A Multi Disciplinary Approach To Vaastu Energy


Vastu For House

A proper house is a collaboration of rooms with precisely defined entry and exit points. Now its alright that you have hired an architect to construct it. But keep in mind that your house would be the architect of your destiny in times to come. So lets just try a little vastu for house to ensure that all natural energies and powers, including the solar and cosmic energies, are there to bless you.

Architecture according to symbolic Vastu Shastra

According to the principles of symbolic VASTU Shastra every material must be placed in a proper direction indicated for it. Following is a brief discussion regarding the relationship between the directions and the objects.

EAST: Watch and clocks, Veena, MLA, MP, Collector's office, royal palace, red oleander, copper, gold and red colour.

SOUTH-EAST: Pretty woman, scent, perfume, incense sticks, vermilion, nail polish, cosmetic, cutlery, casino, beauty parlour, imitation jewellery, diamond, silver, brothel, theatre, films, fashion, bedstead, discotheque, music, dinning, art, studio, instruments of fine arts and music, betel box, motor vehicles, gardens and orchids, pink and indigo colours, photography, video shooting, marriage bureau, canopy, cushions, hotel, decorations, cardamom, casino, grocery shop, cobblers shop, manual labours, servants, staff, bullock cart, labourers, oxen, buffaloes, camels, shaving box, garbage, paper, slippers, leather, bones, play ground, grocer, trade, Vaishya, STD booth, pager, income tax, sales tax office, auditor, consulting business, secretary, stationery etc.

SOUTH: Kitchen, vehicle, garage, gas, petrol, kerosene, cement, television, fridge, electric switchboard, crackers, chemicals and explosives, salt, pepper, chillies, cummins, cotton, gold, steel, garlic, onion, agricultural implements, telephone, woods, mountains, sea, tiles, multistorey buildings, sepoy, police station, bus station, writer, red colour etc.

SOUTH-WEST: Parrot, waste materials, crow and female race.

WEST: Lower castes, whisky, bear bar, casino, cremation ground, drugs, ghosts and poltergeists, grave yard, Shivalaya, Jain temple, mosque, non-veg restaurants, snakes, moong dal, gutter, washers' jetty, toilet, garbage dumping sites etc.

NORTH-WEST: Store room, milk, cold drink, ice creams, water, Ayurvedic medicines, cereals, pitcher, wife, water, vendors, water tank, sandal, grapes, pearls, white colours, string of pearls, rings of pearls etc.

NORTH AND NORTH-EAST: Study room, prayer room, temple, religious scriptures, library, students, hostel, teachers, father, elders religious teacher, court, advocate, judge, school, Brahmin, food, dining hall, place of pilgrimage, topaz, city cow, lodge, stock exchange, finance ministry, finance minister, bank manager, cashier, yellow colour, advocate's office, seat of the merchant, scales or balance, lockers etc.


There is no mistake anywhere in the creation, and the rules that govern it. But in the man-made creations, abidance by each and every rule of VAASTU Shaastra is definitely difficult if not entirely impossible.

It is therefore, extremely difficult to build even a single structure ideally following the dictates of VAASTU Shaastra. Most of the VAASTU faults manifest themselves only after they have been committed. Some of these faults can be corrected altering the pattern of construction. Help of an expert VAASTUkar must be taken to deal with those faults which are well nigh impossible to correct otherwise. Corrective measures for a few common VAASTU faults are given here.


In the entire plot, moon region must be heavier in comparison to the sun region. If the construction has not followed this rule, then the heavy goods in each room must be kept along the southern and the western walls. Northern and the eastern walls must be left vacant as far as possible. Heavy double bed, steal almirahs, dressing table etc. should be kept in the moon region of the bedroom. IF you can't afford to leave northern and eastern walls vacant, place their lighter goods.


It is very difficult to demolish even those houses, which have serious VAASTU faults. But still it would be preferable if all the corners of these houses are used properly according to the dictates of VAASTU Shaastra.


Soma and Rudra are the ruling deities of this corner. Hence it is regarded as the supremely sacred corner. Entrance, portico, worship room, meditation room and water-storing facility must be given in this angle. Follow a few simple things to keep this corner in balance.

