1

  • Pyron Green – Family relationship: represents elder, ancestors, family, health and well being and is associated with spring and new beginnings. Feng shui number – 3

  • Pyron Brown – Education: represents inner knowledge, wisdom and quietness and is a symbol of mountain associated with winter. Feng shi number – 4

  • Pyron Live Green – Wealth: represents wealth, blessing, Prowth and assimilation and is associated with wind and pring. It is a source of prosperity and material well being. Feng shui number – 4.

  • Pyron Metallic – Helpful Friends: represents leadership, achievement, helpful friends, mentors and teachers and symbolizes heaven.

  • Pyron Pink – Love: represents union and relationships and is associated with summer and the maternal female. Feng shui number – 2.

  • Pyron Yellow – Health: represents balance, harmony and health. Its symbol is yin-yang and is associated with energy and vitality. Feng shui number – 5

We have proficiency and experience in a wide variety of Personal Pyramids, New PyraCards, Swastik Pyramids for  Vastu Remedies and Enhancement. The various products offered by us include Personal Pyramids, New PyraCards, Swastik Pyramids, Advance Pyramids, Famous Pyramids, Health Pyramids, Reiki Pyramids and Start-up Pyramids. Additionally, we also offer Study Pyramids, Pyron for Vastu, Pyron for Feng Shui, Popular Vastu Pyramids, Professional PyraVastu Tools and Protection Pyramid. Our products are based on PyraVastu, which is a practical art to harmonize - mind, body and spirit with the environment, by just placing pre-programmed ‘Pyramid Yantra’ at appropriate locations. It helps in achieving health, happiness and prosperity of the users. It is highly useful for correcting Vastu and feng shui defects without physical-alteration, shifting or breaking the premises.

Our services are based on scientific principles of energy balance to achieve optimum health, prosperity and success.



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