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Vastu For Happiness And Prosperity

Posted by Rameshwar Prasad in Vastu Blogs
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The human race has been running after happiness from the very beginning of civilization. As time passes by the exploitations to find happiness gradually increases. According to Hindu mythology as well as from modern point of view, happiness of the entire family or a society depends on their habitat to a greater extent. If a family gets up in a sunny, healthy morning instead of damp & gloomy one, they feel that everything in their lives is perfect & positive. Because people always crave for natural nourishment as it provides them a healthy mind as well as strength to overcome all the obstacles in their lives.

Every body says "Home, sweet home." How can a home be sweet if there are disturbances and agitations in the family? Such disturbances can broadly relate to Peace of mind, Behaviour, Education, Routine or day to day family conflicts or confrontations, Health, Profession or Finances.

Peace of Mind: If you want to prevent or minimize the problems arising out of the infantile actions or inaction of other members of the family or if you want to give yourselves enough strength to face the onslaught from family members? For this, get enough strength first and then think trying to solve the problems of your family member. The right and legitimate Vaastu place for you in the house is the Southwest or if that is not available then South of the house. In this area you need to spend at least eight hours a day.

In the room selected for parents the bed need to go the Southwest corners of the rooms without touching either the western wall or southern wall.

You should always sleep with your head to the south. As a result, it will help you to examine family issues justly. Once you are able to review matters appropriately, you will be able to take the right decisions. This way, you will be able to understand the grievances of your family members and communication between you and your siblings are likely to improve. When it does, you have peace of mind.

Behaviour : Good behaviour of family members is one important aspect of family happiness. When each member of the family understands his/her responsibility towards the family, happiness stays intact, but when one rebels without worrying about one's own responsibility, peace in the family begins to drift away. Such rebelling could be in the form of disturbing behaviour. It could be in the form of verbal aggression on other family members for no rhyme or reason, and can sometimes be even in the form of physical violence.

If you have to choose the North-west and south-east rooms between your daughter and son, It is better to give the northwest room to your daughter and the south-east room to your son.

Agneya (South-East) is ruled by agni or fire which relates to assertiveness and aggressive attitude. This sector therefore relates to peace of mind (or otherwise) of a couple and consequently, to family happiness. As Agni is predominant in this sector, it would be wise for newly married couple to keep away from this room.

Timid children can make use of this room and hope to come out of their fear and get confident. People who are by nature aggressive (and warlike) can avoid a Southeast room.

Vayuvya (North-west) is ruled by Vayu or air, which relates to movement. This sector is not suitable for already disturbed minds. If we have to use the Northwest rooms invariably, we need to strengthen the interiors so that the disturbance is minimized, if not removed. This sector may not be appropriate for youngsters in their formative years, especially boys. Newlywed couples can use this room.

Education : Education (or lack of it) is another important aspect in life, which invariably adds (or lessens) to the happiness in a family. We see children doing extremely well and parents are delighted about it. We also see children not faring well in spite of their own hard study and the constant coaxing of the parents to study. How can we make then study better?

Students who have difficulty in studies can study in Southeast rooms sitting in the Northeast corners of the rooms facing east.

Intelligent students can select a Northeast room and study their lessons facing east sitting in the central East of the room. Students are advised to sleep with their heads to the East. They can have their beds in the Southwest corners of their rooms.

Routine Conflicts : We also find that normal day to day conflicts among the family members also affect peace of mind of the parents and elders of the family. These disturbances can sometimes be traced to the Southwest. Check if there is a water source (water stump or well) in the Southwest of the house and if so, close it by filling it up with cement or earth. If you find that the Southwest of the house is chopped off, this could also be the reason for the hostility among the family members leading to depression in the elder's rational thinking.

Care should be also be taken to see that no door is either on the south or West of the South-west of the building. A door on the South west of a building (or room ) is likely to create family disturbances.

Health : Health is another important aspect of family happiness. General health can be improved by sleeping with the head placed south. Disturbed minds can make use of central east rooms with their beds to the south - west corners of the room and not touching the walls.

Profession : Contentment and happiness in your profession is another contributory factor to family happiness. Apart from looking into the placements of your room in your office and arrangement of furniture in that room, it is necessary that you get used to facing east. The East sector ruled by the Sun is synonymous with health - physical and mental. You will be able to think properly and take fair decisions on anything related to your profession.

Finances : Financial stringency is another factor that contributes to family unhappiness. We find people complaining that the inflow of revenue does not match their hard and sincere effort. We can trace improper flow of money to several factors.

If you are planning to go for a well or a water pump, you can try to locate it in the North of Northeast of your site.

It is also said that North is ruled by Kubera. You can place your assets like jewellery, cash, bank cheque books, property papers and other important documents in a central north room of the house with the almirahs kept in the south - west corners of the room and opening towards the North. This way the revenue of the family can stabilize.

Vaastu shastra is handed over to us to regulate our lives. These suggested Vaastu recommendations can help to lessens problems faced in a family and improve things. So, people can design their house properly by giving importance to its internal layout as well as it's external surroundings for maintaining healthy & peaceful atmosphere in the house as well as earning prosperity, wealth & wisdom.