  1. Always keep the north-eastern corner of your house clean and don't allow even little garbage to collect there.
  2. Always keep a water pot, filter or camper in the north-eastern corner of your room.
  3. Fix a beautiful picture or poster depicting rivers, sea, clouds etc. on the north, north-eastern or east, north-eastern walls. But don't nail the poster, fix it with the help of tape.
  4. Don't drive nails and pegs in the north-eastern corner.
  5. If you have an almirah or shelf in the north-eastern corner, don't put heavy things there.


Agni is the presiding deity of this corner, hence kitchen is built in it. You may adopt following measures to achieve balance in this corner.

  1. If your bed room in the south-eastern corner, you should change it for better. If it is not possible then orient your bed along the north-south axis with head towards the south.
  2. A night bulb must be kept lighting in the south-eastern corner.
  3. Drawing room can be built in the south-east
  4. Picture of the rising sun can be fixed in the south-eastern corner.
  5. Main switch, fridge and other electric gadgets should be installed in the south-eastern corner.
  6. Electric fitting of the house must be of the excellent quality.
  7. If the kitchen is not in the south-east, cook or anybody who is cooking, must take extra precaution while cooking.


Demon represents this corner hence extreme caution must be observed while constructing anything here. An unbalanced south-western corner leads to sudden accidents in life.

  1. Any construction in the south-western corner must be in perfect right angle.
  2. If this corner has a cut, place a mirror there in the room so that the cut end is not seen with prominence.
  3. If south-western corner is extended, install a small bulb on the roof leaving the extended corner and another bulb in the north-western corner. Keep these two bulbs lighting all long the night every day.
  4. Fix a picture of pretty and fortunate woman in the south-western corner.
  5. Always put heavy goods in the south-western corner of your room.


Pavandev represents this corner. Pavandev is known for his unstable nature. If north-western corner is unbalanced, the owner of the house suffers from mental instability and insomnia.

  1. Owner of the must not have his bedroom in the north-western corner; he can have his study room here.
  2. Don't leave this corner desolate.
  3. Put a clock with sweet alarm in this corner.


If there is a high rising building near a house its ill effect will surely be shown on the house. Owner of the lower house suffers from inferiority complex and fails to concentrate in his work.

  1. Place the mirror in your house in such a way that the image of the high rising building doss not reflect in it.
  2. Make strong lighting arrangements in your house.
  3. Install an anemometer on the roof of your house. This instrument comes with an arrow. The arrow should point to the high rising building.

The last measure can also be used to correct the obstacles due to angles. If the corner of another house comes to face your main gate, a serious obstacle results, known as Konavedh or obstacle due to corner. But this obstacle is effective only if the distance of the corner is less than the height of your house.


Beam is an important part of a building's construction. It is provided to bear the weight of the building. But if somebody has to sit just beneath a beam, he or the she feels under unnecessary pressure. You should therefore:

  1. Do not sleep or do anything just beneath a beam.
  2. Cover the beam with false-ceiling or tiles etc.
  3. Provide bamboo poles of equal lengths on both sides of the beam.


If the bedroom and the drawing room have serious faults, fresh flowers should then be stowed in such rooms daily. Thus, the ambience of the room will be enchanting with fresh fragrance of flowers. Artificial plants and flowers with realistic look will also do in this regard.


The north-western corner of the room inspires the thoughts of the owner towards progress and imparts dynamism in his life. Hence, faults related to north-western corner can be corrected by putting an aquarium in that corner. Fish remain in constant motion in an aquarium. Water in it also bubbles with life. Such a dynamic system as an aquarium aptly suits the north-western direction in every aspect.


Only high quality building materials must be used in the construction of house. Bricks and stones are the most common and extensively used building materials used because of their high weight bearing capacity. Of the two, stones are quarried directly from the mines while bricks are made from mud and heated in kilns to impart toughness. Granite is the most widely used stone because of its brightness and colour. It can also be chiseled into desirable shapes. But the high content of quartz in granite adversely affects the health. So a wall of granite adversely affects the health. So a wall of granite should invariably be given a good coating of lime to cancel the adverse effects of quartz.

