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Vastu For Garden


Flower pots should not be kept on the wall of the building in the north, east or north-east as it would result in blockage of light and air from these directions. Water source or tap in the garden should be in the north-east direction. Levels of the south and west portions of the garden should be higher than the other portions. The Center of the garden should not be raised.

Open space 

  1. More open space around the building in the east and the north direction than that in the west and the south directions is very beneficial. 
  2. In the east or north-east corner, there should be a Tulsi Vrindavan (A structure in which the holy basil plant is planted). The height of this structure should not be more than the plinth level. 
  3. Swimming tank, wells, fountains, underground water storage tanks, borings, etc. should be in the east or the north. 
  4. Garden, decorative plants, lawns etc. should be in the east or the north. The decorative plants should not be taller than three feet. A small water fall of three to four feet should be constructed in the east or the north leaving the north-east or the north-west corner. 
  5. Swings should be in the east or the north and they should swing towards the east or the west. 
  6. There is no harm if pet animals and birds nests are in the north-west corner. 
  7. Benches in the open space in the east and the north direction should be in the west or the south direction and person should sit facing towards the east or the north.


Trees bearing fruits should be planted in the east direction. A rock garden can be in the south-west of the garden. If there is a swimming pool in the garden, it should face the north or north-east direction.

Useful Tips 

    • Big trees should be avoided in the space surrounding the building and inside the boundary wall. The roots of big trees can damage the base of the wall compound and the building. The roots of big trees absorb the invisible power of the sunlight quickly. The good effect of these powerful rays is not obtained by the building. 
    • If there are trees around the building, they should not be tall or thick leaves and not in the east or the north direction. The auspicious sunrays are blocked by them. There is no objection to such trees in the West and the south direction. However, such big trees should not be only in the west or in the south direction but in the both direction. The heavy weight of the trees spoil the balance of the building. 
    • Useful trees of 3 to 5 feet height can be in the east and the north directions. There should be no tree of any kind, big, small, useful or otherwise in the north-east corner. 
    • No thorny plants or cactus should be in the four walls of the plot even for decorative purposes. Because, except Rose, some medicinal plants like shatavari, all other plants are throwing negative rays out. Because of this unnecessary tension is created in the house. Cactus or thorny plants are endowed with demonic and evil properties. If cactus plants are at all to be kept, for every cactus plant two basil plants should be there. The basil plants reduce the evil effect of the cactus plants. But if possible, all the thorny plants should be uprooted and thrown away without any thought. No plant brought from a temple, bank of a river, stolen from any place or given by a person whom you dislike, should be planted in your plot. Saplings brought from a nursery should be planted. 
    • No creepers, however beautiful, with flowers should be raised on the compound wall of the building in the east or the north direction. Creepers can be planted only in the garden. There is no harm to have a money plant in the house. However, it should not be planted outside the house with the support of a tree etc. Only around a temple, Banyan tree in the east. Audumbar (a type of banyan tree) on the south side, Pipal in the west can be planted, observing all the rules regarding the planting of these trees. These tree should not be planted around our residence or the place of business. 
    • Any big or small, proper or improper, tree should not be planted in front of the main entrance of the building in any direction. 
    • Banana, Papaya, Mango, Pineapple, Lemon Nilgiri, Ashoka or Jamun trees etc. should not be in the east or the north direction of the building. Paucity of funds and children is experienced. Only in the south of the west there is no harm in having Ashoka, Almond, Pineapple, Nilgiri, Coconut, Neem, Lemon trees etc. 
    • No big tree should be in close proximity of the compound wall. In the middle square of the old building, no big tree is good. Because there is a load in the place of Brahma and we are not capable to follow the rules for the fast like the old people. Therefore there should be no tree at the Bramhasthan. There is no harm if there are trees in the west and the south direction, outside the compound wall of our building. Minimum shade of trees should fall on our building between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. 
    • Plantation of saplings and building of garden etc. is profitable during the auspicious constellations, Anuradha, Vishakha, Revati, Chitra, Pushya, Mriga etc. 
    • Rose, Shrubs, Champak, Parijat, Mogra and Merigold should be lanted leaving the south-east, the south-west, the north-east corner in the west in the north-west or the east. There should be no trees in the north direction as far as possible.

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