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Who Can Benefit From Feng Shui


Everyone. Any person who wants to realize their goals and find a perfect balance for themselves, their family, their employees, or customers can benefit from Feng Shui.

Many people in real estate, retail, professional services, small and large companies and individuals have enhanced their careers, created strong relationships, resolved conflicts, overcome challenges, and achieved peace and serenity through the Power ofFengShui.

Businesses using Feng Shui can create low stress, high productivity environments for their employees while conveying an atmosphere of quiet elegance for their customers.

How Feng Shui can help you lead a beautiful life

If your heart doesn't lift when you return home, you need Feng Shui

We did start our stint with Feng Shui with the Yin Yang and the five elements and now that we have our basics right, we may question the reason of the whole process. Why should sophisticated post-moderns take an interest in an esoteric system of placement that is 3,000 years old so complex? The simple answer being that this wind-and-water philosophy (feng shui literally translates as "wind" and "water") works with astonishing ease. It's an elegant antidote to lives abuzz with computers, cell phones, beepers, chattering faxes, and hectic schedules, which intervene between the natural world and us. And this is how -

Chinese philosophers believe five things determine a good life: fate, luck, accumulated good deeds, education, and Feng Shui. We may not be able to control external circumstances, but we can control our immediate environment by reaching out to opportunity and fortune. If your heart doesn't lift when you return home each night, you need Feng Shui. If you don't leave home in the morning refreshed, comforted, and confirmed in your innate worth, you need Feng Shui. That's the gist of this science. Wherever you live, an efficiency apartment or a mansion on the hill, your home should be a sanctuary for repairing hurts and celebrating joys.

Feng Shui uses practical means to alter the physics of space and infuse rooms with harmony. Thus, our lives improve because energies in the home are focused. Life opens up in remarkable ways. For example, a lady resumed her social life after a five-year hiatus when she placed a four-foot statue of Kwan Yin, goddess of compassion, on the crest of a low hill overlooking her garden and lit the figure with nine (the most auspicious of numbers in Feng Shui) lights. The illuminated Kwan Yin smiled down on guests gathered on the moon-lit terrace. The effect was magical. You can replicate this effect on a balcony, in an alcove, wherever sufficient space sets off a symbol of affirmative emotions.

In Feng Shui, everything in the universe is linked by Chi, a universal energy, which, when flowing smoothly, that is, neither too fast nor too slow, conducts vital forces to work on our behalf. If you doubt this, consider where you thrived, did your best work, met people who greatly interested you. You felt energized in a particular way - well, that was Chi par excellence. On the other hand, consider where you felt drained and lacking in vital energies. This is because you, your environment, home or office, were disconnected from the energy at the centre of the Feng Shui system. When Chi does not flow smoothly in life, difficulties grow, and one can suffer inexplicable reverses in professional, financial, and relationship spheres.


There is nothing which does not require chi to remain alive.
- Ko Hung

Man is in ch’i and chi is within each human being. Heaven and earth and the ten thousand things require chi to stay alive. A person that knows how to allow his chi to circulate will Preserve himself and banish illness that might cause him harm.
- Ko Hung

Feng shui concerns itself with arranging and governing our surroundings in order to positively direct the natural energies – what the Chinese call chi – that affect all our lives. Chi is an invisible yet potent force that circulates in the environment, and understanding how chi can be directed to positively affect our lives is the basis for feng shui. Perhaps the most significant aspect of feng shui is that it is a tool for empowerment. By helping us to understand how to alter certain physical aspects of our environment through the use of special techniques and guidelines, it can give us ways to improve and enhance those components of our lives that we deem the most important.

History : 4,000 Years of Empowerment

In ancient times, those people who understood Tao patterned themselves upon the Yin and the Yang and they lived in harmony…
- Chi Po



LITERALLY WIND AND WATER, feng shui was developed about 4,000 years ago in China by people close to the land and dependent on agricultural success for survival. They studied how the relationship of their homes and farms to the hills and rivers affected their families and their fortunes. Over the centuries, feng shui became a highly sophisticated system, studied by scholars and philosophers and adopted by the Chinese royal families.



TODAY, feng shui is being recognized by millions of people, east and west, as a TECHNIQUE FOR LIVING THAT BRINGS GREATER HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS.

It is not a religion, belief system, or spiritual practice. Feng shui is a set of principles and guidelines that help us understand how to alter certain physical aspects of our environment to improve our lives.

Er. Rameshwar Prasad invites you to the Wonderful World of Feng Shui

Engineer Rameshwar Prasad

(B.Tech., M.Tech., P.G.D.C.A., P.G.D.M.)

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