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  Vastu Tips
Vastu is gaining popularity in India and people are turning towards the vastu experts for correction of vastu dosha in their homes, factories and business institutions. It consumes lot of money to make alterations after completion of construction work. However, this waste of money can be avoided if simple tips given below are followed without having any expertise in the subject.
Important Vastu Tips

1. Take care while buying a piece of land: the land should slope to the north or east.

2. Northern and eastern portions of land should have open space.

3. A house should be independent and its owner should be able to walk around its perimeter.

4. Always dig the well in the north-east direction.

5. Best place for an air-conditioning plant to locate is in the south-east direction. Vaastu norms do not favor construction of basement in a house.

6. Build a staircase having an uneven number of stairs ( 5, 7, 9, 11 ) which runs clockwise

7. Never have a south-western entrance because it spells financial ruin.

8. Stock goods for sale in the wind-buffeted north-west direction.

9. The master bedroom should be in the south-west direction as stability is provided by this direction.

10. Construct bathroom in the east side.

11. Water should drain out to north or east. Hence, slope of the floor of bathroom should be towards north or east.

12. Kitchen must be built in the south-east corner and burner of the gas stove should be kept in the south-east corner of the kitchen room. The housewife cooking the food should face towards the east.

13. Wash basin should be in the north-east corner of the kitchen.

14. Shelves for utensils and other utilities should be placed on the south or west side

15. Head of the family should have a bed-room in the south-west direction and it should be larger than other bed rooms.

16. Bed-room for unmarried children may be built on the east side

17. Bed room for the unmarried youths or for guests should be in the north-west side.

18. Bed room for the young couples should be in the north

19. Bed room should never be made in the north-east corner.

20. Bed should be placed in the east or south portion of the room

21. Do not place electronic gadgets in the north-east direction as they may negate the positive flow of cosmic energies. Place them in the south or south-west direction

22. One should never sleep with head towards north. Head of the person while sleeping should remain towards south and feet towards north.

23. Dinning room should be in the west.

24. Dinning table should be arranged in the south-west or north-west portion of the room

25. Fridge etc (electrical appliances) should be kept in south-east corner.

26. Person while taking meals should face either towards east or north.

27. Pooja room should be built in the North-east corner. One should worship facing north or east.

28. Idols or pictures of the deities should be placed on a high platform or a cup - board in the north or east side.

29. There should not be any toilet or kitchen above/below or adjacent to the pooja room

30. Toilet should be built between south and south-west, or in North West.

31. Attached bath-toilet should be provided towards the north or west of the room.

32. Seat in the toilet should be fixed such that a person may sit facing north or south.

33. Study room should be between west and south-west.

34. The person should sit facing north or east while studying.

35. Sit on the south-west side of an office and face north.

36. Book-shelf should be placed along the north-east corner only.

37. A common room should be provided in the space between east and north-east which can be used for entertaining the visitors and guests, or a place where all family members can sit together.

38. It can also be used as a bed room for unmarried children or as a store room for common articles.

39. There should be no shoes or slippers lying around outside the main door of your house.

40. Cover the TV with a plastic table cloth after watching it.

41. There should be no mirrors opposite your bed or at the side of your bed.

42. Place an indoor water fountain in your home,

43. In your kitchen, ensure that opposite stove there is no refrigerator, washing machine, washbasin and toilet.

44. Don�t allow children to sleep on mattresses on the floor. It causes young children to fall sick frequently.

45. Don�t have a marble table in your house. Replace it with a wooden table.

46. Do not use a red sofa set

47. Always open your bedroom windows at least once 20 minutes a day.

48. Ground floor is the best for living in a building constructed as per Vaastu norms.

49. In a non-Vaastu building, the person living on the uppermost floor (away from earth) is least affected by Vaastu effects due to weak magnetic influence of the earth.

50. Keeping the north and east uncluttered helps multiply and invite positive energies.

General Vastu Tips

  • Your head should be towards the east or south while sleeping.
  • The rooms in the south should never have ceiling low as compared to ceilding of the rooms in east and north side.
  • Shoes and slippers should not be scattered all over the house, as this leads to feud.
  • Don't keep dirty clothes with the washed clothes.
  • One should never sleep under exposed beam as it brings ill fortune.
  • Don't a keep jug or jar of water near the telephone. The electric rays produced from telephone leave bad effect on the water. Your face should be towards the east while cooking food. The cupboard containing food articles should be towards your right.
  • The ceiling of the poojaroom should be lower than the ceiling of all the other rooms in the house.
  • There should be no noise while opening the doors and windows especially the entrance door from hinges etc.To remove the noise keep the hinges well oiled.
  • A picture of Lord Ganesha and Saraswati is good in study room.
  • Place vegetables in a dish after cutting them. If they are kept on floor their nourishing substance will be adsorbed by the floor.
  • The house should always be kept need and clean and all the wastage etc., should be dumped or stored in west of the house.
  • To prevent the house from evil-eyes, seven green chillies and lemon should be hung at the main entrance of the house, shop etc.
  • Change the bed-sheets during day time.
  • Comb and other beauty aids should be kept neatly at the right place.
  • A cut-out in the roof should be provided in the northeast to ensure proper ventilation of the house. This factor works as a natural air-conditioner for the house.
  • There should be a separate towel for every member of the family and for guests.
  • One should never provide three doors on a single wall, especially in the front of the house.
  • One should never construct circular stairs in the house.
  • It is very auspicious to view rising sun after taking bath in the morning.
  • A blue bed sheet should never be used in the house.
  • One should always wear neat and clean clothes while working.
  • All the things should be properly placed and well organized in the house, to ensure good luck.
  • Keep cash and jewelry in the safe or locker which opens in the north.



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