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Is Vaastu complicated?



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Is Vaastu complicated?

Understanding the science can take some time, as it is a definite science based on well- established principles

- Rameshwar Prasad, Vastu Consultant, Delhi, India.

Q. Are Vaastu principles easy to follow or complicated? 

— Shilpi Gulati, Noida

A. Vaastu principles are planning-oriented and related to placement. Vaastu is a definite science based on well-established principles. It, therefore, follows that once the basic principles are well understood Vaastu is as easy as any other subject of human knowledge. Even if it is complicated the advantages are numerous.

Q. I'm the eldest son in the family. My house is under reconstruction. Where should my bedroom be located? Which is the best direction which will bring me happiness and prosperity? 

— Rohit Malik, Gurgaon

A. The room where your parents live should be located in the southwest and your room can be in the south or west direction.

Q. We are living in a 10-year-old house. Can we make some changes in the house without any major alterations?

 — Inakshi Gaitonde, Delhi

A. The main solution is careful inspection of the house with respect to Vaastu principles. Make the alterations only if necessary. Sometimes a simple change or main entry change can help. For example: It could be that you sleep in the northwest area but also have a bedroom in southwest you could use, or, you might have the choice to use a different entry that is better located. All this must be carefully inspected by an expert.

Q. We have decided to build a house. Our plot is just opposite to a church. Between the plot and church there is a road. This road is going towards the west. Please just analyse and tell me if it’s all right for us to build a house there. 

— Sharan, Delhi

A. If the church or church gate is not directly facing the house it will be ok. The shadow of a church should not fall on your house or main gate.

Q. My friend’s house faces east and after the main gate he has two doors to enter the house. He has put up an idol of lord Ganesha on one of the doors and on the other he has wall painting – also of Ganesha. Is there any Vaastu dosha in keeping lord Ganeshas idol/paintings near the the entrance doors? 

— Rakesh, Noida

A. At the main entrance door your friend should place ganesha back to back i.e. on both sides of door. Lord Ganesha or swastika symbols are considered very auspicious on the main door.

Q We are considering buying a house that has a septic tank in the north and a well in the east. The house has a swimming pool in the south. Also the southern side is higher than northern side. Will it be all right to buy this house? 

— Pramit Patel, Noida

A. Septic tank in the north is not good. It can be shifted to the northwestern side. The well can be in the east but swimming pool on the south should not be there. The slope seems fine.

Q. I bought a 200 square yard plot which is west facing. Please tell me where should we construct the following rooms, main bedroom, kitchen, two more bedrooms, dining hall, drawing room and a separate puja room. 

— Abhay Makhija, Greater Noida 

A. The main bedroom should be in southwest, the kitchen is ideal in the southeast, the other bedrooms can be made in the southern, western, northwestern or northern side. It’s good to have the dining room either in the west or south, the drawing room can be in the north or northwest and make your pooja room in the northeastern side for best results.

Q. What are the affects of having a pillar in the centre of the flat? Can any remedial measures be taken to avoid ill effects? 

— Kushal Nandi, Delhi

A. If it is in the exact centre, it puts pressure on the house – like someone putting pressure on your navel. This could create health problems and tense atmosphere in the house. You can hang a five rod metallic wind chime in central area and put water and salt solution in a nonmetallic pot near the central pillar to keep the negative vibes at bay.

Q. I have purchased a plot. The southwest side of this plot is in the shape of angle more than ninety degrees. As we know that if southwest corner is extended like kona then this is not good. As a remedy what can we do? Kindly tell us. 

— Mahendra Rikhi, Gurgaon

A. Create an ideal compound within the boundaries of your land and exclude the odd bits with the new regular shaped compound wall. negative vibes at bay.

Q. We are planning to built a garage in the southeast corner of our property. It will open on the southern side and the entry to the garage from the house will be from the northwest. Is it OK? Please advise. 

— Tarun Choudhuri , Ghaziabad 

A. The garage can be in the southeast area but don’t cover that corner completely. Leave a gap in corner, put a solid gate instead of grill gate in the southern side. Entrance from inside is all right.

Q. Is there any way in which I can get my son, who with his new job has moved to a different place, to come back and live with us? 

— Smira, Delhi

A. He's an adult. It's time for him to go out on his own, perhaps. If he was sleeping in the northwest part of your house, it may have caused him to move out. Shifting his bedroom to the southern or western side can help.

Q. Please suggest the ideal type of floor to be used in house. 

— Devjyoti Sinha, Faridabad 

A. Go with stone, marble or wood. You can use mosaic or cemented floors in the driveway.

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