Stones used for building purpose should have uniform colour, be tough and feel good to touch.

Religion is, in a way, the soul of Indian culture. In every walk of life, conduct with a clear inclination for religion is given importance. Building a house is no exception as Vishvakarma Prakash says:


That is, building materials that are strewn here and there should not be used for house building purposes. Also no material should go into the house building without the consent of the owner or it will prove inauspicious.


That is, old and new bricks and stones should not be used in combination. Similarly, hard and soft bricks should not be mixed also.

Regarding the quality of bricks, Maya Danav says:


That is, the bricks should be uniformly baked and dense and should produce clear clanking sound on collision.

WOOD: There is a wide and comprehensive description in VAASTU Shaastra regarding the quality of wood. But to follow each and every dictate of VAASTU, one will have to scout the forest in order to search the wood of his choice. So, wood mart is the only refuge for the buyers of today. Woods of cedur, Shisham (Indian rosewood), Sal, teak, jackfruit etc. are most suitable for the building purposes. Here again, you should not make any compromise regarding the quality of wood. Now-a-days composite wood are the best substitute for natural wood. Quality wise also, composite wood are much superior to natural wood.


All four side road are good, but other things should be as per Vastu.

1. Prefer north or east facing houses.

2. More open land in north and east than south and west.

3. Boring or well or any pit should be in north-east.

4. Bhoomi Pujan to be preformed in North-East or centre or house.

5. South & West compound walls should be heavy and higher than north & East compound wall.

6. Start excavation from north-west.

7. Start foundation from south-west.

8. Kitchen should be in south-east and platform should be in east.

9. Sink should be on left side of the platform and gas (cooking range) should be on right side of the platform.

10. Dining room should be in the west.

11. Racks or almirahs should be in south & west direction in all the rooms.

12. Doors of each room should be facing east.

13. Never fix a mirror on south and west wall if possible.

14. Toilets & bathrooms should be in south-east or north-west portion.

15. Cattleshed if any should be in north-west, away from north wall.

16. Bedrooms should be in south and west.

17. Master bed room should be in south-west.

18. While sleeping head should be in south or west but never in north

19. Pooja room should be in north east. All photos or idols should be facing east or west only.

20. All rain water should flow from south to north and west to east only.

21. Drainage pipes should be in north or east portion of the plot or house.

22. Slope of the plot should be south-west should be highest and north-east should be lowest.

23. Toilet seat (W.C.) should be north-south only. It should not be east-west.

24. Septic tank should be in central-east towards south or central-north towards west.

25. No cellar to be made in residential construction and if it is necessary if should be in north-east corner.

26. Out houses should not touch the compound wall of north and east side.

27. Staircase should be in south, west or south-west but if it is wooden than it can be anywhere even in north or east.

28. Stairs should go from north to south or east to west.

29.Stairs should always be in clock wise direction.

30. Over-head water tank should be in South-West. And if it is in north-west, then any other higher structure to be made in south-west. It should not touch the slab it should be above and on four pillars.

31. Anything under ground should be in north or east.

32. Anything above ground level should be in south or west.

33. Porch should not touch the north or east compound wall.

34. Big trees should not be grown in north or east. They should be in south or west side of the house.

35. Face east or north while reading or transacting any business deal.

36. Face east while cooking, west will be allowed if there is no alternative, but never face south while cooking.

37. Total number of windows and doors should be in even number for each floor, but should not end in zero like 10,20,30.

38. Ventilation plays a very important role in Vaastu, good cross-ventilation therefore is necessary.

39. Keep all the four sides of construction open, even is smaller constructions at least two sides should be kept open, keeping just one side open is bad as per vastu.

40. Canals, lakes, rivers, nallah are best if they are in north or east of the house.

41. Never put the poster of crying girl, war scene, sexy scenes, angry man and pigeon, crow, owl or eagle, these are inauspicious.

42. Doors should open inside the room and not outside.

43. Doors of kitchen and bathroom should open outside was like those elsewhere.

44. Never keep standing pose of Ganesh, Laxmi and Saraswati whether it is a photo or idol.

45. In bed rooms, always use bed of 4 (four) legs only. Never use box type bed because it stops the air circulation under the bed which is also bad for health.

