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Dead End Plots Are Unlucky

North facing plots bring in wealth while the master bedroom in the southwest corner on the ground floor proves lucky

- Rameshwar Prasad, Vastu Consultant, Delhi, India.

Q. We are planning to buy an east facing plot of land. This is at the dead end of a road. The street is blocked from one side and the other side leads to a road. Can we buy this land and build a house? 

- Mahendra Misra, Greater Noida 

A. Roads, streets and lanes are channels of strong energy currents which can hit a house. A plot at the end of a road keeps on accumulating highly negative energies which move down the lane. Buying a house at a dead end is not recommended. 

Q. We want to buy a corner site house which is north facing. Should we go ahead and buy this house? What is the direction in which a house should face? 

- Sushant Taneja, Noida 

A. A north facing plot is good for wealth, if it's a corner plot. Northeastern corner plot with northeastern main gate is good. A northwestern corner plot with main gate in northwest is not good. 

Q. I live in a two- storey house. I have rooms in the northeast corner on both the floors. I have currently made a puja room on the ground floor and the first floor room is a guest bedroom. Is this correct? The master bedroom is in the southwest corner on the ground floor and my son's bedroom is in the same corner on the first floor. Is it all right? 

- Prerna Thakur, Ghaziabad 

A. Yes, a guest room can be above a puja room. You can place some furniture above the idols’ positions in the guest room. There’s also no problem in having the master bedroom on the ground floor. In your son’s room, don't position the bed above your bed. Shift it near another wall. Sleep with your head to the south or east when lying down. 

Q. Why one should apply Vaastu shastra ? 

- Pranab Kumar, New Delhi 

A. Vaastu shastra is a result- oriented science and gives definite and immediate results, if applied properly. It defines the proportions and details of buildings, slopes, water tanks, kitchen, bedrooms, stairs, heights, entrances, doors, windows and walls etc. Living in harmony with nature is the basic theme of Vaastu shastra. 

Q. Does Vaastu shastra bring prosperity? 

- Jatin Advani, Delhi 

A. Yes, Vaastu shastra suggests ways in which we can live in tune with the laws of nature, so that we can be healthy, peaceful and work efficiently to become prosperous in life. 

Q. Can a plot of land have different influences on men and women? 

- Arpita Khanna, Noida 

A. In the east northeast, north northeast, west northwest, and south southwest of the plots male domination is observed. In the east southeast, south southeast, west southwest, and north northwest direction of the plots female domination is observed. Buildings with entrance in east, southeast direction or the south, southeast direction are found to have female domination. In the buildings with the entrance in the east or the northeast direction, male domination is observed. In the buildings with west, southwest entrance women don't achieve victory easily. Women staying in buildings with north northwest entrance don't like to stay at home. These women are always travelling or work outside their city. Men living in the houses with west northwest entrance get outstation postings to foreign countries for work. Men staying in houses with south southwest entrance have no interest in work. They become cruel and lazy. 

Q. We are going to construct our house. Is there any rule as regards the measurements of rooms?

 - Seema Kapur, Faridabad 

A. You should take odd dimensions for rooms. The rooms in the eastern and northern side should not be bigger than those on the west and south. These rooms may be smaller than or equal to the rooms on the west and south. In the same way, the verandahs on the west and south should be bigger than those on the east and north or equal to them. 

Q. Is it all right to have a toilet in the southwest corner of the house? 

- Chandan Gupta, Greater Noida 

A. No, it is very bad. If the toilet is built in the southwest corner, there will be mental tension and the eldest male member of the house will fall ill. A storeroom or the master bedroom can be built in this area. Shift the toilet in the northwest corner of your house. 

Q. It is said that doorways of a house should be of even number not ending with a zero. Is it right? 

- Avinash Pandey, Ghaziabad 

A. Yes, it is often said like that the total number of openings including doors and windows should be of even number not ending with zero e. g. 10, 20 etc.

Q. Can the defects of a construction be removed by prayers or devices? 

- Mohini Sharma, Delhi 

A. Mantra, tantra, worship and devices increase the auspicious energy and benefit the buildings. These can be applied temporarily. However, this energy does not last long because it is obstructed by the inauspicious energy produced due to faulty construction. 

Q. What does a Vaastu home look like? 

- Prateek Mullick, Noida 

A. The exterior of the home can be of any style. Vaastu decides the energies of the house which is based on the orientation with the cardinal directions, mathematical proportions and room locations that match the quality of energy that naturally occurs when space is enclosed. 

Q. We have kept the idols or gods and goddesses in kitchen. Is it all right? Can you suggest some other place where I can shift my little puja space? 

- Anita Gupta, Delhi 

A. Keeping idols in kitchen is not good. Shift the idols to the northeast corner of your house. 

Q. I have my staircase half in the Northeastern direction and half in the northern side. I have made higher wall in the west and south directions. Will it help? 

- Amol Prakash, New Delhi 

A. The higher wall in west and south gives weight in southwest direction which is good. But stairs of North Northeast obstruct the entry of beneficial energy for house. 

Q. My office is in the northeast corner of the building, the main door faces east and my cabin's door faces south. My cabin is in the northwest corner of the office. I am facing a lot of problems at work. Please advise remedy. 

- M Saurabh, New Delhi 

A. You should sit in the southwestern cabin of your office. Hang a picture of a mountain without water on the wall behind your chair.

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