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Kua Number 6

Know your Element, Lucky Directions & Colours


Kua Number
Lucky Directions
Dominent Colours

Colours: White, metallic gold and silver .

Direction: North West.

Bedroom/Home/Office Location: North West, West, North East and South West.

House Zones: Ideal for living in a house where door faces North East or South West.

Animal: Horse.

Shapes: Rounds, Ovals and Square Shapes.

Avoidable Colours: Oranges and Reds.

Health Problems: You are susceptible to illness related to Nervous System, Lungs Heart and Intestines. Try to keep a balance between your work , with exercise and rest to maintain your health. Be very careful of what you eat.

Profession: Anything challenging and competitive that gives you a chance to rise is the suitable occupation for you. Fields as Law and Education, Business Management, Sports are to mention a few. Your natural aptitude in business helps you build up a fortune and use it for the welfare of your family, friends  and community.

Personality Profile: You are an Ambitious, Honest, reserved and a natural born leader. Your strong intuition helps you understand what works and what does not. You are competitive by nature and can be quite ruthless when necessary. Your ability of reading the future comes from the fact that you are very intuitive straight forward and aim for the birds eye view. You are generally intolerant of criticism and advice. In difficult time you prefer your counselling than of others. You are a perfectionist and strive hard to reach your goals. You work long hard hours to succeed. You aim at providing the best possible comforts to your family. This habit of your could make you a workaholic and you may not  find time for  your family and loved ones. It is important that you understand this and try to spend some time with our family. Be involved in their lives and dreams. Later in life you will make an excellent mentor and role model for family and friends. You will be well respected as a fair and a reasonable person with high ethical standards.

Relations: You are a loyal and a caring person and need to choose the right partner who will support your journey to the top and with whom you cans share your dreams and aspirations.

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