A Multi Disciplinary Approach To Vaastu Energy


Structural Vastu

We see that every house/residence/factory bear a shape or geometry in their construction. This deals the structural geometry and its directional frequencies relation with intensity of energy.

Nature Follows Geometry & Forms 

Two important points are to be observed vis-à-vis the interactions of shapes or geometry with distinguished energy in that direction. 

1. If we observe anything in the Universe, we always see some shapes. In Nature, fruits and leaves have different shapes. However, did we ever question ourselves that how they are attributed? It is a miracle of Nature. Even all the rocks and minerals also have shape and crystalline structures. Scientists call that as Crystallography. So is that all animate and inanimate objects do possess some type of structure or ‘Shape’. For any object, we could see the outer structure, but inherently they are also related to internal atomic structure. In Humans too, there is a hidden structure, we call it D.N.A. Our ancients also represented it as 3.5 times coiled snakes and the same is being used in the Medical Symbol. In inanimate object too, the atoms are geometrically connected within it representing their own shapes. Above all, there is a force between them and they are inseparable by normal means with their inter-atomic force or bondage. The secret is that ‘Outer Shape’ has a relation with the ‘Inner Shape’.

2. Different shapes of leaves produce different form of flowers and fruits. When we separate few petals of flower from the bud form surgically then the result would be, the flower may blossom but it would never becomes a fruit, with a perfect form (Shape). It can be inferred that an imbalance in energy caused disharmony. Even the ‘Yantras’ (Geometrical Forms) used by Hindu and Islamic heritage, possess some balanced structures, which are used for healing. Let us conclude that the structure and shapes have some power and the ‘Yantras’ have become ‘Healing Power Houses’, which in turn have a relation with human structure. Now we learn about the shapes,which have something to do with the human biology. The normal ‘Structures’ we teach about, in schools are the same what we see in Nature, e.g. leaves, animal shapes etc. 

3. All the other structures are related to the multiple combinations of the above forms. Obviously as per the above statements, these have some strong energy fields, which may help or disrupt human energy due to interaction in them. Mostly flowers are in the shape of circles and their leaves would be either rectangles connected with triangles or semi-circles. For sustaining life, they indicate the need of Water Energy and Sun's Energy (Heat). Nature plays this role of geometry to fulfill its requirement. The combination of 9 triangles, 9 circles, one point at top and one square at bottom makes the miraculous figure known as ‘Shree Yantra’, a geometrical figure works as ‘Power House’ emitting positive energy is a great miracle created by the Indian Saints.

NOTE: Some geometrical drawings with their combination make different ‘Yantras’. They were used by the ancients to give positive energy to cure the diseases. Similarly, the building structures also bear geometry and they give positive or negative energy.

Er. Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Vastu Shastra

Engineer Rameshwar Prasad

(B.Tech., M.Tech., P.G.D.C.A., P.G.D.M.)

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