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Kua Number 1

Know your Element, Lucky Directions & Colours

Kua Number
Lucky Directions
Dominent Colors

Colours: Blues and Blacks.

Direction: North.

Bedroom/Home/Office Location: North, South, East and South East.

House Zones: Ideal for living in a house where door faces North or South.

Animal: Pig.

Shapes: Rectangular

Avoidable Colours: Shades of Brown.

Health Problems: You are susceptible to illness associated with kidney, bladder, sexual organs and ears. Take care to wear warm clothing in winter as you are sensitive to cold. Be wary of over indulgence with alcohol. Your nervousness can cause you emotional distress therefore try not to allow your body to become weak.

Profession: You are most suited to occupations that require a mental rather than physical exertion. You do well in restaurant and bar business and any other occupation that involves liquids. Research writing, sales are also some of the fields you could excel in.

Personality Profile: Water star personalities are very secretive while appear to be outgoing. Normally quiet and calm,  people of this element are very stubborn, opinionative and refuse to listen. They tend to closely observe others. Their feelings and emotions can be very intense at times. They are passionate lovers. They need their own space and a partner needs to understand, this need for privacy with the Kua 1 personality. They are normally known as the cold types and will have to put extra effort to communicate with the loved ones and assure them of the warmth in a relationship. They are adaptable to changes and like the element of water adjust into any environment without much difficulty. They are quite intuitive and accurate in their judgment about other people. If this natural talent is cultivated, they could handle the most difficult situations in life and business. Their memory is very sharp and can almost recall all events with clarity. It is important that you find time for quite reading and meditation to listen to your inner voice.

Relations: As much as people of this sign are passionate lovers they also have a habit of remaining detached while being attached to somebody. You need to make an extra effort to develop your relationship and listen to the needs of your partner or loved ones. The streak of coldness in you can sometimes make the other person insecure in a relationship.


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