46. Never keep leg on leg while sleeping.

47. Never eat or drink in standing position.

Vastu for Better Relationship and Happiness in Family

Relationships are the one of the most important aspect of a person's life. When people have fulfilling relationships in their life, they are mentally balanced, have more focus and concentration, perform better at their work place and lead happier lives. Good relationships are a source of guidance and comfort during troubled times.

As relationships mean so much, it is important to care about them and maintain them well. Not only should a person introspect to find out if they lack qualities for better relationships, he/she also needs to look into other aspects such as their horoscopes, numerology as well as they way their home or office is constructed. It's often found that when such aspects of a person's life are not in place; they tend to negatively pull down a person in their relationships.

Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture which lays down rules for better relationships, through proper construction of structures. These rules are not confined just to the construction of homes and offices, but extend to the construction of cities, countries and even the planet. "Vaastu" means 'dwelling place' and "Shastra" means rules, hence Vastu Shastra is a set of rules that tell us how to construct our dwelling places in order to positively harness energies from the five elements of nature - Sky, Air, Fire, Earth and Water. The purpose of Vaastu Shastra is to enable man to live in harmony with the environment.

The rules of Vastu Shastra have a profound effect on one's relationships. It lays emphasis on proper selection of directions within a structure, since each direction has a particular effect on a person's personal relationship. For example the North-West direction will affect your relationship with friends and the West direction affects your bonds with your father.

The importance of implementing Vastu Sastra guidelines is brought out by the fact that almost every human activity is carried out in a particular structure. For example marriages require a marriage hall, education requires a school building and hospitals are built to provide care for sick people. If these places are synchronized with nature, people living within them can receive energy from the forces of nature, without struggling to get the energy required and have better relationships in their life. For example, properly selecting the south east direction in your home, will lead to a happy married life or reduce a person's martial problems.

Here are some tips suggested by Vaastu experts which will help your to have healthier relationships will people around you and a more peaceful life.

  • The door of your bedroom must be able to open to a 90 degree width to fully allow positive opportunities to enter into your life. This could be in the form of good business opportunities or chance to meet interesting and influential people. This is particularly useful for people seeking marriage alliances.
  • Ensure that you properly select the south direction of your house or business structure as this will bring in positive influences which help to guard you form feelings of envy and jealousy.
  • The west direction affects your relationships with your friends and family members. When it is properly constituted in your home or office, you enjoy the goodwill of everyone around you and are blessed with a long, healthy and prosperous life.
  • Sound sleep is very important for everyone. Insomnia is a problem that adversely affects your health, work and is known to ruin personal relationships. If you have problem in getting sound sleep, place your head at the south direction when going to sleep. If you have a mirror opposite the foot of your bed, cover it because when you sleep you will be throwing off stress, which will be reflected back by the mirror to you. Covering the mirror when help you to have a restful and replenishing sleep.
  • The shape of your bedroom must be either square or rectangular to bring in peace and prosperity.
  • When cooking in the kitchen, face the east because this will ensure good heath for people within the house. Try not to keep the cooking gas and the washing sink close to each other they represent fire and water - two opposite forces which are not comfortable when placed together.
  • You should not have pictures showing depressing scenes in your home. Pictures of beautiful scenery, flowers, laughing children or sunrise, must be placed in the home.
  • Never keep the areas under your bed cluttered because this represents all that is incomplete in you life and stagnates your life energy or Prana. If you have such clutter, remove it slowly so that the job of clearing the clutter does not overwhelm you. Clearing up clutter enables your subconscious mind to be calm and your sleep will not be disrupted.

It has been found that structures constructed according to the rules of Vastu Sastra, bring harmony and happiness for the inhabitants, by helping to channelise nature's energies more productively.

Following the rules of Vastu Shastra, brings in much-needed peace and prosperity into people's home, which in turn leads to better financial prospects and better relationships, thereby paving way for a peaceful and productive life.

Er. Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Vastu Shastra

Engineer Rameshwar Prasad

(B.Tech., M.Tech., P.G.D.C.A., P.G.D.M.)

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