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Entry from east brings luck, avoid kitchen in west

A gaumukha plot is good for building a house, while a shermukha plot gets your business rolling

- Rameshwar Prasad, Vastu Consultant, Delhi, India.

Q. My house is north facing. Our kitchen is in the west and we cook facing south. Is there is vaastu problem here. If yes, how can it be removed?

— Anu Verma, Faridabad

A. A kitchen in the west is not good. Its ideal location is the southeast while cooking should be done on the eastern side. So, your situation is not compliant with Vaastu . The idea is that you receive great benefits by following the prescriptions of Vaastu layouts. Try to shift the kitchen in the southeast. Alternatively, you can shift your burner in the southeast corner of the present kitchen and cook facing east.

Q. We have recently shifted to a house on the second floor. The main entrance of the house is from north and there are openings at southwest and east. The toilets are in the southeast corner. Is it ok for us since we cannot make any changes in the structure? If not, what is the right thing to do?

— Babita Sinha, Gurgaon

A. Use the eastern door but not the southwestern door. Keep some green plants in the southeastern area of your house near the toilet because its location is not good. Keep water and salt solution in a nonmetallic pot inside the toilet. Change the solution weekly.

Q. Are gaumukha plots better than shermukha plots? How do classify them?

— Subhash Singh, Gurgaon

A. A gaumukha plot is narrow in front and a shermukha plot wider. It is said that the former plot is better for residence and latter for commercial activities. Basically, regular shaped plots, square or rectangle are best and oriented in alignment with north, south, east, west. If you have an irregular shape or orientation, you can create an ideal universe for your house with a proper compound wall inside the property lines. Ignore the property lines, build a perfectly shaped yard space with a boundary wall inside the property lines and just leave the outside to landscaping or parking.

Q. I have heard that it is not so auspicious to have a wide open drain running from north to south on the west side of a plot. But how far away, or at what distance would a drain be considered ok?

— Kamal Gupta, Delhi

A. This depends on the size of the drain. If its existence by way of stench, etc, is obvious if you stand in your yard, then it is located too close to your home.

Q. How many Ganeshas can we keep in a house?

- Amit Kumar, Delhi

A. When you worship any deity, it should be in the prayer room or mandir, but an idol of Ganesha can be kept anywhere in the house with no restriction to their number, shape or posture. One only recommends keeping a single Ganesha at home when the idol’s height is above three feet.

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