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The beauty of this science is its simplicity and implications of cures. Ornamental things like wind-chimes, mirrors, bells, lights, fish tanks, plants, waterfalls, crystals, pictures, colours, shapes and patterns. These cures are placed accurately by Feng Shui practitioners after understanding energy patterns to the area which needs attention.

Sometimes simple cures if placed accurately will enhance the area instantly and bring good fortune to the residence.

One area where Fengshui scores over vaastu is in using cures to overcome vaastu defects. Like the other Chinese subject Acupuncture, it is impossible to rationally explain how the cure works.

    But it should be said to the credit of these cures that they indeed work.

    Er. R. Prasad has tried these cures on scores of apartments, Industries and residential buildings where implementation of conventional vaastu was not possible. The cures worked successfully in majority of cases.

    As they are safe and inexpensive Er. R. Prasad recommends these cures in all cases where conventional vaastu corrections are out of question.    

Fengshui Products (LUCK ENHANCING DEVICES) are following:

F1 GOLDEN CELESTIAL ANIMAL REPLICA SET : For Protection in all the four directions.
Cost (one set of four) Rs. 250/-
F2 LARGE PAKUA MIRROR :  To deflect harmful forces entering from door especially Southern or South-Western doors.
Cost Rs. 500/- each.
F3 DOOR HANGING PAKUA : To take care of wrong placement of doors in bed room / study / kitchen etc.
Cost Rs. 200/- each.
F4 MAIN DOOR PAKUA :  For wrongly placed back / front door.
Cost Rs. 300/- each.
F5 HANGING CRYSTAL : Hang on windows for new opputunities.
Cost Rs. 300/- each.
F6 WIND CHIME : For dispersing bad forces. Hang five rod wind chime in centre of house for 2004.
Cost Rs. 600/- each.
F7 ROSPERITY BUDHA STATUE : To invite riches.
Cost Rs. 400/- each.
F8 MANDARIAN DOVE SET : Put the pair on side table of bed for marriage prospects / harmonious relationships.
Cost Rs. 400/- one pair.
F9 CRYSTAL BUNCH : Used when a sector is weak and the sector needs to be enhanced. The bunch consists of ten crystals hung together to form a bundle.
Cost Rs. 3000/- for one bundle of ten numbers.
F10 PAKUA PLATE : Done in golden color the plate is stuck on the South wall to bring luck.
Cost Rs. 300/- each.
F11 FIGURE OF THREE LUCKY PLATES : The following plates made of wood with excellent craftsmanship and hand finished is available as a set of three plates. They are to be hung on the wall Opposite the main door in a triangular way.
Cost Rs. 600/- for a set of three.
F12 THREE COIN SYMBOLS : To be mounted on the cash keeping safe or cupboard or cash box.
Cost Rs. 300/- each.
F13 THREE COIN GOLD PLATED HANGING SYMBOLS : The symbol is hung on the door frame of the office.Consists of copper segment with Chinese lucky figures and three copper coins-14 carat Gold plated.
Cost Rs. 500/- each.
F14 KILONA : Protection Device Mounted near the door to on either side.
Cost Rs. 200/- each.
F15 CRYSTAL GLOBE : Put it on Working Table or Study Table to get positive environment and results.
Cost Rs. 500/- each.
F16 CAMPHOR LAMP : Burn Camphor in South-Eastern zone of your house to get surplus wealth and marriage prospects.
Cost Rs. 600/- each.
F17 ONYX BALL : Put it on business table to get good market and wealth.
Cost Rs. 1200/- each.
F18 GRAPES : Put these grapes on dining table or centre tables to energize food and nullyfy negativity.
Cost Rs. 600/- each.
F19 GOOD QUALITY GRAPES : Put these grapes on dining table or centre tables to energize food and nullyfy negativity.
Cost Rs. 800/- each.
F20 CRYSTAL+RUDRAKSH MALA : Wear this mala if you lack 2, 5, 8 and 3, 4 numbers in your birth date.
Cost Rs. 500/- each.
F21 ROSE QUARTZ STONE PAIR : Put the pair in South-West of house or premises or on side table of bed for marriage prospects / harmonious relationships.
Cost Rs. 800/- for one pair.
F22 CRYSTAL CLUSTERS : There is natural tendency to absorb negative vibrations in these decorative crystal clusters. These are of different types and used as per need in different zones of house and premises.
Cost Rs. 500/- each for medium size.

@ Rupee payment accepted for delivery within India.

Payment Methods:
Demand Draft / Cheque in favour of Vaastu International payable at New Delhi. / By Cash


    Courier or postal charges must be paid by you. Before ordering e-mail us with product code and numbers so that we can tell the final amount to be paid. Order with cheque will be  delivered after confirmation of payment. 


Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Feng Shui


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