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Kua Number 4

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Kua Number
Lucky Directions
Dominent Colors

Colours: Greens and Jade Greens.

Direction: South East.

Bedroom/Home/Office Location: East South North or South East.

House Zones: Ideal for living in a house where door faces North or South.

Animal: Cock.

Shapes: Rectangular shapes.

Avoidable Colours: Metallic Gold and Silvers.

Health Problems: You are sensitive to air borne infections.  You are susceptible to illness associated with mental anxiety, gall bladder and thighs. Fresh air and sunlight will work wonders on your health and stamina. You need to connect with nature to energies your elemental energy.

Profession: Construction, travel, paper industry, designing, communication, writing, travel, publishing are the fields you could excel in. You make a good consultant. You are suited to any occupation that requires strategic planning and management skills.

Personality Profile: You are independent kind hearted and practical. One can never predict what a Kua 4 personality is up to. You are an excellent problem solver and capable of handling many activities turning all of them into profit making ventures. You could be called a visionary as you make lot of plans. People tend to get surprised by your psychic abilities as you would be the first person to instinctively know if something is going wrong with your loved ones. You tend to snap when you are under too much of stress. Your ill temper can be quite frightening at times. However your anger calms down as quickly as it appears as you have the ability to understand different sides at once. You tend to worry a lot which sometimes causes you to change your mind over and over thus missing out on so many opportunities in life. It is important that you remain focused to achieve your targets and spend time with your loved ones. Like the wind you need to move about and circulate  and this streak of your personality makes you change residence rather often. You also have the tendency to change your occupation or take up more than one project at a time. Your finances are something that you have no control on, as  you have a habit of overspending. Try to keep a check on your shopping sprees to achieve some kind of balance and stability with your income.

Relations: As much as you are short tempered, your kind-hearted nature makes the other person tolerant, as you tend to go out of your way to offer a helping hand when you see somebody in trouble. Spending time with your loved ones will help you improve your relations.

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